Friday, 30 January 2009

Special Person Award

Special Person Award
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My friends Daughter aka Princess Nat was given this award at school today.

In between the title and the line "My friends think I am special because..." was her picture but I decided unless I get my friend's permission I would cut out the picture.

Princess Nat is cool as I said about a few weeks ago when she went to look for me after church (I was tired and slept through the whole service lol!)

Saturday, 17 January 2009


This is a mega quick reply as I am in the process of writing up all the info I got about mobiles yesterday when I was in MK (My Dad is watching a film called Cromwell and I keep getting sidetracked!)

I'm hoping to go see Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist when it comes out in like two weeks! So exciting I've only been waiting for it to come out since like last September lol

P.s. Loved the seriously long phone conversation the other night! Miss you buckets!!!! Don't worry about Shopaholic's birthday - You haven't put your foot in it at all!  

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

a short update.

oh poo poo poo i've put my foot in about shopoholics do.... oops...... it's not official yet. she was asking me about dates and themes. poo stinks i've messed up! there should be a group on a site you know well after thursday because it's one of her friends birthdays this week and she didnt want to put anything up until that event is over with... i would have thought she would have mentioned it to you already as she had mentioned it to me. I think she's thinking to invite a lot of uni people but i will say no more on the matter until it's official.

I have had a nightmare of a week really. I've been very tired and just getting into the swing of work etc. Went for a nice walk on saturday though... was well needed. I stayed away from home on sunday night for a reason i would rather not discuss here. It meant having to come back home yesterday at 5.30am! i then went to work and didnt sleep well last night. I have a headache today but i think it's due to a mixure of things. I wasnt booked to work anywhere today which is a blessing becuase i can get some sort of order here. We've had a lot of other stuff to deal with of late.

Unless i get a call i am not working tomorrow either but have got a very busy stretch coming up so i want to get my washing and ironing done so that i dont have to do anything during the busier weeks.

big hugs.

Monday, 12 January 2009

LB's do and other events

I can't come to LB's housewarming :( We've got a Youth/Children's workers retreat day from like 10 til 4:30 and then from 8 til 9am the following morning it's a Youth group social.

I would come in the gap but I don't think it's the worth the petrol - I would get there at like 5:30/6ish and would need to leave at 7 if not slightly before.

If Shopaholic is who i think it is then I haven't been invited - or at least I haven't been invited yet.

I have to pretend to work now but I will be back later :)

Saturday, 10 January 2009

I've not quite vamooshed

Hiya :)

Ok, so i did a bit of a vanishing act over the crimbo/new year break. sorry for that but i was probably not the best company. I didnt spend much time at home over the festive period due to one thing and another. Had a lot of lovely gifts for crimbo which cheered me up but like all material things the cheer was short lived! I spent new year driving around because i didnt want to be where i was planning to be and was in bed by 5 to 12. Not a very happy new year.

I'm looking forward though.... i have got some christmas pressies to give out soon! i'm going to LB's house warming/everything else party on the 24th of this month. Then fancy my chances dressing up as a ballerina or rock star for shopaholics birthday do. both of which seem to be residential which will be cool. Wish i could go back to the shire more regularly but what with working in the week and not really being able to afford such trips often makes it a little difficult to make regular visits.

Righty o. I'm tootling off now. Big

Monday, 5 January 2009

5th January

So it's the first day back to work.

Have you had snow? We had about a quarter of an inch and I ended up walking to work in it! The car hasn't been very well and the battery has given up the ghost :(

Suzy's Dad works in a garage so he's going to organise getting us a new one which is awesome!

How are you doing?