Sunday, 8 February 2009

I ditched the kewey mobile!

Ok, so... we had snow... a lot of snow!

On monday it snowed, we all went to work. On tuesday it snowed and on the way to work (it took like an hour to get from my house to the second lot of traffic lights near my house) we got "snowed off". On wednesday it was mega icy and i wasnt in work anyway. On thursday it was mega mega snowy and school got snowed off. On friday i went to work all day, discovered my grandma very poorly at her house and had to leave mummie kewey with her while i bicked up sister kewey from work. Had arranged with parentage to sort me and sister kewey out for tea while they sorted granny kewey out with dr and hospital etc. In the rush home i went into auto pilot and went down a road very near my house which had been shut for road works. There were cars coming up so i thought it was open... WRONG! i went down and saw a van and a car cutting across the grass. sister kewey said "follow them" so i did (1st and last time i listen to her!) hehe. The car in front got stuck which made me stop... then i got stuck because i stopped. I tried a little bit to get out but it wasnt budging... the snow had made all the soil go v v soft and therefore just got my car stuck in. I made sister kewey get out to push me back... it wouldnt budge. I went over to the car driver and said if he could help me out, me and my sister would help him out... he was more than happy to help. Then the van driver came over and offered a hand... we said the same to him. My car came out ok. The other car came out with a bit of a struggle but the real fun came with the van! It was well and truely stuck in... above the wheel nuts! It was like something from a cartoon. I fell in the mud, sister kewey fell in the mud and then got covered by the mud when the wheels spun and it was jsut not shifting. In the end one of the van drivers collegues came in his van to pull him out... that worked! we all got out safe and well and lessons learned! I told mummie and daddie kewey and we all had a real giggle about the episode. I cleaned the car today! it was caked in mud!

Grannie kewey is ok, they have kept her in hospital to do checks to find out exactly what made her poorly and fall. she has a water infection but they think there maybe something else that has caused this little episode.

Anyway. i am getting arm ache from the way i am layin down now. Toodles noodles for now.

Kewey out.x

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