Monday, 31 March 2008

My Abby Moment Part One!

So back on Thursday, having been in the middle of watching Season Two of NCIS I was well and truely on a bit of a hype lol. I was working away and my Manager (Hazel) said how she'd been speaking to this lady earlier but she only has the fax number and no phone number to call the customer and say she's having problems. So I take note of the fax number and thanks to my sidekick Google I was able to get the phone number of the customer (as it was a company). I phoned the customer and spoke to one of the girls there. She said that the person I needed to speak to wasn't in at the moment because she was at lunch but I could note down her email and send her an email with the instructions we were trying to get to her. Well I was really chuffed but I don't think my manager saw the funny side (well at least she seemed pretty unimpressed lol).
I told Mum by email and then again talked about it with My Dad present - Dad didnt find the funny side but Mum was impressed lol

Part Two

Another Abby moment

Ok so I don't think I informed you of my first Abby moment (I also bet
that you're thinking Abby uni abby or Abi W. Well no its not either of
them that I am refering to. It is in fact Abby from NCIS - yes I am
still watching I am on Season 3 Episode 2 and I might cry - the girl
agent dodged one bullet as it was caught by her bullet vest but the
then she was taken down by a sniper from a building 600m-ish away.

Anyhoo so first Abby moment I will edit in tomorrow from my computer
at work as I emailed mum about it.

My second is that I took the back off my laptop do that I could clean
the fan hopefully making it stop over heating and turning itself off -
stupid computer!!!!! Is yours any better? I think you just need to
play as I wrote before if you haven't spoken up yet!

I have dyed my hair black again. I'm not sure if I'm just under the
weather or if the dye is making a ickle bit queasy - I don't normally
react to dye - been red 3 times (2 of which were mahogany) black like
4 times and brunette once and that was for the wedding.

I deleted the photo from the email so it'll follow on another post.

Sunday, 30 March 2008

My New Toy

Yesterday, I was supposed to be going to look at guitars with my Uncle
but he was ill. Me an Chris went anyway so that if I found one I liked
I would still have a second opinion.

I looked at various coloured ones and found this one I played it in
the shop - didn't play a proper song just nipped round some chords and
took a look at what happened. I tried to get my cousin's opinion by
text as he's a guitar dude and knows his stuff as he owns 5 guitars
and a bass - he's also doing music at Coventry Uni.

Anyhoo - you need to come down at some point its good motivation/
reward for me tidying the living room.

Saturday, 29 March 2008

Chris is Important ish!!!!

He ordered a little pile of business post its!! Lol

Thursday, 27 March 2008

Try again

Jelly babies unite

Jelly Babies assembled

My jelly babies wanted to see if you had posted a blog entry - you know if you own up or pose it like "the battery isn't charging" he might be less likely to freak. I MISS YOU - I was tres excited that you my gut have been coming then you said about going to see Tim which was cool because he needed you in a way due to a certain person who has a squishing coming her way. He needed his sister to be there. Anyhoo so tomorrow evening we are off to have a nice family portrait taken for grandma's birthday the idea being we are all in one shot together or something like that - the idea came about from last summer when I did that collage of photos of me jo tori rich and chris hanging out at the park and at our house. 
Anyhoo time to go ttfn x

Tuesday, 25 March 2008


So I have just added you on my work msn so that while you are on holiday we can chat (baring in mind that if it gets busy i would have to disappear for a little while).

How are you doing? Is your friend feeling better now?

Short and sweet post.


Monday, 24 March 2008


Howdy, how you doing?

I've spent quite a lot of the weekend watching NCIS on DVD - I've mastered the art of watching footage on one side of the computer with an internet window or a msn conversation on the other side of the computer.

My favourite character is Abby - she's the goth girl with the bunches. She's very quirky but really brainy. I'm on episode one of disc four which means I've watched about eight hours of it over the past four days. The image above is a cast shot - however it's for Series One and Two.

How have you been upto? I did reply to your text on Sunday but I guess you might ahve been sleeping if you had been in the hospital for most of the evening.

Most of the weekend I have spent on my own watching NCIS and random rubbish on TV. Me and Chris went out with Caroline, Debbie, Rikki, Joel and Abi. We went to Woburn Village to go for a walk. We walked through the village on the pavement then turned up a country path - the path was a huge mud pie - my Vans are recked! I might be able to buy some new trainers early this week - if not I will go trainer shopping on Saturday either before or after buying my acoutic guitar. I am off on Saturday to go to town with my Uncle Paul to look at new guitars - depending on colours and price etc I might buy one on Saturday - in which case I will be posting a picture. I could go to MK Saturday morning before it gets busy to get some new trainers (ooh! or I could go to Asda and take Chris out to go to MK as long as I am back in Bedford for 2. I guess the other option is to head to MK at about 4ish that way it might be less busy.

Sunday, 23 March 2008

Happy Easter!!!!

So much for it being spring!!!

Chris forgot to get me anything for Easter :( I had his present sorted
in the week lol. How are you doing?

Friday, 21 March 2008


This is how soggy I was look at the trouser marks.

Thursday, 20 March 2008

It's soggy and cold

So chris and me decide it might be nice to meet up for lunch. I come straight from work and park as close as I can in Castle Road to the cafe Chris picked. Well he decided I was going home first so now I am stood outside waiting for him. I don't have my coat in because I thought I would be ok. Thankfully there is a canopy thing outside so I'm not getting wet. Just rather cold. We've been invited to go and see Godspell this evening. I don't really fancy it - can't say its top of my list when it comes to musicals I want to see. I'd really like to see We Will Rock You - however that's another story.

Chris arrived - we went to Jaffa in the end - The Cheese Kitchen was too busy. I asked for Sausage, Beans and Chips - except the fryer was
broken to I couldn't have chips. I asked to have a Jacket Potato instead and they got the order confused so at first i didnt get my beans and sausages.

Going now its taken me most of the afternoon to get round to finishing
this blog post lol.

Tuesday, 18 March 2008

I'm good honest!!!!

This is the grin Chris had on his face when he was chatting to you
about those dates in May.

Easter hols!!!

Woop woop it's holiday time again :D:D wooo yeah!

I'm feeling a lot better, smile is on my face and schools out!

Ok, well i'm missin u guys and not likely that i'll be down this hol time :( we've got gas fitters coming tomorrow coz we got a new hob thing for the kitchen. We've also got loads of clearing in the house to do. Trying to achieve the whole minimalist feel but remaining homely.

I've started in my room but i dont think i will ever acheive the minimal feel in there coz of the amount of stuff i have. I really want my own place, a flat or something. i will keep dreaming of that!

Today i went to see one of my friends, Kala. She's been like a big sister to me. I went to her wedding about 6 years ago and she's just had her third baby. A little girl called ceira coco. Shes adorable and looks just like a lil china doll. Casper and cody love thier little sister and they were as beautiful as ever. So i was there for a couple of hours this morning which was ace.

This afternoon i have just done loads of washing and sorting. The problem with last term was that i didnt do any washing so i needed to get on top of it.

I've taken on the family washing too while i'm at it.

Tomorrow i'm hoping to do some more clearing and hopefully go and see wendy who i went to school with. She had a little boy on my birthday and i havent met him yet hehe.

I have band tomorrow night, then on thursday i have nothin planned apart from work :S On fri night i'm hoping to go out but again, nothing planned during the day. On saturday i'm going wedding dress shopping with bex n mummie (she likes it spelt like that for some reason). on sunday i have work from 11.30 - 3 and grandmummie is coming for the day. Next week i have no plans as yet apart from band on wednesday night, work on thursday night and thats about it.

Hope you and chris are ok. Loads of love

kewey out.x

Sunday, 16 March 2008

Go Go Go Joseph!!!!!!

Hey you!!! So we are on the break between performances so I thought I
would blog at hi-speed. How is your back?? Joseph was good - little
bit rusty in places but ok all the same.
HJ over and out for now

Saturday, 15 March 2008

My desk

I was bored at work the other day so took a random picture of my desk.
That's my phone that I use and the corner of my keyboard.

Scary Needles

Mum went to a crafting show with Kathy since Wednesday til today. She
arrived home about 8 ish and had these in tow. How scary LOL they are
like needles for giants.

Who turned out the lights????

Yay! Power cut!!!

Friday, 14 March 2008

Karen's Baby Shower

In my lunch break, I popped down to the church for Karen's Baby Shower
- it was so much fun even though I was only there for like 50 mins or
Yesterday I had a fight with a pile of Chris's bits and pieces and
ended up kicking a box file - I think I broke my toe :( I'm not sure
if I have but my little toe was rosy red when I came back from lunch.
I think the rest of my foot has swollen as well as my pink doc martens
were tight and they normally are a little bit on the loose side.

I'm currently babysitting Joel while watching some of Sport Relief.

Thursday, 13 March 2008

Reflection in Japanese

So I love this song in english - stretches the vocal chords hehe. So heres the japanese version its so cool!

Boredom struck me

Entertain myself you say

Chris is still messing about with his laptop so I have been playing.
This is my few one side the few the other side is of chris's not so
nice shirt LOL.

More photographic ramdomness

So the RP Dance Troupe had its innaugaral meet on Monday - so
technically this image should be posted there. But it wasn't.

It was Abi's second birthday 2day. Apparently she loves her Piglet toy
that me and Chris bought her. She had a party with the usual gang - me
and Chris weren't on the guest list ( I didn't even find out that
there was a birthday party until it was well and truely over.

Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Still on the plannet

Hiya Mrs J

Sorry for the lack of communication again. I did get your text and voice mail but to be honest have not spent much time at home due to work... i'm paying for it now though. Had the day off today because I got home last night and a really bad migrain developed so bad that i even had to sleep with sunglasses on!!!!!!!! (must have been a funny sight)... i slept downstairs coz i didnt have the energy to go upstairs... anyhoo i feel tons better now, so much so that i am on the laptop without my sunglasses on!!! hehe.

I popped down to asda earlier to get some bread and ended up being part of a fire drill and the store got evacuated!! GRRRRRRR

I've started to apply for jobs. I'm giving the PGCE another year of break purely because someone i gave the form to fill in and sign so i could send it off has forgotten and its gone way past the application date (partly my fault because i gave up asking after a while for the fear of her getting annoyed at me). I've been sent a form for a holiday entertainment and kids work programme... just a couple of catches...

I have to describe myself... dont know at all what to say


I have to describe why i have chosen the job and again i really dont know how to sound professional... i asked the folks to descrive me but said they would be too biased and they dont know me in that capacity.

GO YOU for the tri lingualness lol
Overall are you enjoying this job? can you feel a difference from the last place already... did you have any expectations of the job and if so does it meet them??

WOOP WOOP at us for the 102! (now) posts. sorry that i havent contributed that much recently.

What did you mean about the visit thing? i wasnt 100% following from the text, call and blog... maybe you could inform me via email to my gmail account... havent checked hotmail for a while so scared it will be full hahahahahaha

I'm ofskies now to check various mails.

Big love

Kewey out.x

ONE HUNDRED!!!!!!!!!!!!

WAHEY!!!!! We hit 100 posts!!!! Ok so technically this posts is 101 but I hadn't found a picture but I have now!

New Girl

So the problem with being the new girl is that I’m stuck in this kind of limbo. There is loads to learn but no one to teach me because they are getting on with their own stuff, also I don’t know enough to just get own with my own stuff.

So I am blogging by email again – this time sending from my work email so hopefully this works somehow!!

I’ve read the two leaflets that I had in my in tray and learnt different works in French for example clé means key and siège means headquarters. I also learnt earlier that “Sie sprachen englisch?” Means do you speak English and Parlez-vous anglais also means do you speak English – the first is german and the second is French.

My keyboard is dyslexic or something. When I press the @ button I get speech marks so I have to do it the other way round – but it’s really off putting because it then takes me like 5 attempts to write an email address!!!!

How are you doing? You seemed to have fallen off the planet again – I just put this down to the fact that I was off work last week and so seemed like a long time between last Friday when I finished at Star and yesterday when I started work.

So in the office I sit opposite Diptee who is from the Punjab via London and then Germany. Behind me is a spare desk (The occupant of the desk is on holiday and I can’t remember her name oops!!!!) Opposite the empty desk is Hazel who is my department manager – she speaks German and French so every so often she’ll answer the phone and we’ll end up with random bursts of one or the other floating across the office. Aunty Alison is about 10 paces in the opposite direction so Hazel is one end of the bit with the desks and Alison is the other end. On the opposite side of the room we have Lee’s desk (he sits in the corner – he’s sales guy so he spends a lot of time out of the office). In front of him is Steve who is the Head Dude of the office – theres a meeting room at one of end of the office which doubles up as the staff canteen and social area lol.

Next to this is an office which I think is for Johan when he’s here – he’s based in Belgium but then is sometimes here – I think he was here when I came for my interview – either that or he had been here in the day.

I get to shut down my computer and go home soon as it’s 17:18. Earlier today I did an order to be delivered to Nottingham and yesterday I did one for Nottingham as well!!!! Very popular place it would seem lol.

Howz work at both venues going?

Hope you are ok. If you don’t have the energy to write a blog post at least text me so I know you are in one piece please J

Smithey over and out!

Sunday, 9 March 2008

Cards and Paper

Today, I've been making cards. Don't have any particular ones to make
for special occasions to be making them for but I decided I would make

We had craft on Friday and I made a couple of cars including one for
Alison as its her birthday on Tuesday and one for grandma as its her
birthday at the beginning of April.

Saturday, 8 March 2008

Are you sure you want to do that?

So this is Henning and David looking pensive. They were in the process of making the screens green so that they could paint in backgrounds and animations when they come to doing the post production.

I have adopted a chocolate cake which I plan to eat while watching Casualty and CSI: New York this evening.

We're currently on the A1 on the way home listening to Jack Johnson wishing the grey clouds away.

How are you doing??? Did you know this will be post 96 I think - I'll look for a picture that is blog centenary appropriate hehe - centenary is maybe the wrong word but oh well.

The next scene

And my knee and David's butt!!! He just walked into the shot as I took
the picture.

We've having a debate about macs over windows. David is a mac man and
Henning is a windows man. Have to say from what is on the mac screen -
I want one lol.

What a hard life......

Lemon Drizzle cake - yum!!! Well in this particular shot I have to
pretend it's gross and tastes of something yucky!!! Tell me if I am
boring you - I get itchy fingers or something.

Scary computer

This is one of the clever bits of kit which is going to film me doing
my stuff - it's really cool - the camera is in front of me and then a
cable runs across the floor to the computer where it does clever stuff.


So I am sat on my cousin's sofa waiting for filming to begin - I asked could I help but him and Henning are well and truely in control. David just tried to beat up Carole with the camera stawas rude about the lights they are using. I haven't worked out how to blog photos directly from my iphone yet. Will have to find that one out.

Friday, 7 March 2008

Millenium Bridge

So I stood under the bridge and took photos of the bridge - I also
took some of St Pancras station which I will also post.

Safe and Sound


Sorry I didn't manage to post more while I was in London - it was soooooo busy!!!! I sat in Starbucks for only a few minutes but decided to move on because of how busy it was. Was there some big event that I didn't know about?

London was cool all the same though but I wish I had had someone to share it will - I didn't spend very much time at the Tate in the end because it was really busy and I couldn't concentrate - I tried listening to my iPod at the same time as looking at the paintings but I just wasn't there.

I walked along the river to the Globe - I was going to go on the guided tour thing but it was £9 which wouldn't have been too bad but it was a lot.

After that I walked back over the river and up to St Pauls Cathedral - I thought about taking a look round but decided that I wasn't in the mood for Cathedral-ness.

I went to try and get on the nearest tube so that I could get to Oxford Circus but I got myself in a muddle - I decided that if I had some lunch I might be able to thing straighter.

So I had my Big Breakfast Sandwich and Diet Coke while listening to some horrible dance music that was playing. I was the only person sat on their own rather than with people - I can see why people often feel lonely in London even though there are people around you. So I read my book and wrote a blog post polished off my sandwich and planned my route to the tube stop.

I walked to City Thameslink and found out that although it is on the map (the main road map rather than the tube map on the back) as a tube stop - you can't actually get the tube from there - you can get a Thameslink train back to Kings Cross but you can't get a tube anywhere else :(. So I walked to Monument or Embankment - don't really remember but it got me to Oxford Circus.

David had told me that if I got the tube to there and took the exit signposted Regent Street I would be able to see the Apple Store from the tube station door way. He said when I came out turn right and head to about number 230 and you should be there. WELL!!!!! I got to 197 Regent Street and realised that I should have turned left out of the tube station and not right! Thanks David!!! So I about faced and walked down to the tube station again. When I got there I turned to my left looked down Regent Street and could see the front of the Apple Store - it's the only building in that particular stretch with big windows. The windows are like from the floor to the ceiling of the ground level.

The shop is cool - it's open planed with all the counters having display products on top and then storage or shelving underneath - iPod/iPhone accessories were all under the desk that had the iPod/iPhone display models on top. I was going to play with the mac laptops but the store was kinda busy. When you go into the store they have a "Welcomer" who's job it is to stand there and direct you round the store - so he says Hello and I ask him where the iPhone accessories are and he points in the general direction - obviously he needs to hover at his post so he can help the next person - and off I went and found them. The staff were really helpful - which was cool.

Wow this is an essay! Sorry! Trying to make it as detailed as possible so you feel like you were on my shoulder or in my pocket enjoying the day with me.

Then from there I went for a walk and went to Carnaby Street - I love it it's full of surfing and skater shops which is cool. There is also a David and Goliath store (You know the phrase "Boys are Stupid Throw rocks at them") well there is a whole store based around their slogans and characters.

I then went looking for a bead shop that Mum found when we went to London for her birthday. It was really cool and I could have spent soo much money in there - NOT GOOD! lol

Anyhoo I headed to starbucks for a drink of some description then decided I was tired and needed to get home before I keeled over somewhere in a corner - I found my way to the nearest tube and hopped on back to St Pancras - I arrived at St Pancras at 3:40 and the next train to Bedford wasn't leaving till 4:10 - kinda annoying - I did have the option of getting on the Nottingham train and coming to see you but that left after the Bedford train and my ticket was only valid till Bedford lol.

On Wednesday afternoon I plotted with Andrew that I would go and surprise Laura - I think it made her day but she didn't really give much away - it was kinda weird - but we wont go into it here.

I had got her a bunch of Pink tulips and a bar of Galaxy - when a friend is in need presents work well so - whats more girlie than flowers and chocolates. We had a chat about various different things including would it be easier to celebrate my birthday in the Easter Holidays if you are down - obviously it's like 4 weeks before and you might come down for my birthday anyway but I thought it might make it easier if we did it then as you have the furthest to travel and you will be on holiday then - does that make sense?

Tomorrow I am off to Hatfield to be bossed about by lots of Animation students hehe - David, Hennin and the other guys and girls in his group are using me as their starring actress or something like that! lol. So I have to look Cyber punk - what ever that is hehe - I am ok to wear bright colours as long as it's not blue - and there is not too much colour - think goth but more futuristic or something like that.

Chris is seriously tired after his road trip - I will need like two weeks notice if you are going to arrive - the living room is a bomb site as I have done like no tidying since you were down for half term - I've done lots of clothes washing however.

I need to redo my nails before Monday - is metallic green appropriate for my first day or should I go with Pink? - I don't really want to as it's baby pink because thats not really me it's my I can do grown up and serious nail varnish. or something like that. hehe I have the option of purple instead?!??!
I had a c

Thursday, 6 March 2008



So now I'm in Pret a manger eating some lunch - not a normal haunt cos it tends to ne expensive but it's either this sushi or a gourmet burger. It's 13.10 sh in a few minutes I'm heading up to St Pauls tube stop to catch the tube to Oxford Circus to go to the apple store and get a case for my phone before I seriously scratch it or something. How you doing? I'm sorry if I am boring you -a day out like this isn't fun on your own - chris has had a change of plan and couldn't come.

My Adventure

So this is slightly scary lol. I'm nearly 22 and I am taking a train trip on my own. I am on the train to London blogging from my iPhone - yes I spent my hard earned pennies on one. Have a temp no so I can text from it and stuff until my number changes over tomorrow or Saturday - if it's not changed by then i'm going to call o2 and kick up a small fuss.

You know you have that bang when a train goes past - I just jumped out of my skin!!!!!

Just going past stewartby brick works now. I'm going to read for a little while.

Monday, 3 March 2008

Things CAN get worse!!!!!!!!

Ok after last week and the weekend i was feeling pretty pants. i went to bed at a decent time and got up mega early today coz of ofstead. Mum looked terrible, said she felt sick and then started retching. She was adamant to go to school so i listened and said she shouldnt but i took her anyway. She was retching in the car too and half way to school the phone rang to say the house alarm was going off so i turned round and came back. made sure everything was ok (which it was) and grabbed a bucket for mum.

We finally got to school (still in good time). Mum just got worse and ended up being sick at school so i was asked to take her home. she was so poorly on the way home i nearly cried. Anyways i made sure she was as good as poss before having to dash out (by this point i was late). Got to school in record time (hope there were no police cameras about) and then had to load the mini bus with kids to go to a mainstream nursery *which we do every week*... mum has food poisoning from a dodgy batch of scampi!

This afternoon has been ok though. Back at school we had the inspection which went ok me thinks... will find out tomorrow!

Danielle has come off ventilator today so hopefully this time she will last for more than 48 hours on her own!!!!!!


It's Pauls funeral tomorrow. We cant go coz of ofstead so we're having a moment of quiet at 11.00 (when his funeral takes place) throughout the school.

I'm meant to be in a medal ceremony tomorrow for the police but i dont think i will go, it's the ofstead debreif and pauls mum has invited us to her house, it's the post ofstead night out and i have a v poorly mum! so i think they will have to manage without me!

I wish i had the time off to go to london etc with you i just need a break from all this poop!

Love as always.

Kewet out.x

Sunday, 2 March 2008

SQUISH HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

That is seriously rude!!! There is no excuse for cheating on someone - whether you are just girlfriend and boyfriend or married. If you don't want to be with someone at least have the respect to call it quits before going off with someone else. RAHHHHHH!!!!!!!

Ok I have never met Tim but with you being like my sister that makes him like a brother of sorts (does that make sense without sounding weird?!?!) and that makes me annoyed that he has been hurt by her thats soooooo mean!!!

Did you get Laura's text earlier? I phoned her quickly just after getting her message to let her know that I have the week off between jobs and that she is welcome any time if she needs to just get away and have a breather because from what she said on the phone her Mum and Dad are seriously gutted - as you would be. Her Dad is doing the practical bits. Her grandad was up in Tyne and Wear with Laura's Great Uncle. So if they are to abide with his wishes they have to get his body transported back to Buckden which is causing a huge amount of stress. I said would it be possible to have a service and have him cremated up there so that they can abide by that part of his wishes then have a memorial service in Buckden and the sprinkling of his ashes as by his request. Laura agreed with that - that it would be good because then that way they would be abiding with his wishes. Anyhoo she knows that my door is open and that she is welcome any time.

I'm going to send an email round the cell group about praying for Danielle.

So my plans for this week. Tomorrow morning I am going to Karen's to hang out and play with her new toy. Then she has a meeting at 12 so I am going to hang out at home or play with Abi. We are then going to go to Jaffa for lunch after the meeting. I am then babysitting for Kerry's Mum. Kerry's half siblings are in year 4 and 6 i think or maybe a little older - well young enough that they need a babysitter lol.

Then on Tuesday I had planned to go to London and go to Tate Modern and maybe wander down Oxford Street - My challenge ages ago was to go to London on the train on my own so that I wasn't scared of doing the train or the tube on my own. So it's finally happening on Tuesday. Then in the evening me and Caroline are having a DVD fest - we might watch Stardust if I go and purchase it - well then again I might get to the DVD shelf and find a different one lol.

Erm Wednesday so far is going to Carolines at about 3ish then going with her to get Joel. Then me and Chris are invited to tea before going to cell group which is seriously cool.

Thursday and Friday are just going to be normal days but Laura could show at any point so the week might go whoosh and change!

I am now inflicting Julie Delpy and Adam Goldberg on Chris and FINALLY watching 2 Days In Paris - I can't help it I love continental films. My favourite all time film would probably be Amelie which is completely in French and I love than Italian for Beginners film even though it's in Dutch and Italian. I am officially a geek hehe. (Just trying to find a geeky t-shirt image to put in here but my internet has conked out but Chris is OK.) I tried finding a geek t-shirt then I found this one - very Evolution. I'd probably have it printed on the back rather than the front and maybe black rather white - Man I am so picky lol. Then I would seriously look like a geek.

Really sorry

Hi Hannie pants,

So sorry i missed your text. CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! what is the job then?

My week has been quite poop.

Found out on thursday that we have got ofstead in on monday so schools been manic. After my last post, danielle came off the ventilator, but 2 days later had a massive re lapse and is back on life support... v v poorly lil one.

Have been working in the pub more coz of being short staffed. Had to call 999 last night coz one of the members of staff collapsed.

Tim (my bro) called this morning, Fiona has cheated on him and he's called the relationship a day... i feel so so sorry for him, he's put so much into that house and the guinea pigs and now he's losing it all... she went with an engaged man the home wreckers!!!!!!! I HATE CHEATS! I told tim that i'd go and pick him up whenever he wanted. bless him!

Anyhoo... i'm gonna put possitive head on coz it could all get me down... i'm sooooooo seriously chuffed that u got a job my lovely... you can say good riddance to the old place now :D:D:D:D

Love you heaps and loads.

kewey out.x