Saturday, 26 January 2008

Heya bug a lugs.

How are you doing? I'm ok, getting increasingly frustrated! I can drive but i cant! Dad hasnt sorted out his insurance so i cant get behind the wheel. I said to mum it's like having a christmas present without the batteries and the shops are shut!!!!!!!!!!! grrrrrrr. A toyota Yaris is a bit bigger than a matchbox car to push around and doesnt have the same impact hahaha.

Your girlie day sounds fun. Pants about not being able to share a room with Chris, you could have both stayed here if it wasnt so far away.

We sort of had a girlie day here today (minus dad being there hehe).

Twin had a mega breakdown last night which i think has done loads of good to be honest. I did the annoying protective sister thing and just followed her everywhere. I didnt say anything for ages, just followed right behind her and when she turned round i just said in a really happy voice "everythin ok" she near enough fell to the floor crying and i sat with her and just hugged her for ages and let her talk. She said she hates herself for being "weak" and thought we all hated her too. I told her that i look up to her for putting up with what she has for so long and that we all love her but hate what people are doing to her. Simon came to pick her up and take her to his for a few days to chill (he's been away for the week). I was so relieved that she finally opened up to me coz we havent spoken all week! Anyhoo, this morning she phoned mum n dad n said she wanted to come to town with us (which we had already planned to do) so we picked her up from si's and went to town. There was a wedding fair and she really got excited which was the first time in aaaaaaaaaaaages and we were all together :D Bec booked to get her eyes tested coz they've been really hurting her. Her eye sight has changed quite a bit so as my treat to her i bought her a brand spankin new pair of glasses... D & G glasses!!!!!!!!!! she looks lovely in them and they were all ready in an hour. She's chuffed with them coz they're quite different to her old ones. we took her back to si's and then came home. My cousin and his wife came round tonight. He owns a garage but said the market is quite slow at the moment hence me deffo goin on dads insurance.

The pic you sent me hasnt worked :(

Hope all is ok, i'm gonna go and nag daddy for insurance... again hehehehe

HOPE TO SEE YOU SOON!!!!!!!!!!!!! (and i can drive you everywhere instead of you taking me places).xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Kewey out.x

Friday, 25 January 2008

I could be unemployed this time next week

Yep You did hear right.

I had a "catch-up" to see how I was going this afternoon at about 10 to 5 - well something like that anyway. Celine and Hina talked to me about how did I think I was doing and was I enjoying the job and things like that. Well Celine said something at the beginning of the conversation and that was that my brain was screaming "OH BUMMER I'M GOING TO LOSE MY JOB" and then my chin started to wobble like it does when I am trying not to cry but really can't help it. (It's been about 40 minutes my head is starting to hurt - I have a cold plus crying is not good.)

I'm at my Mum's because I needed a Mum hug but she's out at the hairdressers (She said I could go see her there but I don't have the dignaty at the moment to go into the hairdressers with tears streaming down my face)

Anyway so the reasons I could be made unemployed - I am used to working where you start one job and you dont move to the next until you finished the first (if that makes sense) whereas because of the nature of the business I start one thing in the morning and then in that first hour of work I can have 5 jobs thrown at me that I have to complete within that hour. I'm then struggling with that because I don't know whether to carry on with job no 1 or move onto the next - anyhoo I am going to start looking at vacancies so that should I need a job I'm already looking at the same time.

Love ya

Thursday, 24 January 2008

So What.,.......

Another random image I found that I thought I would blog. How you doing chick pea? I'm on short posts 2day as I ran out of time at lunch time and I've got about 35 minutes before i need to go baby sit Abi.

For you

Wednesday, 23 January 2008

Full of Snot

So yesterday I just had a sore throat today I'm full of snot! YAY!

I'm chatting to Tori on MSN she says well done for passing your driving test. We're now chatting about GCSE Choices, she does the 5 compulsory (Double Science, English and Maths) then picks the rest she's got 4 options but they are restricted because of the timetable. So she has the options: take IT and walk away with equivalent of 4 GCSE's or take Geography and something else to fill the gap and walk away with 2 GCSE's. She also said that she might be taking Maths GCSE a year early which is cool because that means she has more time in the second year to focus on her other subjects.

We talked about what she would like to do once she leaves school and she really had no idea. She said about maths so I suggested something science related like the food testing that one of our family friends does for Unilever, or accounting like my Mum or something computer related like her Dad. She said she thought about doing accounting. I said that she could talk to Mum about what she does etc and see if Mum would have her for a few days in the holiday like a kind of work experience: well I don't think Mum would mind lol.

Me and Mum have made a plan to go out for a girlie day on the 7th February. I was meant to be going to York with Chris but we can only afford to stay in a Youth Hostel. Now because of the way youth hostels work, you can only have a family room if there is 1 over 18 and 1 under 18. Other than that we book in as two individuals and I have to sleep in a girls dorm and he sleeps in a boys dorm. So I came to the conclusion that I may as well stay in Bedford than go all the way to York sleep in a strange bed in a strange room on my own when I can do the on my own bit back here and save some money especially as with the youth hostel you pay per person rather than per room that you might pay with a Travelodge or similar.

Did I tell you about Auntie Clare getting re-married? Well she got engaged and she's getting married on the 31st May at a really posh Hotel in Stamford. Their website is here. It's really nice and Mum and Dad are looking to stay over which could be funny as currently me, Rich and Chris are sharing a room - thankfully not a bed! hehe. Chris is quite up for it because it makes more sense than Mum and Dad spending out for an extra room. I am going to bed now feel pooey! YAY!

Sunday, 20 January 2008

Pictures in a Gallery

So just before Christmas I bought a PAYG phone to use rather than my n73 - good phone good features but just wasn't working for me. Tesco have a sort of loophole that means that if you just plain don't like it you can take the mobile back with in 28 days. So earlier this week I took my phone back and exchanged for a Samsung D900i and love it. Because of the style it can look like I am reading a text rather than taking a picture - as you know I love my natural photos rather than posed. It also means that I can take more photos for the blog.

This first photo was my project for the evening. We were due to go to One:Worship at Christchurch - except that they moved the times and Chris had forgotten to let everyone know. We coulde still go but we would be late and it's not a church that you can sneak into easily. So Chris came up with the idea of creating a prayer room upstairs to be linked with Hope 08. I decided that I would draw out a map of Bedford - in the end this wasn't a viable option so I printed off about 6 maps from google and then matched them up and drew letters and created this on one of the walls. While I was doing that Rikki created this in the window so that everyone in the church could see what was going on.

This morning we had a rehearsal for Joseph and my brother was wearing this T-Shirt. I'm not the greatest fan of Family Guy and I ended up taking a photo of his shirt lol.

There's a house over the street from us - I noticed late last week that their Christmas tree was still in the window. Then I noticed it the middle of this week didn't think anything of it. It's now still there!!! It's the 20th January and their tree is still there. Thats was the random lights are in the middle of the picture lol.

I walked into town yesterday when I went to meet Yolissa, Isis Carol and Kelly. A while ago Phil told me this story about him stealing his housemates cuddly Heffalump because he was bored. I saw this sat outside the charity shop on Castle Road and took a picture to send to Phil.

The next pictures are the adventures of us in town. The first is Yolissa's Hot chocolate - it was like a work of art all it's own lol. The next picture is Yolissa and Isis taking random pictures. I didn't quite take the photo in time and Isis had moved so it went blurry. By the end of lunch I think Isis was bored and so made a ketchup heart on her plate. I was playinng with my phone as I had finished and so took a hi-speed photo of it.

I thought you might appreciate this random photo that i took on the way to town, there was a driveway which had a mini river where the water was running to teh drain - obviously a car had leaked some petrol or oil into the water and there was this pretty rainbow. (I'm listening to the BBC cover of Perfect Day - I love this song - i might post the lyrics in a sec and a link to the video - it was for an advert but I love it!)

I was brainstorming holiday ideas and this was my piece of paper. There were so many different cities, museums, monuments etc on it. There's things like the Bradenburg Gate in Berlin - it's one of the few bits of the Berlin Wall that is still standing. There's the Eiffel and the Lourve. A bit further down there's the Auschwitz Memorial and Ljiubana which is the capital of Slovenia (day trip distance to Italy or the other way round).

One of the guys at work turns 40 on Wednesday and becuase of that we had cake and lots of fun on Friday. It started about Wednesday when I spent quite alot of the afternoon cutting out bits for his birthday card. Thursday afternoon me and Abby then spend like half an hour to an hour blowing up balloons and drawing faces and phrases on them. The balloons were then hidden in the accounts office until Friday morning when Abby and Hina decorated the meeting room. Then when Pete was in the canteen me and Abby collected the balloons and sprinted (literally!) to his office across the yard in the Green barn. We emptied the bags of balloons and that was the photo i took very quickly before we ran back to teh office.

Saturday, 19 January 2008

This or That

this or that for girls
love or hate:love
myspace or bebo:myspace
mtv or vh1:mtv
hug or kiss:hug
boys or girls:both
football or shopping:shopping
spoon or fork:spoon
mascara or eyeliner:macara
summer or winter:summer
cellphone or ipod:cellphone
csi or law and order:csi
funny or serious:both
skirt or dress:dress
hold hands or get close:hold hands
rock or rap:rock
board or video games:board
black or white:black
money or love:love
saturday or sunday:saturday
eyes or hair:eyes
hearts or stars:stars
sleeping or partying:partying
school or no school:no school (mind u, no school = no money for me) SCHOOL
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About me

Ok Smithy, i know you know me and near enough everything about me but i thought i would post this so that if any of your other friends see they will get the gist of me too. Hehe. Plus i'm bored, more to follow me thinks.x

Things You Actually Really Want to Know About Me
basic info
what do people call you?:Kewey, Han (amongst others)
birthday:27 September
current location:Nottinghamshire, UK
eye color:Blue
hair color:brown at the moment
righty or lefty?:righty
a few questions
do you believe in god?:I do indeed
do you have a religion?:Yep
do you speak another language?:Sort of
do you live in the moment?:Yes, i live in the moment for for the future
do consider yourself tolerant of others?:Fairly
are you confident?:Sometimes, depends what on
are you a daredevil?:Sometimes - again, depends
what is the compliment you get from most people?:I like you, you're my best friend, i love you... to name but a few (not big headed at all - i just have lovely people around me)
what do you like the most about your body?:Dunno, depends on what i wear/make up
do you think you are good looking?:not really, i have good looking days and bad looking days
do have any bad habits?:yeah
what's your biggest fear?:i have a few... dont want to say incase it happens
do play an instrument?:I play 3 (4 if u count voice)
can you sing?:Ah, okies... answered above. Yep
if you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?:Lose the scars
what is the most important lesson you've learned from life?:Enjoy it! you never know when it will end
do you think life has been good so far?:It's had it's moments but i'm still alive
is there anything you regret doing/not doing in life?:I try not to regret anymore, You can't change the past
do you believe in love at first sight?:I dunno, it's never happened to me but i dont disbelieve
do you kiss on first date?:Yes but not full on
do you have sex on first date?:No!
color:no specific colour
number:Dont have one
food:oooh, mediterranian - salads, also like mexican
drink:winter berries juice or pomegreat
alcoholic drink:corona with lime at the mo
country:canada (at theEEY
season:Spring-summer (the change)
day of the week:PAY DAY!
name:Oliver (for a boy) dunno about girl
have you ever...
been arrested?:No
kissed someone of the same sex?:yes (this was a while ago with a friend)
done something you regret?:as mentioned before i try not to regret
smiled for no reason?:Yeah, it confuses people
laughed so hard you cried?:YEAH, I had the best friends ever at uni
sang to someone for no reason?:I always sing for no reason
talked to someone you don’t know?:yep, kind of have to in my work
been in love?:yep
broken the law?:erm i took a sweet from a shop when i was little, my mum was v angry at me!
been in a car accident?:yep, a couple
run into a wall?:maybe playin bulldog when i was at school? dunno haha
made yourself cry to get out of trouble?:probably when i was young haha
cried over a movie?:YEAH!!!
been so drunk that you cant remember?:oh yes, not good!
stayed home from school?:only when ill / extenuating circumstances
been out of state?:yep
in the opposite sex
hair color:doesnt matter
eye color:as above
height:taller than me pref
body type:doesnt matter
short or long hair?:doesnt matter
tattoos/piercings?:not overly keen but doesnt matter
hot or cute?:WHAT?!
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Friday, 18 January 2008

And another

So Mum phoned me to tell me about Auntie Claire earlier. I was practically jumping off my chair because the vibrate was tickling my leg so much. I am quite excited but I'm worried how Kirsty and Adam will react. I think Adam will be unhappy - he was really depressed and upset when Claire left - as you would expect. I think Kirsty will be ok but I'm not sure. She didn't mention it when I texted her in my lunch break - so she might not know. I have to go now because it's the end of my lunch - Maddy just collared me about some bits for the last few minutes of my lunch. ttfn

I'm getting angry!

Ok, so it was ages ago when i said goodnight to you on here but i am still awake!!!!!

This is the second night in a row that i just simply can not sleep. I've tried alsorts. Lying in the dark... no luck, watchin a film... no luck, reading a book that i have read before in the hope that i dont want to carry on reading... no flaming luck!

It's actually making me feel sad. Tearful sad because i want to sleep. I'm not crying or anything... too tired to do that!

Just thought that if i blog then i would feel like i have said things that i need to say so my mind is clear but i dont actually know what to say.

I've chatted to julie this evenin, will inform u of the convo in my blog later.

Ok blabbing now


Anyways night night... again

Kewey out.xx

Night night

Night night hannie pants. I know we were just msn-ing but i never said night night god bless.xxxx

He loves me really see....

The homemade plaster and extra tape by Christopher

Thursday, 17 January 2008


Hello Girlie

Ok so tried to watch it but the connection at work is a bit sucky so I can't watch it properly I'll wait till I get home. I have a free evening so I have plenty of time. I'm supposed to be going to the gym this evening but I really don't have the motivation after last night and this morning.

Chris was the bad guy but I did say some kinda nasty things too. Like this morning I turned round and said that if it wasn't for the ring on my finger I would be breaking up with him. I really struggle because so much of the time I am emotionally knocked about by him, it's usually like I will make a comment but I'll be wrong - now sometimes I know that like yesterday Chris started talking about local politics - as you can imagine not exactly the most exciting conversation in the world. I don't really know anything about it other than Patrick Hall is our rep for Labour, and Nikki Attenborough is some important figure.

Anyway I made some comment about not being fussed about it - tbh they all have stuff that annoys me and stuff that I don't think is right but at the moment it's not the end of the world it's not like there is an election coming up any time soon. In all honesty the Presidential Run in the States is more interesting. Theres Obama who would have his name in the history book theres then Hilary Clinton who will be the first woman president. Now I don't see anything wrong with that I think it's about time the States have a real woman president rather than it just being a very cool drama series that used to be on ABC1.

Anyhoo! Watched 20 minutes of Torchwood yesterday so that made me feel a bit better. (James Marsters who used to play Spike in Buffy The Vamp Slayer was in the episode - that made it worth watching lol)

I'm going to vamoosh now - Am waiting for Jane to come back from Sainsbury's as she's getting my lunch lol.

P.s. the title is G-day because two guys from New Zealand have just arrived - I'm not sure what their link is to the company but I know it's something to do with us hiring out our stages to them and then shipping them over to NZ.

Blog about breathing space

Heya, this is a video that someone has made, kida cool i think.... Maybe you have to be a bit media minded to read into it but i think it's quite cool... The music is by breathing space. I've just listened to their albumn and when in the right mood, i think it's actually really good... it's the kind of music that you have to really listen to to understand and appreciate. Thats just my opinion of course.

I like all the different associations the music has when the lyrics come in... They make the video make complete sense.

Wednesday, 16 January 2008

Desktop blog

Here is my screen display on the laptop. Still Mulligan Monkey. Really i should change it, i havent changed it since i got this laptop. My pic on my pc screen is a pic i took of the sunset. I will post if i remember when i am next on my pc.

Kewey out.x

Lean on me...

Ok, try not to lean literally at the momentn coz u may poss fall over!

I've just read your blog... long ones are soooo the best and i know that you got a lot off your chest there... you can tell by the way you write. Hey i can literally read you like a book now hehe.

I heard that you and hub were not quite happy and i felt v guilty for semi starting that argument and hope you weren't too upset. (KEWEY'S TIMINGS FANTABULOUS AS USUAL)!
Hey, you do know that if i was there you would be provided with a hot juice and doughnut dont you?!... seems to be a rather good hannah comfort thing... i think you started that one! - I hope your dinner was yummy and worth the efforts (even though negative) that went into cooking it!

As for your taste in music, good choice... hey, depressing music is sometimes good to get it all out of your system!

I completely know how you feel about the time since we've all gone. I honestly thought that you girlies would see more of each other and i would be the one out in the necks but it seems to be much different!
On new years eve i broke down crying... Sarge and my family knew why i was upset and even he managed a hug for me and told me i would see you all again soon... I just wanted all of my best buds together!
What happened to you in the cinema is so seriously out of order if it was blatant ignorace! I cant believe you sat by yourself!

The embankment always seemed a happy place when i was there. I remember us girlies going and having a giggle, us 2 playing rugby with sarge dave and gemma, having happy walks along there, ice creams. I guess not such a happy place for you at the moment.

As for sitting on cold benches... You really shouldnt do that, could give you piles you know hehehehe... serious health issue there my lovely.
Do your work peeps actually give you guidance when you do things "wrong?" what do you do "wrong". Officially add a new person to offload onto... I know that sometimes i am at work but if you leave me a blog or text or voice message i will reply... in fact i think blogging is fantastic to get things off your chest... you dont have to mean things you say but if you mean it at the time, put it down and you know i wont judge. How are the RP lot? Glad Miles is starting to find some peace in his life again and that the ground was soft enough for him to bounce back. How long til baby W? I thought i saw nick on TV but i didnt... cant remember the programme. Is there a reason why you arent talking that much to Umma? You dont have to say if you want to keep it private.

Hey, McFly can be a good pick me up you know! lol (hope the pills are legal young lady, i spend a lot of time with "in the know" coppers - and CID)! - they wont work if they are a placebo, maybe check that one out yeah?! hehe

As for York, I will keep it in mind for work dates etc and... If not then i should definately have my car by then and a licence (i may be giving too much away) and I might be able to make it possible to drive to York??

"I like my job but can't handle it when I'm told to do one thing then someone moves the goalposts" - I completely hear you girlfriend. It sometimes happens at school for one reason or another and it's so hard sometimes to know whether i am coming or going!

I have no doubt that me and you were meant to be friends! There are no others that come close in my opinion. I mean i love all of you girlies a lot and you all have very different qualities. However, you are the one i speak to the most and i think we are on the same wavelength 99.9% of the time! Yeah i guess we are both crafty teehee. You still do the craft evenings? I miss them. I know i only went to a few but really enjoyed them, especailly the company! I know this point isnt really the same but it does involve music. My uncle is a photographer (as you know) for a band. I went to see them last week coz they performed near me. They will be performing again in may if you would like to come along. There music is actually really good live, i love live musac hehe... website of breathing space if you wanna listen to some of their stuff. They do have a diff site but cant remember it. They dont really have a uniformed band look but the music is quite good and the way they play the intruments live is phemonenal! - you can stay at mine if you like, or, we could go to york where they play alot and ask to stay at my uncles. You could take your camera and he would show you what looks good for band photography if you wanted. "both have our quirks that make us us and don't care about looking silly when we show them." here here!

Are you allowed to say what the "project" is? If i can assist you in any way please please do not hessitate to ask! If you have something i could be doing while off work, e-mail and i will help out!

Dont feel pants hannie pants... You know that it takes more than cookery to break this friendship, if anything!!!!
I hope these bloggings (hehe new word there) have eased some of the pain you had. Love you heaps and tonnes.

Kewey out.xx



So I've just finished a conversation on the phone to you because Chris is being a bit of a jerk! So much for us being good and sorted.

About two weeks ago we swapped chores so cooking is one of mine. Now as far as I knew we were going out at the same time - 8pm when we go to cell so I was about to start tea at about 7 then all of a sudden he's going out earlier.

I've left him to cook and come upstairs now. Listening to Newton Faulkner's song Dream Catch Me - I do like Teardrop (hence the title) but it was depressing me.

On at least 4 or 5 occasions over the past few months since you and the other girlies moved out of Bedford I've broken down in tears because I can't handle how lonely I feel all the time. On Saturday last week I'd had it up to the back teeth, I made some comment in the cinema and Chris turned in his chair so that his body was facing away from me but he could still see the screen, so I got up and sat in the smaller block of chairs near one of the walls. I left the cinema as soon as the titles went up and I went to the loo - Chris has this thing about staying till the end of the titles.

I need to go my battery is dying brb when i get downstairs.

Back, so I left the cinema and thought i'll start walking and won't have to talk to Chris. I got outside the cinema and he was there already so we walked together in absolute silence.

We got along the Embankment to the footpath through the park and Chris asked did I want to walk on my own, I broke down in tears and sat on the wet bench. I felt so lost and alone. I'd has a really pooey week at work just constantly being told what I was doing wrong, what I had missed out etc. The only person I can really download on is Chris or my Mum because Karen is busy looking after Abi and by the time I'm free it's teatime at their house, Caroline is still really emotionally knocked by Myles being ill or looking after Joel (Myles is getting better btw he's preached two sundays in a row which was really cool). I don't really see Ummma that much at the moment. I don't just wanna talk to them because I need someone to download onto I want to talk to them about other stuff as well - does that make sense???

Now listening to McFly (- yes I know I am taking pills for it but they don't seem to be working!), I'm supposed to be going up to York on the 7th February as Chris is doing visual stuff for a Youth event there. Thought about seeing if he could drop me off in Mansfield on the Thursday then me catch the bus or train up to York to meet him on the Friday - but I guess you will be back at work by then.

Anyhoo back to my spazz in the rain. I sat on the wet bench (I don't think it was raining at that point but it had been while we were in the cinema) I didn't know where to start about stuff,

I like my job but can't handle it when I'm told to do one thing then someone moves the goalposts - so I either have to start again or completely change the way I'm doing it.

Abby is lovely and she's really sweet but theres just not that same link if you get me. (see point 1 - i was getting confused with all the brackets!) I think you and me were meant to be friends or something, we both love craft (Point 2), both musicians (Point 3), both have our quirks that make us us and don't care about looking silly when we show them.

Back to the job, I do like it, I'm on a one year contract which is better than nothing. My probatio n period ends on the 10th ish of February and in all honesty I am worried that this "project" is like a challenge to show that I can do the job before they sack me or something. I'm on for a year contract otherwise which means this time next year I could be unemployed again.

1. When I was off work with my chest infection before Christmas I had a running commentry of random things happening. Then last weekend I texted her to apologise if I was rude to her - I was trying to do some work and it wasn't going my way she asked could she help with anything and I think I snapped at her - she told me I hadn't and I thought she was just being polite, we then had a text conversation about what we were upto over the weekend. I guess it's cool we started about the same time so we are Newbies together.

2. Well before I met you I loved Craft and sewing etc but I think a certain old friend shall we say made me feel like it was uncool - then I met you and realised actually it's the coolest thing since sliced bread.

3. I say that because I probably need both hands and both feet to count how many instruments we can play between us
Anyhoo I feel pants (WELL DONE MR J - YOU WIN AGAIN!)

P.S. Emily that I used to work with at Wickes signed in her display name is "I'm thinking....but nothings happening"


OK hi speed typing-ness


It's the end of my lunch break so I am at hispeed writing to you and then going to check my blog for any random comments.

I love "The Holiday" - Jack Black is a cool actor! and He's a musician in that one so that makes him rock like twice as much lol.

Anyhoo I must vamoosh and do some work. I will try and text when possible.

Love ya

Hey u

Hiya Hannie pants. Sorry for not replying to your blogs recently, I am off work sick at the moment. Feel really guttered about ur pants week and the fact that you think we are drifting apart... I hope we really arent and that the issues are purely a blip. I love you girlies more than anything... bit like daddy or chips ad, out of friends, chips, chocolate, films, music, sweeties or anything i choose friends!!!!!!!!!!

I have been feeling quite low recently, having to work 2 jobs, not having many friends here, learning to drive (which is driving me insane) and feeling under the weather is just seriously bugging me.

Sarge only came to my place for new year because we were discussing going to bedford town but what with him being my transport, both of us having to juggle work and not really knowing what our families were doing it was sort of last min. He called me becuase he was cancelling, i had booked it off work but he was told he had to work. In the end he phoned me again because he really didnt fancy spending it with his fam and he knew that i was going to be staying local. He didnt get here until late, after he had finished his shift and by the time we had both eaten and got ready it was trez late. I felt bad to have not spent it with u also, i did say this to sarge hence the texts. I miss you girlies serious amounts and to be honest it's really really doin my nut in... but hopefully (without giving ANYTHING away) I will be driving down to your neck of the woods soon (unless i chicken out of motorway driving)! lol

It would be lovely if we could do something for serena, we could make it a joint serena crimbo thing... possible maybe!

I will do the desktop thing when i am not being nagged by twin to watch the holiday. I do not have your skills in being able to watch a film and type at the same time... maybe it's one i will learn! lol.

I love you girlie and no matter what i am here for you... please please dont think that i have moved on from uni and away from my girlies coz i most certainly havent!

You along with the others, are always in my thoughts.

Kewey out.xxxxxx

Tuesday, 15 January 2008

Desktop Tag

Hey girlie,

How you doing? I was tagged by Ellie at LittleWanda Crafts who had been tagged by Pockets Full of Sorrow, formerly Happy Ichigo. The idea is that you take a print screen of your desktop and post it on your blog. This was my one from work and the one below is the one from my own computer. What does yours look like?

Work DesktopMy Desktop

Here's what you do according to Happy Ichigo:
"Upload your desktop pic, you girls are super artsy people, lemme see your desktop! This is how its work..pretty easy! It's like doing a Print Screen; hit the PrtSc button on your keyboard, but instead of printing the screen, open Adobe Photoshop or Paint, then go to Edit and click Paste. Then save the file as .jpeg like you would any other image file. and whoa you're done."

Sunday, 13 January 2008

Short and sweet .......just like me!!!!

Hey Girlie

So if you didn't know I've been having a bit of a pooey week. I feel like everything I have one at work this week he been wrong or incomplete. Me and Chris haven't been that peaceful either - I don't know whether it's me taking work stuff out on him or him genuinely being a jerk. I nearly walked home from the cinema today on my own because being with him was doing my head in.

Anyhoo how are you doing? I feel like you and me are drifting apart - like how come you ended up spending NYE with Sarge - that might come across a little bitter but it's more of a huh well I didn't see that coming. Then about Laura ad Andrew for a couple of days I was the only one who knew out of us girlie and I couldn't discuss with you or Serena until you told me you knew. Is anything happening for Serena's birthday???????
Going to facebook you three now and find out.

Remind me to tell u about Tori and parents evening in my next post. Over and out from H's iPod. Mwah!!!'

Sunday, 6 January 2008

Every little thing is gonna be alright


I spoke to Laura yesterday - She has been trying to get hold of you and Serena - as my text this morning/earlier this afternoon said - she's got some MEGA IMPORTANT news and really needs to tell you. I spoke to her and she said she'd left a message with Twin about calling you when you got her message - she's probably being really humble but it is quite important and very very exciting. I want to tell you her news but I can't its not my place. If you are the last to find out please don't be disappointed - she has tried to get hold of us all so she has made the effort so it's not like she's only telling me and not you - do you get me?!?!?!

Don't stress about the present we also chatted about that I said to claim it as lost post but wait to send a new one - after all if we're meeting up any time soon I could go via Laura's on the way North to yours or we can go to Laura's for the afternoon or something if you're here. There would be another way if the post is unreliable.

I do love my short hair - I need to straighten it but I can't be bother to sit upstairs and do my hair. I also hair black dye so I can dye it went I get chance. I've been watching Heroes - My brother bought it on DVD after Christmas and so he watched it then I borrowed it - I'm upto episode 11 so I think I am about half way through.


Hey there lovely one.

Happy new year to you. Seen pic of hair and i do like it but my fave is when u had long hair.... i understand your reasons for changing back to short... I didnt think it would last all this time being long coz u said that u would cut it as soon as u had done the whole bride thing teehee. It shouldnt matter as long as you like!

So, how was ur new year? Sarge came here and we had a really good few days together *minus me working* hehe. He got here at about 7.15 on new years eve straight from work. We didnt get to the pub til 9.30. There was a big disco type thing in the function room and a singer in the main bar. Was good but we hadnt had enough partying by kicking out time so we went into town... Kelly lorenna (formally the n.trance singer) was headlining at one of the clubs. Me n sarge got straight in and we drank lots and partayed lots... the best thing was it was like a primary school reunion in there for me and all people i actually liked too... (there were a lot of guys out n not many girls which was a bit wierd but it was a good night out none the less). I took 2 cameras out with me, couldnt get one to work and the other ran out of film v early in the night but still got some pics...This is rich (his mum n dad child minded me when i was 4) he's now in the navy, me and sarge.This is me, not a v good pic was taken in v dark club and bright flash.
Me, not the worlds best pic again lol... I'M WEARING A SKIRT!!!!!!!!!
The sarge has gone v v toned and thin!

Happy days... there we go a few pics. I will add some Milo pics soon now i know it works lol.

Anyways, we met up with some more old school friends and walked home... we saw the remains of a v v v v v bad accident on the way home. the victim is in a serious state in hospital. His spine was through his back and he has suspected brain damage. A car (the driver ran off) came off the road doing about 30mph if not more and hit the pedestrian and a brick wall... We got to the scene just after the ambulance had left. As sarge said, if we hadnt gone for pizza after club, it could have been us... it took the ambulance 20mins to get there coz of a house fire somewhere else in sutton/mans. An after thought shocked me... Thank goodness the ambulance had just left when we got there because if we had got there before the ambulance, and both me and sarge *and no doubt rich (being navy trained etc) being first aid trained and not able to help in the situation would have broken my heart. I would never give 1st aid to someone if i had alcohol in me... so i would have been helpless. As it was, he was taken away in good hands and hopefully will pull through... he's from forest town but i dont know who it is as the police havent given the name out.

Anyways, the day after was nice, gran came for dinner and tea and a few games of cards, was really nice to not have tv on. 2nd and there were more card games, me and sarge went out for dinner and to pics which was nice we saw st trinians and i thought it was so funny... i think it should be a 15 though coz the girl next to me didnt get a single punch line even the visual ones.. didnt even know what tea total is. Sarge bein the person he is, became a v big fan of card games and the skill behind the ones my dad taught us.
3rd, we chilled i then worked
4th Chilled again and sarge went home at 4pm... i miss him but it is really really lovely to know we can be friends at least and i dont feel as attached to him... there will always be something special there but i think it would be sad to forget my first love. He said the same.

I really have got to go now, 2.11 am and i have to be at work at 11.30 tomorrow... going to see breathing space tomorrow night and school on monday... YAWN IN ADVANCE lol

Night night god bless and speak soon.xxxxx

Love to everyone there.x

P.s I still havent got my pressie that laura posted before crimbo :S should i be worried? think i should tell her?

Saturday, 5 January 2008

New hair!!!!!!!

Wh What do you think?!?!? New hair cut!!!!

Tuesday, 1 January 2008

Feliz Navidad

Apparently it's Happy New Year in Spanish.

SO Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!!

How you doing?