Friday, 31 October 2008

I'm kinda it!

I wasn’t tagged I stole this meme from Heather at Seams of Life

10 years ago I...
1. I was 2 months into Year 7
2. My best friend was Cat
3. I was in every music group apart from String Group
4. I had an interesting fringe and rather long wavy hair
5. I think I was about to get my braces!

5 things on today's to do list
1. Finish lunch (yup I had one sandwich at about 2ish and still trying to decide if I want the other hehe)
2. Finish work
3. Write this post
4. Help out at Chill @ The Church
5. Decide how people win The X Factor Game

5 snacks I enjoy
1. Caramel Snack A Jacks
2. White Chocolate
3. Aero Chocolate
4. Haribo
5. Pistachios

5 places I have lived
1. With my parents in Bedford
2. No 90
3. Flat 3
4. With my grandparents for a few days each summer when I was growing up
5. Various fields in various towns in various tents or caravans

5 jobs I've had
1. Cashier at a supermarket
2. Customer Service Assistant in a Builders Merchant
3. Waitress
4. Barmaid
5. PA/Housekeeper

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Amazingness in some people!

Hello smithy and bloggers that actually read this blog.

Today has been odd.

Parentage came back from lake district yesterday.

This morning i got up in good time, dressed etc. Came downstairs, looked after woof while mum took kewey2 to drs for check up - all ok.

They came home, we had breakfast, i took kewey2 to work, came home, did ironing, lunch, chilled, (mum n dad both fell asleep - all afternoon), i got bored, went on t'internet and (i dont exactly know what his code name on here is) tooth man (SM) came online on facebook, wrote a lovely message but as he did that i wrote hello in the chat feature... we chatted for ages before my wireless started to spazz! and then he went to the pictures... it was so lovely that he spent time to chat to me! I dont know how he would feel about it but i really needed to chat to someone and he gave his time to chat to me and that makes me smile! smile lots!

I also have chatted to your chef friend that shares the same surname. He wants a trip up here sometime apparently. That was before tooth man.

You have amazing friends smithy, you really do!

off for foodage now.

kewey out

Monday, 27 October 2008

Middle of Night Posting

Now I'm sure this isn't good and that I should be sleeping but I'm some how hoping that this post will help calm my brain long enough to sleep.

Blog people out there who may be Reading this (if you're in America. You have time before bed to read and comment!!!)

If you have kids (aka dinkies) how did you know it was right to start trying for dinkies? Or did dinkie one arrive in the scene and that started the ball rolling?

Me and CJ seem to spend ages skirting round the subject and when we do talk about it I end up in tears feeling rubbish and don't wanna to get out of bed the following morning in case some one asks me what is up.

So church peeps I am not back sliding if I'm not there in the morning it's because it's 2:34am I feel like rubbish and CJ is asleep next to me.

I get that stuff at church atm is uncertain but life is permanently uncertain!!

I am going to try going to sleep and hope that baby filled nightmares don't attack me.

-- Post From My iPhone

Sunday, 26 October 2008

You have to watch this!

Pastor Mow Mow played this video at the end of his preach this morning and I nearly bawled my eyes out (luckily I was on the front row!!)

God was there this morning - there was definitely stuff being done this morning. 

Wednesday, 22 October 2008

The Boredom of Smithey

So I've been thinking while I was bored. Do you reckon there is an optimum way to blow your nose?

So like short sharp blows or one long prolonged blow?

See I am wierd - the wanderings of a Hannah-Mind.

What else have I been thinking about erm... I have a swap on Swap-Bot which is called 75 Questions. And I am 5 questions short at present - the letter is supposed to be mailed by tomorrow and I am running out of time.

I have two partners and I was going to direct you to their blogs but only one of them has a blog. Her nickname is PenguinBurger and her blog is here. Take a look cos it's interesting!

I have been blogging lots on my blog and been writing lots of bits and pieces.

I watched Nim's Island yesterday and I love it! I would really like it on DVD either for Christmas or my birthday is good. (If you go on my blog - there is the trailer for it!)

(And the phone rings again!)

I'm going to go and be productive now that I have tried to shake off my procrastination!

Monday, 20 October 2008


Our blog turned 1 on the 6th October!!!

It's 1 year and 14 days old!

Monday Monday

Can I go home now?

It's 5:02 and I ache. My knees and shins are sore and I don't get why :( I've been on like megadoses of Vitamin C for the last few days to try and boost my immune system to fight off my cold. I have a lovely cough.

I have been trying to work but have just had Mondai-ititis for most of the day which isn't good. I have done lots of orders since 3pm though so the guy in the warehouse probably needs a lie down!

Everyone is clearing off it would seem. Logistics Lady went at 4:30pm, followed by Auntie at 5pm and The Big UK Cheese is leaving now it would seem. We're all getting ready to go for 5:30pm, well me and HT are at least. DR is staying. (I need different nicknames for people at work that are a bit different and more encoded - any ideas?!?!)

My cousin David is getting baptised on the 7th December which is like super cool! I'm in charge of the video camera so I'm going to video the whole service if the Preacher-Dude (David's Girlfriend's Dad) will let me - which I think he will - you only get baptised once in your life so it's like a big day! Mum and Dad have already put it in their diary even though I think David didn't want them to come hehe - I think he wants it to be a little do rather than the whole family arriving but hello again with the one day in your life-ness! Even one of the guys at church who has met David only twice asked me for the time and place to be there!

I am being all healthy-fied and have been drinking lots of water - which is awesome as I have shed a little weight. But I have also lost some of that weight from being ill - don't worry not significant amounts but there is a difference thats for sure. I am trying to just eat at meal times rather than eating junk in between - today I failed because my tummy started rumbling at like 10am but I had an Alpen Cereal bar so I was at least a little healthy.

Friday, 17 October 2008

Kewey is a wuss!

You would have thought that after the past 2 or 3 years i would have got used to this whole stuff that include hospitals!

I was fine til about 5 today... Packing my bag hit me hard! I became scared! i dont want anyone here to know that i am scared because when i spoke to twinny today i was about to say i was scared but then clogged up... like if i said it i would cry!

i'm not really in pain, just feel rather uncomfortable... does that make sense? Imagine havin a tummy rumble as if hungry then place that just above your left hip and then between there and tummy button a dull ache with the rumble almost constantly... thats what i feel.

mummie k is really cool i think she senses my nervous/scaredness but hasnt asked. She told me that i can drive her to work in the morning before i go to see dr coz then i have to go and pick her up... (i think this was her being positive - which helps - however, i dont want to let her down if i have to go in)!

I have to look for positives... Have been thinking while at work (i thought it would take my mind off it but now i am home i could have done with tidyin my befroom and gettin some more washing done)!

The positives are:-

1. A jolly good sleep (aided by general anasthetic)
2. Somewhere warm! (hospitals are always hot)!
3. The chance that this infection will go away!
4. errrrrrrm i cant really think of a number four.

See i cant think of 5 positives but i guess 3 is better than none! there will be someone somewhere going through much worse and my 3 positives will be more than some peoples.

Right well i had better rest my head... early start to get mummie to work before i go to the drs.

Wish me luck peoples! Hopefully there will be an update soon.

Kewey out for now. God bless you all.xxxxxx

Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Mum Does Know Best (or in my case My Boss)

So I was sent home from work today with my horrible cold. 

After chatting to you on MSN the second time I think. I went to the Supermarket and it was raining. Finding the Pharmacy in the supermarket near work is a pain in the butt anyway but it took me like three attempts just to remember where I was going and what for. 

I got capsules because I knew I'd OD or something if I had the liquid stuff. 

My Mum would tell me and my brother that if we were well enough to go out to play with our friends then we were well enough for school. When I was at middle school I hated school so used to try and skive lots. Upper School was a different story. I'd help loads with the school productions and stuff so that by the first night I'd more than likely have a sore throat or a cold - or it would hit be just after when I'd slowed down. 

So I knew that if I wanted to go to cell I needed to stay at work for the rest of the day. Well it got to lunchtime and having sat through a two hour meeting about personality types i really couldn't handle being at work anymore. 

It took me three attempts to remember why I was stood outside the pharmacy bit. 3 attempts!!!! Thats what my Grandma would be like (she had a stroke two years ago and had short term memory loss - which isn't as bad as it used to be but she does forget stuff)

I got back to work and because the americans were there everyone was having lunch together in the canteen (other than me because i'd just been out). I asked to speak to the manager in charge of my office explained that as much I really wanted to stay for the other bits of training I needed to go home because i feel really rough and needed to stop on work stuff and go home. 

He agreed and said thank you for staying this long, and that if I hadn't have asked he might have sent me home any way! (then he gave me a bar of chocolate to cheer me up! he's great, i've realised why we get on so well it's because our natural personality types are near enough exactly the same! HR Lady had put a picture up of this wheel thing and then where everyone was with their natural personality type.)

So now it's 10:12 and  I've slept like 4 hours this afternoon. I've watched The American President and My Big Fat Greek Wedding (with the commentary! because you can do that on DVD rather than video!) and now I am going to watch "Because I Said So". I might even sit here and write back to a Swap-Bot friend or start on a swap.

Now I am going to fill in a questionnaire for the lady at church - stick on the DVD, eat the rest of my Lemon Curd sandwiches and just sit here and chill.

P.S. I have two days left holiday wise I think between now and Christmas - these are your days I was planning to come up to hang out with if you were free. If that means people watching in the hospital then I will do that.

Mum knows best!

Hey people that like to dabble in this little world of the two hannahs.

I have been to the drs this mornin.... without an appointment! I rang to have a triage call with my doctor that saw me through all of my surgical worries. Told him what was goin on and he said i think i need to see you now.

I went and had to wait for him to put me between patients that had appointments. He's worried. Infection has almost certainly come back under the scar (the gap where my apendix used to live). He's given me a course of antibiotics and told me that this is something i will probably notice for the rest of my life. However, he thinks its gonna come open again if the antibiotics dont work in time and that would mean another stay in hospital :(

I wasnt going to go to the drs coz i didnt think it was that bad! just sore but mum said i HAD to at least speak to the dr... glad i did now! At least if the nastiness does happen again i will know why and be a bit more prepared.

I have to go back to the drs at 8am on friday. Fingers, legs, toes and anything else you can cross will be much appreciated.xx

Tuesday, 14 October 2008


About 20 minutes ago I went to the loo. (yeah ok not great for an opening line but listen to the rest)

There was a girl in the cubicle next to me and I could hear her crying. It tugged at me. I flushed the loo and headed for the sink then thought "What if she really needs someone at this moment in time". So I reverse and tap on the door "I know it's none of my business, but are you ok?". A choked up voice replies "Yeah I'll be ok". Now I know how many times I've said that rather than face it so I hover by the sinks and take extra time to wash my hands.

I hear the loo flush and to look less like I was hovering and more like I was actually washing my hands. She appears and I say to her, "I know it's a little wierd but a hug sometimes makes it a little better, would you like a hug?" and she says "Yes" so I give her a hug (in a true Hannah way!). She turns to me with more tears in her eyes and tells me that I'm really thoughtful and she really needed a hug.

I asked her "Was she having a bad day?" - vague enough that I'm not being notice but give opportunity to talk and she says "Yeah you could say that". I made some comment about chocolate also making problems seem smaller.

I think I rambled and faffed lol

So Toilet Girl (because I didn't ask your name and I should have!) should in some random coincidence you be reading this now that I've typed it. I'm Hannah and I work in the office next door to the canteen. If you wanna chat about your day or whatever had you in tears (I won't tell anyone), come grab me tomorrow at 12:30, come knock on the door and ask for me (I promise people in my office aren't scary) we can sit in the canteen and chat while I eat my lunch if thats ok or if you see me in the corridor we can sort another time.

Tuesday, 7 October 2008

She made my brother smile

Like a genuine smile rather than a forced pretend smile that my brother normally cracks.

I had to sit there and pretend that I wasn't eavesdropping. It was really cute though anyway.


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Saturday, 4 October 2008


I think I have it!!

Not really serious just could be annoying for CJ.

It's the technical name for teeth grinding.

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Friday, 3 October 2008


Hello there.

So now it's the weekend and I glad! I'm in Cambridge Corn Exchange as I write this to you. I'm sorry about bad spellings. I managed to pop my blister on my thumb earlier at work so I actually need a plaster on it now.

Because Bex needs to be able to get out if LilW has any problems I am sat right up against the wall. I don't mind it but definately means that there is no dancing space.

I guess I am cutting myself out of conversation by playing on my phone but the only person I really talk to is sat three people away from me or five people away from me. I guess I do talk to the rest but I don't really know what to talk about other than the weather lol.

-- Post From My iPhone


So yesterday while CJ was in London he bought the new version of Monopoly and of course we had to play it.

I however suck at it so lost to him. I don't have the write tactics.

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Thursday, 2 October 2008

Of all the random things

I found the lyrics to teh Haka!

The 'Haka', as performed by the New Zealand 'All Blacks' rugby union players when they confront their opposition before kick-off. The Haka words and body movements are based on a Maori war chant, said to derive from the exploits of Maori Ngati Toa tribal chief Te Rauparaha who aparently hid in a hole and was rescued by a fellow with hairy legs. Until altered in 2005 the full All Blacks traditional Haka wording was (with loose English translation):

Ka mate, ka mate (It is death, it is death)
Ka ora, ka ora (It is life, it is life)
Tenei te tangata puhuruhuru (This is the hairy man)
Nana i tiki mai whakawhiti te ra (Who caused the sun to shine again for me)
Upane, upane (Up the ladder, up the ladder)
Upane kaupane (Up to the top)
Whiti te ra. (The sun shines.)

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

I am officially a man spazz!

OK, so in a nutshell i am a stoooooooooooooopid, pathetic spazzed out idiot when it comes to men!

To cut a long story short.... I met a guy (for the sake of blog he will be known as Fe) on my birthday night out in sheffield... it sounds a bit slushy and untrue but this is how it happened...

I was out with a friend and sitting (coz i cant really dance due to injuries)by the window. The place was packed! This guy came to take our photo and as he was preparing one this other guy (Fe) walked by and smiled at me! i told my friend that this "fit" guy had looked at me and she said, is it the guy still lookin.... it was! i thought he was lookin at the pretty types behind me!

I went up to the loo on my own (wouldnt normally but we wanted to keep the seats). He was upstairs on the balcony. Spoke a few words to me and it turned out he's from bedford!!!! where i used to live at uni! we went down to meet my friend so she wasnt on her own as she had already text me to ask if i had abandoned her! his friends joined too...

We chatted.... and chatted.... and chatted a bit more... in fact we chatted near enough all night! He spoilt me rotton with cocktails and champagne for my birthday (and not in an attempt to get me drunk)!

Anyway the following day i got asked out on a date the following monday. I took him up on the offer. We had a lovely day.... best date i've been on for ... like... ages! we got on so well and found out more about each other! and i got a proper drink of yorkshire tea... like when i was little visiting my nan!

We had messaged on fb and msngr a fair bit between the saturday night and the meeting on the monday morning... was all v lovely. monday night things sort of went quiet... and tuesday. by wednesday i was feelin quite poop! lots of things went round in my head and i got into spaghetti junction (phychologically and emotionally of course). i think my heart was trying to rule my head but it was being blocked by the mess... i dunno. so i text him and fb messaged him... i got a reply sayin sorry he was busy at work... this hadnt even gone into my head.

Anyway. we spoke tonight and i think i was a tad harsh. I asked him straight what was going on between us.... he said he really likes me. feels bad for making me feel confused and explained a lot to me.... i will not publish on here though as i cant type about another persons feelings really.

I am still a little unsure but we will see what happens and take things slow. we have both been out of long relationships for a long time so dont want to end up hurt.

Already i actually really really really like Fe. I dont want to exactly tell him because he's under a lot of different pressures at the moment and i dont want him to think he needs to make any decisions. If we end up an item i think he will make me a v happy young lady indeed...... i sound like a geek now i know but after sarge, no one has come close to making me feel positive about being in a relationship. Fe makes me smile a lot and he's so caring... such a cuddly person!

I dont want to muck this up and i just hope Fe realises how much i do like him and how much of an idiot i was and that he makes me happy again already.

Watch this space i guess... will keep you posted!

As for the rest of my birthday... the best pressie in the whole universe was having my girlies all together in one place again! nothing compares! My bestest friends are most definately the family i chose to have! I love them all dearly and they keep me sane *obviously until a man enters the game!*

Kewey out for now. Hug hugs peoples!

The Women

Me and Jeccy are off to see The Women. Review to follow.

I love this advert - it's for New Zealand! I want to go!!!

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Look what I've got!!!

I got back from lunch and there's a bag of malteasers on my desk! I don't know who to say thank you to.

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Decision made

On Monday I bought some fab new shoes unfortunately they are too tight :( they were fine in the shop but when I wore them for longer my toes began to get sqished in the ends particularly my little toe on my left foot.

So I'm doing that this evening then me and Jeccy are going to the cinema to see the Women.

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