Wednesday, 8 April 2009


Hey you!

Its cool to see you on Twitter - what made you decide to go on it? Did you see the other university peeps on there? I would list them but I think the one I know of has protected their updates.

Mr C is also on there but I got his tag wrong on the earlier tweet. His actual one is @mywaynow but by the looks of it you or him found the other lol.

Do you have a plan for this weekend? Let me know I'll see if i can abduct a double air bed from my Mum's so you and Dan The Man can share the living room floor if you are both here.

On my birthday weekend, we can organise a lego fest/computer game fest for the boys then CJ, Dan the Man and Mr LB can hang out together.

Monday, 6 April 2009

Who stole my fairy dust?

You sound so down and I don’t know what to do. I wish I could wave a magic wand and make it all better but I don’t really have anyway to be able to do that, I guess me going off on one earlier about yesterday at church with Lambkin, Mrs Mow Mow and Q didn’t help.
I don’t really know what to suggest. I guess in one way it would be to save up your pennies and move down here but then what about Dan the Man you can’t leave him behind and if you bring him with you, we’d need to find him a job.
The other option is for you to move down and then you have a long distance relationship but then that puts strain on it too – I know I’ve been there lol. I guess if you stay up there you almost need somewhere that you can meet other people. I know you’re not sure about going back to your old church but RP belongs to a network of churches called Ground Level – what if I see if we can find a Ground Level church in Mansfield? There might also be NFI (which is the group that Woodside belongs to). At least then you can find some other friends and you don’t feel so isolated. I’ve had a look and found two Ground Level churches, one is in Mansfield and the other is in Kirkby-in-Ashfield. NFI don’t have any churches in Mansfield – their nearest is Nottingham (and there they have two!). I’ve also had a look on the Evangelical Alliance’s website – they have one church in Mansfield on their website so that’s another one to look at if you want.
If you are here this weekend we are having a connect group meal on Sunday and an Easter egg hunt. That’s one less meal to try and organize. I’m sorting everyone out and coming up with a plan of what people need to bring. I’m going to make a pasta salad – so I need to go get the bits for that at some point – while I supervise CJ and make sure he writes his dissertation. (2 weeks today is the deadline. He’s got 6000 words to go as of this morning).

Anyhoo I have to get back to other stuff but I will be around on MSN till 5ish if you need me

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Rainbow without colour.

Sorry for lack of bloggage. Dead laptop and snail slow pc so using mobile. Recently so much has been happening. Got new job, applied for yet another new job, visited various places including seaside and countryside. Met up with girlies etc.the past week i have done too much to upset people closest to me but have also felt quite hurt. I'm crying all the time and just not really explaining why! At work I've been made to feel useless at my job with a certain difficult child, also not being told important informatio. At home i feel like i am upsetting my parents by not talking to them much and heading up to bed early because I'm shattered. Relationship wise i feel like such a bad girlfriend. I've not been entirely fair to my man and obviously this has had a bit of a knock on effect. I need to start adding colour to this rainbow. Hopefully the break from work over Easter and the start of a new job after Will cheer me up and i can spend the time mending to wrongs that i think I've done. Anyway. There's my confession done. Night night people.x