Friday, 29 February 2008

Feb 29th

Hello - i know seriously unoriginal title but I am bored and typing this very quickly. Today is the 29th February and it's a leap year so I thought I would include the Google Doodle. Another piece of random information I found out was that it is cheaper to drive the extra bit and go to Cardington Road Tesco for Petrol rather than going to Goldington Road Tesco. Which is a useless and random fact - well is kinda useful to me but I am probably going to go to Sainsbury on the way home from work. I had an interview yesterday at the company my Aunt works for. It's at a building called Saturn Facilities. It's one building with lots of different companies in it - Pell and Bales is on the ground floor whereas my Auntie's office is on the lower floor or something - I got slightly confused but she was directing me so I was ok!!!!

The interview went very well and it looks like I could be starting on the 10th March but that depends on what happens. Also my phone hadnt got any battery so it's been charging the other side of the office so that it has some life in it. Just got a message from Chris apparently one of the recruitment agencies I am signed up with have a temp position that I can start on Monday. However I can only do that for a week if I then accept with Sentry - where my Aunt works. ISSUES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me and Mum have been painting the set for Joseph this week so under one thumb nail I have green paint and all over the front of one of my other fingers is Terracotta paint from the tree and column. It is going to be so cool - one of the guys who went to preach at Cardington about two weeks ago called Brian (organises preachers and is playing Potiphar) and asked for 12 tickets!!!! I think we are going to be playing to two full houses!!!! AND my set designs/painting will be on show!!!!!

I've decided that I am going to make proper sketches rather than the rough ideas I came up with and take photos of the complete set so that it shows what I can do should I even need to wave it at someone important lol.

Monday, 25 February 2008

Whats wrong with me?

Sorry for not being on on fri night. i went out with a friend for her birthday that i forgot all about!

Ok, so since the phone call...

I went to work as "normal" on fri, took gran shoppin and hair dressers, went out for a meal... the waitress lady worked on the cruise ship that mum n dad last went on and they recognised each other so they had a good chat... she gave me some tips if i was interested in the job. went out with dawn

Sat, was annoyed coz i needed the car and dad had taken it (which is a 1st) then when they came back i went out... sat night i had a concert... not many people turned up because it was wrongly advertised... we're used to sell out concerts!

Sun i worked the "normal" dinner shift, then went to a sports discount shop. Got some cool airwalk trainers, got home and found out they gave me 1 size 4 and one size 7 both for the right foot... serious lack of funniness there!!!!!!! espesh as it takes ages to get to the place! so i gotta take em back grrrrrrrrrrr

Today has been a day!!!!!!!!! i got hit by a child which was not nice, i feel really bogged down and frustrated here.... dont know why, just trapped! On a good note, danielle has come off the ventilator today and they are hoping to bring her out of icu in the next couple of weeks!

Serena called to say she needs holiday dates by end of this week... ok i know i've had ages but it's kinda escaped my mind of late... will have to sort something.

Pub called just after i got in wanting me to work tonight to cover so i went at 8pm leaving only 2 hours at home all day!!!!!!!! it really sucks but i need the stability of the money. Is it too late to apply for pgce i wonder?! need the uni life again!

Anyhoo, i think i'm just generally grouchy today poor dad got it in the neck from me earlier for no reason. i just suck at the mo... feelin pants and no it aint pmt! hehe

Righty o well glad things are looking more smiley for u my lovely.

Loads of love.

Kewey out.x

Monday Monday

So it's now Monday lunchtime and I am sat keeping my keyboard warm in between bites of my sandwich (which is actually really nice!!!!!).

On Saturday after the training stuff Me and Chris went with David and Ally to the cinema to see National Treasure 2. It was very good even if it was a sequel. I think Chris enjoyed it - he kept turning to look down the row when David started laughing - My cousin has such a loud laugh when he finds something funny.

Yesterday was a bit more up and down, because we were both tired only the tiniest thing had to be said and it was a whole trauma. Church was good in the morning, Becky sat in one corner doing some painting during the worship which was cool - I went out into the main hall so that I could dance - there wasn't enough room and was slightly concerned that I might send Abi or Joel flying. Myles preached which was cool it was on our I.D. - it was the next part in the series. Kerry's Mum was at church again this week which was cool - I think Helen really likes Kids Work at RP - her and Suzy are like best buds or something now lol.

Anyway it was better this morning, I feel more awake and like I can take on the world. Work hasn't been too bad and I think I can survive the rest of the day. Had fun earlier - It's Charlottes Birthday 2moro so I made her birthday card this morning and it's working it's way round the office (actually I think it might still be on my desk oops!). Anyhoo going to check facebook now. TTFN

Saturday, 23 February 2008

Youth Training Day

Today we had a youth training day - it was good but very tiring as it took all day. I had two cries the first was because I just felt so alone - in a room full of people and I felt alone.

The second was mainly because of some stuff that was said just pushed me over the edge again and I couldn't hold it in. Where were you yesterday? You didn't come on line. I missed you.

I got bored and changed the colours again - if you dont like you can change it dont worry.

Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Well Get YOU!

Car crash - OK so it's not good that you had to do first aid on someone but it's really cool that you could because if you hadn't have been there and it had been serious something worse could have happened - if that makes any sense!!!!

Little Girl in Your Class - I will send an email round the cell group to get the prayers going up. Mum had a chest infection (as you knew) if she hadn't gone to the doctors when she did, she would have had pneumonia.

(Chris installed Linux on my laptop so I could try it out - it just made a really funny noise lol - ooh it signed me into msn and you're online!)

Have you heard anything from any pen pals?

I have heard from a penpal her display name is rainbows something she's a christian and loves star trek - so right up my street lol.

I've had a few interesting conversations so far.

Right well i've just about filled you in with my day, how was yours?

I am still feeling like i shouldn't be at work - they've got the interviews for my replacement 2moro evening which is hard because its topic of conversation ALL DAY!!!!!!

Interview go ok? It was ok but i struggled on the random pop quiz - after all am i likely to know what a carbine insert is??????

Monday, 18 February 2008

A "stay in bed" type of day

Hey u,

Today's been both really really bad and good...

Started off bad! I took milo out for a wee before setting off for work and i winessed a car crash right outside my house... was a v nasty one (not that any are nice) and i gave first aid to a 5 year old girl and her 27 year old mum before the ambulance came. Nothing serious although i dont know how because in my opinion the 4x4 that hit them was doing aprox 40mph!!! not in any way slow and the family car that they were travelling in was either at a stop or a rolling stop coz they were turning down the road that links onto our road.

The little girls dad was just shocked and had hit his head, the little girl hit her head and had glass in her hair from the shattered boot window (the boot literally ended up in the back seat and it was an estate car - just shows how hard it was hit). Her mum had whip lash and was quite shaken. The other driver wasn't injured and i honestly think he was asleep at the time of impact. He made no effort to brake although the estate car was obviously preparing to turn.

Anyhoo had to wait for ambulance and police etc (which when they arrived blocked both drives so me n mum were a tad stuck). The police man did move his car once i was no longer needed and me n mum were only a bit late for work.

I got to school to be told of more sad news, the only girl in our class (the one i was telling u about with the cute christmas gift) is in intensive care. She got admitted on thursday and is really poorly with pneaumonia and an infection which is life treatening if contracted after the age of 1!
Made me feel mega sad because this is the first case that has been direct in our class. Other children have been poorly in the school but she is the first one i have direct contact with every day.

I'm gonna be saying prayers for her and her family! (please will you and the others pray too? her name's danielle and her immediate family are Chris, Jim (mum n dad) and Ricky (bro)

I just hope that Danielle is as stubborn as she is in class and grips onto life! Still feel sad so will stop typing about that now... doesnt pay to get upset.

Inset day then started. It was really good. I did advanced safe handling. It makes me more qualified to work with children, especially those that have difficulties with moving etc.

I came home, took milo out for a wee (he was v reluctant coz it's freezing outside). I did some housework and then went to pick bex up from work. From there i took her to si's and went to pick mum up from the carvery where she was having a working lunch, from there i went to the chinese for me and dad and then came home. It was 7.30 by the time i actually stopped... was shattered but ok(ish) now.

Milo is currently chewing his nylabone and the folks are having a kip. I'm freezing cold and contemplating a hot shower followed by bed but then i'll feel lazy hehe.

Have you heard anything from any pen pals?

I've had a few interesting conversations so far.

Right well i've just about filled you in with my day, how was yours?
Interview go ok?

Speak soon and seriously need to see u soon (even though it's only been about 5 days since i last saw u!!!!!!!)

Much love

Kewey out

P.s Cool about the eva thing and thanks for the lyrics.x

Sunday, 17 February 2008


I have chords now so I am going to learn to play it.


Fleetwood Mac, as performed by Eva Cassidy

For you there'll be no crying,
For you the sun will be shining
‘Cause I feel that when I’m with you
It’s alright, I know it’s right

And the songbirds keep singing
Like they know the score

And I love you, I love you, I love you

Like never before

To you, I would give the world
To you, I’d never be cold

‘Cause I feel that when I’m with you
It’s alright, I know it’s right

Saturday, 16 February 2008

I Promise

Especially for you

I'm still here!

Hey you,

I've been home for approx 21 hours and it seriously sucks that i'm back here really. I miss you lot already!

I'm still here for you han, nothing will stop that! i really enjoyed the time at yours and chris's place. You both make me so welcome. I hope chris didnt think that i got in the way coz i kinda feel bad that he seemed a bit pushed away. (COMPLETELY NOT INTENTIONAL) something we could think about in future????

So, i left yours on thurs, went to visit marc who was really sweet to me and v nearly made me cry. we had a really long chat about what we've been up2 in the nearly year since we last saw each other. We went to this really cute village not far from where his mum n dad live and then went back to his parents for a drink. I was messin about taking the mick out of him and he just said "dont go". It made me feel bad coz i said i wanted to leave at about 12 but this was at 1 and i said i had to! He then shut the door before i got to it and sat on me hehehehehe he said i missed my opportunity and it made me giggle so much that he actually sat on me! HEHE at about 20 past 1 i finally left to go to stoke.

I got to scotts and he was so so happy. He was lovely to me and obvious questions went through my mind although i didnt let them come out of my mind in an obvious way!
Although i am seriously chuffed we can be friends part of me still loves him and i think i always will (although i am not in love with him anymore... i cant be for the sake of my sanity).
We went out to the pub on thursday night to visit one of his friends who i've met before and his girlfriend (who is THE eddie stobarts grand daughter). We stayed for a bit and then went to this club where we met Amanda (one of the drippy blonde twins from Big Brother). I felt quite uncomfortable and was hinting to scott that i didnt want to stay much longer. We went back to Glynn and Jemmas for an hour and then headed back to his.

It was really strange being at his house again because i havent been there since ages before we split up. His mum was ok with me and his dad cool too. I miss being properly with scott but i guess these things are there to try us. I just wish he really knew what i felt. I dont want to drive him away though. He did say that there was a slim chance we could get back together but i dunno...

Anyhoo... i went to see Jumper yesterday with him. The film was OK but the camera work at times made me feel really dizzy!

I got back yesterday evening and then after chatting to mum n dad k for a bit i took bex out for the evening. Got home quite late and then hit the sack.

I'm sorry i didnt text back but there was no signal where me n bex was and by the time i got home i forgot to text you :( me = poo friend for that one! Mum n dad k are fine, just starting to wind up ready for being back at work. I wish i didnt have to and that i could come back down there but i know the score!

Righty o i'd better get myself ready for being back at work myself... need to quick wash uniform and iron it before 7!

I found u on interpals too... coolies u got any new pals yet?

Muchos love
Kewey out!

P.S you are welcome here anytime.x

Defininately Maybe

Hey how you doing today? I got your text earlier about you being back in Mansfield - I texted you but didn't get a reply I guessed that you were catching up with Mum and Dad K so didn't get chance to text back.

Me and Chris went to see Definitely, Maybe - I think Chris was a little annoyed that we were going to see something of my choice again but then he really enjoyed it because it was deep and philosophical. So much so he would like it on DVD. I worked this morning and then went to sign up at one of the recruitment agencies in Bedford (i ended up contacting two others as well). I got home and felt a little rough but was ok. I then went to Mum's and in the two hours I was there my head ache got really bad and I had to come home. I got home and slept for three hours - I felt so much better for it. I would sit and write more but it's 10 to 1 and I think it would be best for me to get some actual sleep.

Thursday, 14 February 2008


So you've gone :( this is so hard. I miss you already!!!!!!! I came home from work and was expecting you to open the door as you have been all week. It's kinda hit me and as much as I wanted celebrate Valentines and hang out with Chris part of me just wants to retreat and hide for a few days.

Tuesday, 12 February 2008



So this time I am sat along the sofa from you. We have just got back from the cinema and now we are watching Friends with Money.

We went to the cinema to see "Juno" with Caroline. I loved it! It was soooo funny - I liked the way that people in the cinema actually laughed out loud rather than just a little snigger to themselves. I liked it because it did cover the whole abortion option but then actually went for the pro-life option - which is tres cool!!!!!

I think Chris might get annoyed that I have borrowed his laptop but it's not like he's here and needing it - does that make sense?

So adding to the list of films I would like to watch - The Bucket List, The Accidental Husband, Be Kind Rewind, 27 Dresses and The Spiderwick Chronicles to mention a few.

Be Kind Rewind has got Jack Black in it and it's directed by Michel Gondry who directed Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and The Science of Sleep which I absolutely love both films.

I really liked what you said to me about being a great Mum one day - it's scary but nice lol. I think I am happy being a big sis to Alice, Em and Abi for now thats cool enough for me. I would like kids one day - I think it would be seriously cool to have a little Hannah or Chris but for now our money needs to be saved so that we can look at getting our own space.

I was thinking some more about the whole moving to Hull thing and thought - I know!!! Hannah could be our lodger of sorts then I was like woah random thinking hehe. So Bedford is cool and maybe 6-9 years down the line kids might be an option maybe. Either that of the housing market will pass out and we might be able to get a house.

I don't really know about the whole own business thing. I think it would be good and I might be able to do it but I need an idea something that I can do and that other people would like - if that makes sense. So the cards or the stationary would be good but I don't know if i've got the knack.

You're silly!

Han, you should know me by now, i am seriously not gonna think anything bad of my best bud having a bad day am i? i thought us cooking together was kinda cool anyway! I may be a "guest" to you but i'd say more of temporary fixtures and fittings coz stayin with u feels homely anyway!

So to carry on the story from sat night.

After Brampton Hut we came back and hit the hay.

Sunday we went to RP and then to tesco's followed by a yummy yummy pizza hut. We then came home, started to watch wedding daze. Chris came home and we looked at his pics from his time in York (he was v v excited to show us). We then went to lead the youth group which was fun (while chris caught up with his sleep).

We went to someones house for drinkies but i forget who's.

When we came back we had beans on toast and watched wedding daze.

Yesterday (being monday).... ok, u just buzzed the doorbell coz ur home from work (yay) but i'll carry on anyway... Monday, u left for work and i watched some jeremy kyle cant remember the topics though. I went to meet serena in town. I got a bit lost on the way to the interchange and we somehow ended up in MK!! (blaming sat nav for that one hehe) We did find our way in the end and i got u a cool organic top. We then went into town and i got u some cool music socks, chis a soup book and me some bits and bobs. Sarge phoned me while i was in town and he would like to meet up on thurs - fri... wil have to think about this!

I came home just before you got in from workies and we just chilled for a bit. We then had a really yum dinner "throw n 'ope" the best in the world!

Today you left before i was awake which i felt really mean about. I went to tesco coz i wanted to get some screen wash stuff for the inside of the car. I got chris some muesli coz there was none left. After then, i phoned mummy n daddy re dodgy handbrake on car and to check it was ok for me to have it another day to visit sarge. Mummy said daddy will sort out carage and is really enthusiastic about me stopping at sarges... see, doesnt want me back home hehe! I phoned reg at the pub to see if i could have the night off on thurs, he was really sweet and said yep.

I went and cleaned the car coz it was lovely and sunny outside.I then came in and chris left to play tennis. I signed online to check e-mails and lauren was online so we met up for an hour or so. She wants me to help with her choreography work coz she hates dance hehe.

I then came home and chris had put the dinner on (smells really really yummy). We are going to the pics tonight with caroline and i forgot to tell him so big oops!

me and Chris were chatting for a while and then you came home from work... YIPPEE! (missed you today - Lauren was asking after u and said you're really sweet). Her house is HUUUUGE and they get really really good deal on rent) all bedrooms are as big (if not bigger) than my old room in bedford house)!

Anyway. I'm gonna stop being anti sociable and actually socialise now hehe.

Love as ever before!

Kewey out.xxxxx

You're here!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So unless you happen to check in when you borrow my laptop I guess you will be reading this from Mansfield.
I'm sorry about how I was earlier I think the whole work thing I'd getting me down and I don't know how to react to it. Do I freak out and cry or do I just keep telling myself that it's all oil that there is no problem.

I feel rubbish for shouting at you. You come down here and just get me shouting at you so I apologise again. I Didnt want the hassele of cooking and I couldn't ask you to do it because you are a visitor in our house. Well what of it is ours.

Having trouble the Internet is having the hiccups I think or the windbis blowing the wrong direction lol.

So anyhoo you arrive on Saturday and we went to Tesco then my Mum's so that you could say thank you for her helping me to tidy up on Saturday before you got here. We were then unhealthy and had macdonalds. We both had cicken sandwiches (ithink e both had large's - well if you are going to be unhealthy you need to do it right lol.

We then went to meet Laura and Andrew, from Laura's we went to he pub at Brampton called Brampton Hut.

Chris is now coming up to bed so I am going to go now. See u in the morning.

Monday, 4 February 2008

Stevie says Relax............and Party!!!


Here you go click this link and it will take you to Steve's Party.

Steve's Party

I have more photos but I could only upload these.

Saturday, 2 February 2008

Big hugs


Sorry i haven't replied to the texts. I lent bex my phone yesterday because hers broke and she wanted to get in touch with si and she accidentally forgot to tell me that you text. I think there were delays coz my message box was full. I'm all good thank you. went out with bec last night which was v v nice. I took her shopping today which was also nice. No pennies on phone at the mo coz used all mins and texts. Will top up though.

The pic message u sent is lovely i will put the pic on my computer when i upload everything from my phone.

Sorry this blog is brief but i have to go to pic si up from work and take him, bex and milo home before heading off to work myself (poo night tonight at work.... soul night = stupidly busy and way too crowded)

Anyways, here's to a brand new, fresh week with good things to come. I MISS YOU!

Trying to sort out the service on the car to allow me to come to the ford of beds at some point during 1/2 term.

Big hugs my lovely..... you can share them if you want but just remember to save one for yourself! Hehe

Kewey out.

Friday, 1 February 2008



I texted you twice yesterday and I think they got lost or you were busy. Are you ok? Then again I think my phone went off a little while ago so I never know that could have been from you.

I am pleased that this week is coming to an end. Maybe next week will be better. Steve kept saying on Wednesday what a great week he had - i told him he'd stolen all the good bits out of my week lol.

I am going to go now so I can be sad go watch Doctors and Neighbours and eat my lunch.

Smithey Over and Out