Saturday, 29 December 2007


I was pulling faces in the pub as Myles was taking photos!

Christmas Thing

Welcome to the Christmas edition of getting to know Your friends. Okay , here's what you're supposed to do, And try not to be a SCROOGE !!! Just copy (not forward) This entire email and paste into a new e-mail that you can send. (or you blog like me!)

Change all the answers so that they apply to You. Then send this to a whole bunch of people you Know, INCLUDING the person that sent it to You ......T'is the Season to be NICE!

1. Wrapping paper or gift bags? Either really, I wrapped the presents in paper this year but I am with Ellie's response about using Fabric bags and recycled paper. I have some paper to use up but I will try and use both to balance it out lol.

2. Real tree or Artificial? Since I was little my parents have had an artificial tree (which was bought Christmas 1985 when my Mum was pregnant with me) they still have the tree! Chris has a real tree last year as he was treated to it by my Grandparents as he didn't have a tree of his own. This year we have a little artifical tree which is ok but Chris decorated it without me!

3. When do you put up the tree? That usually depends when we get chance. My Mum usually gets her diary out and writes out a couple of dates then has a look to see which date are we free on so that me, Mum Rich and Dad are all in the same place at the same time to do the tree. As may be known this year went pear shape. Chris put the tree up without me while I was at work. I decorated the church tree with Caroline which was cool but it was definately not the same as decorating our own tree for our first Christmas 2gether. Chris keeps whinging at me because I keep bringing it up. Hello! My family do the tree together Christmas is about family (after the celebration of the birth of Baby Jesus)

4. Vanished!

5. Do you like egg nog? Don't think I have ever tried it but from the recipe that Hina at work read before we split for Christmas it sounded pretty gross.

6. Favorite gift received as a child? I don't know, Is that bad? My favorite recieved in the last few years (so not really child as I'm now 21 lol) would be my Electric Guitar that my parents bought me I think maybe three Christmasses ago.

7. Do you have a nativity scene? I do! It came as part of my advent calendar that Jenny bought me. I was babysitting her daughter for the weekend that covered the 1st and 2nd of Dec and Jenny had bought me an advent caledar so that I didn't feel left out. It's like a cardboard make it yourself kit but it's really cool - i just need the space to put it out.

8. Hardest person to buy for? Richard! My brother lives with my parents and so pays housekeeping which takes up a tiny bit of his wages and so each month buys computer games, CD's and DVD's so it gets to Christmas and I don't know what to get him becuase anything I've thought "I could get that for Rich" he probably already has!!!!

9. Easiest person to buy for? Mum! Amazon Wish Lists rock my socks! lol. This year her present wasn't from it though. Me and Chris bought her heated slippers to keep her feet warm.

10. Mail or email Christmas cards? Proper Cards are cool because its personal. It's more environmentally friendly to send emails now or send recycled cards - Karen inspired me for something for next year.

11. Worst Christmas gift you ever received? It's not my worst but I swear everyone thinks me and Chris need fattening up or something we have 5 boxes in total of Chocolates and biscuits that we were given as Christmas presents. I try not to give food or sweets as presents because people have lots of food anyway. I do homemade biscuits or flapjack because it's not as rich as shop bought.

12. Favorite Christmas Movie? Miracle on 34th Street, The Holiday or Love Actually. I don't know if the second are technically Christmas films but I love them all the same.

13. When do you start shopping for Christmas? September - when I had a job. This year was a bit more tight packed as I was unemployed till the middle of November, so my best friends presents were homemade with little bought touches when I could afford them.

14. Have you ever recycled a Christmas present? Yes I have but it's often because a relative might have thought I'd like it but it really wasn't me and I'd rather it went to a loving home than gathered dust in my room.

15. Favorite thing to eat at Christmas? At my parents, My mum would get this tube of Fruit and Nut mix, I'd sit and pick out the raisins and Papaya as it was the only bits I liked. It always winded up my Dad as he'd get just the nuts.

16. Clear lights or colored on the tree? I prefer clear so that they don't clash with the decorations lol

18. Travel at Christmas or stay home? Home! I would like to travel one year just to see the difference but more than likely Home wins over, because it's one of the few times that we all have the same time off.

19. Can you name all of Santa's reindeers? Ready.......Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, Cupid, Donner, Blitzen, Rudolph. However Rudolph wasn't actually one of Santa's Reindeer. He was added after that song was released.

20. Angel on the tree top or a star? Red metallic star on top of ours.

21. Open the presents Christmas Eve or morning? Christmas Morning. At my parents they were done about 9am ish as we went to church the night before (like midnight mass but there was no communion). This year me and Chris opened one before the service, went to church then opened the rest over a period of about 3 hours as we had to do them in slots during the cooking of lunch.

22. Most annoying thing about this time of year? Christmas decorations in October/November. Hello not even had Halloween yet.

23. Favorite ornament theme or color? Purple and Silver

24. Favorite for Christmas dinner? Chicken joint with stuffing through the middle.

25. What do you want for Christmas this year? Well Christmas has passed now. What I would have liked was one day where me and Chris didn't fall out over something petty. That happened because he made a mean comment and I stood in the kitchen and cried while trying to do the washing up.

26. Who is most likely to respond to this? Not really sure, everyone is probably busy.

27. Who is least likely to respond to this? Erm not sure.


I had posted it then carried on editing it which is possibly why it wasn't playing the other night.

I am bored of this game now lol. I am sat waiting for the post man while playing computer games. My new iPod should be here 2day but I'm not sure if it's coming or not :(. I just wish the post man would get a shifty on!!!!!

Me and Rich completed Guitar Hero 3 on Easy yesterday. We had to do a song by Slayer and I thought my fingers were going to drop off - it wasn't easy!!!!!

Friday, 28 December 2007

Before you panic

Yes you are at the right blog! lol I made some changes and tweaks. ttfn

Christmas kewey style

Hey u... i checked the blog last night before headin off to bed but it hadnt been posted.... it was after the time u had written it though. Ah well.... i've read it now.

Your presents seem seriously cool han.... even the one you think is not you pants stylee lol It's still good and as u said, it was free.
Glad you managed to get through your first marital crimbo happily coz i was worried that u were mega upset after the textage.

Ok, crimbo here was really nice, just 4 of us coz twins fiance was workin in the morning and then went to his folks' for dinner but came to us for tea. It made present opening last all day coz there were some that we saved for when he got here. My presents were... Mum n dad: coat, shoes, peter kay dvd, deal or no deal dvd game, high school 2 dvd, leona lewis cd, girls aloud cd, Bec n si: pj's with monkeys on :), bed socks, shayne ward cd, michael buble cd, Tim: Simpsons movie dvd n money to go towards my new car, my friends daughter got me some slipper socks with monkeys on which are sooo cute, then i got jewelry (which isnt really me stylee but hey ho).

Now for a slight rant: My godmother who is normally quite thoughtful with gifts gave me this envelope. Now normally there is some money or a gift voucher which is good coz i can save or get something i really want. This year i got a printed off confirmation thing that they had donated some money to unicef to go towards an inoculation carrier or something like that. I really wouldnt mind because it is a good cause and a nice touch BUT if i am (in theory) giving money to charity i would like to say which one. If she had said to me i am thinking of donating your christmas money to charity which one would u like me to send it to then i think it would have gone down better. To be honest i think the piece of paper is pointless coz in a charitable way, they have used tree to tell me that the money has gone somewhere.... they could have text me or e-mailed or phoned.... ah well i do think it was a nice touch giving to charity though.


Back to more niceties. A little girl from work gave me a choc orange (allergic) but the message was beautiful, the teacher in my class gave me some smellies, my head of dept teaching assistant gave me a wooden nativity and a ta in my class gave me a box of thorntons continental yum yum. Pub gave me £15 to spend at asda, a selection box and 2 boxes of chocs.
I got more pressies but cant quite think what else at the mo lol.

My first crimbo text was from sarge but i told him that i didnt count it coz it was 2 mins before crimbo lol he laughed.

So, crimbo dinner was lovely, dad cooked it for the first time and was yum! we spent all afternoon playin games which was so special to me. Really made me appreciate what i have. Si came and we opened pressies and then they had tea (i was still stuffed) and then we played more games.

Boxing day was the usual, stayed in bed a bit later than usual, got up, I went to the sales on my own this year. was a bit pants coz i normally go with twin but she wanted to spend day with si. I still managed to spend £100 though :S i am takin a pair of jeans and a top back though! I was at work at 8 on boxin day night. Had a good night really... was made better by a suprise lock in for the staff... i was there til 2.30 and although dad was with me i was fairly drunken on all the free booze.... blaming the boss for that one. I did drink a fair bit but discovered that i really like corona!

Yesterday was a dark day for me... 2 funerals but i only went to 1. my friend (carl) from schools funeral was at 10:30 at clipstone and then crem and kurtis's was at 11:30 in sutton so i went to kurtis's. I know that carl wouldnt mind because one of my friends mentioned that she was there on my behalf too. I know how upset i got about his death that i think it would have been bad if i got there and broke down. I was fine in the lead up to kutis's funeral but when we were in church waiting and ave maria was playing that the tears started to roll... mum looked at me as if to say it's ok but i whispered to her that it hurt coz 2 people i knew and were younger than me were being buiried on the same day. She gave me that reasuring look that only parents know how to do! I was fine then until i saw the coffin, i dont think there was a dry eye in the place. certainly not the row i was sitting on. He had a lovely white coffin with white roses on. It was his parents second child that had died so that made it so bad, mum taught his sister, crystal so she was really touched when they read out a poem that the family wrote called "on crystals angel wings". We then went to see him being buried and gave our support to the family. The burial was worse than the funeral bit to me. I've never been to one and it was so quiet and eerie (cant think of how to spell it). I know that he will rest in peace coz all you could here were some wind chimes from another childs grave and the wind rustling the few trees that were in the grave yard. I came home and went to bed for an hour, psychologically i think it did me good. when i woke up it was like a different day so i managed to carry on fine. Played with milo for a bit and watched the christmas telly that i dvdeed lol. Went to work last night which was again a fairly good one.

Today i am going to sort my room out coz i have loads of washing to do and it needs to be tidy in here coz it's stressin me out! lol Dad n mum are decorating downstairs. Becs doing.... i dont quite know, bec stuff lol Milo's probs asleep coz he does that a lot!

Laura said her pressie made u cry. I havent got mine yet so dont tell me lol... i wouldnt recommend sending my present coz post isnt reliable this end... I have yours but not saying what it is.... get together sounds sooooo good and u never know, i may even drive there!!!!!! ;);)

Big love to you and hope to speak

My Christmas


Ok so I promised to post photos of my Christmas but I'm not sure where i left my cable somewhere in the other room after my mad tidy. (I decided that the little living room needed to be tidy so that me and Chris could sit round the table and be all dignified and eat lunch round the table together as it was Christmas.)

So my Christmas day was spent here with Chris. We had a really good day till i got really worked up about the present (so much so it's still in it's box under the tree until my new iPod arrives either Saturday or Monday (kinda hope it's Saturday lol). Chris had been really thoughtful about my presents. He bought me a salt and pepper shaker in the shape of VWBeetles - I said I probably wouldn't use them but they would look pretty when I had the space - which he said was cool. He also bought me a VW Campervan money box - which again I might not use but can look pretty. My third present was the iPod speakers with an 
Cadillac Escalade on top - which is kinda showy for me lol. The spinners on the car wheels spin round to the music and light up to the music - or something like that! lol. So ok they aren't really my think but Chris spent the effort and he knows I don't really like the car bit but the speakers are handy so I am liking them as speakers for my new iPod - if that makes sense. My last present was SimCity Societies. (Apparently the speaker thing was free with the game - so it was like a bonus present - so I have left Chris off the messing up bit because I know it wasn't intentional and he thought I'd like it). So Christmas Day having open the presents (took most of the day as we opened one each pre-church and then had to do it when Chris had breaks in the lunch cooking). 

Chris was cooking for an army or something - he'd done so much food! I seemed to barely eat anything yet was stuffed. I had to like wait an hour to be able to manage pudding. 

From my parents, Chris and I received an amazing quilt that my Mum had made and a cookbook. Just to me from my parents, I got a stripey jumper, a VW Campervan T-Shirt, a homemade bag (in the same style of Mum's), a headband, a Scarf kit, Manicure set and a box of colouring pencils (Don't panic, as Chris said put away one box and use the other then when the first pack are dead - or I start running out of some colours and not others then switch to the second pack). Rich bought me Drastic Fantastic by KT Tunstall - which I've played like 4 times over the past three days! I love it! (Especially Hold On).

Yesterday I slept like all morning (My sleep pattern is so screwed at the moment - it's 00:45 at the moment and I'm semi-watching a film which doesnt finish for half an hour) then got up at half 10 and played SimCity for about 2 and a half hours. We had leftover filling sandwiches for lunch then at 2 headed for Grandma and Grandad B's (the ones with the piano! lol) We arrived first and Grandad hadn't even open the gates. Paul, Tori and Joey arrived next then Mum, Dad and Rich. We had great fun playing Nintendo Wii for most of the afternoon. There were lots of silly jokes like "Joseph stop wii-ing all over the floor" and so on and so forth. We got home about 11ish as we played Trivial Pursuit (even Joey managed to get one of the questions right). I went to bed and carried on reading my book. (P.S. I Love You - it's kinda sad to begin with but it's so good where I am upto). Chris came to bed all hyper and messed around so much that I got the hysterical giggles. I couldn't stop laughing and my ribs were all tight and I couldn't breathe. Chris was trying to be serious to make sure I was ok but the way he was asking me kept making me laugh more so it got worse and worse. I had to roll over and face the other wall and ignore him while I pulled myself together and concentrated on breathing. 

Today was going to be a bit of a stressful one but actually it wasn't too bad. Rachel asked me if I would help her clear out her wardrobe and sort her old clothes out. We started about 4pm ish, and finished around half 8. How the girl can have so many clothes I have no idea!!!!! So after our marathon tidy, I moved loads of paper and old magazines down to the recycling box for Rachel. Peter has loads of sci-fi books and they are stacked on one side of the utility room - I noticed a Buffy one and asked if I could borrow it. Well that was that. Peter got like mega excited and so we talked Sci-fi novels for about half an hour - which probably sounds really boring but I really enjoyed it - yes I think I have found the topic of conversation that is going to save my sanity when it comes to hanging out with the in-laws. Peter then got a fold up box and unfolded it. He then pointed out that if I liked Star Trek I should read this other author's books, and  about 20 minutes later I had a box nearly full of sci-fi books. To top it off Peter then added his encyclopaedia of sci-fi - it's probably as thick as the Haralambos book we had to use for AS Sociology! lol.   

So here I am Christmas 2007, slobbed out on the big living room sofa, semi-watching Serendipity which I love although I don't have on DVD - yet! I have ordered my iPod and it should arrive in the next few days hopefully. I am going to go to bed and try to finish my reading book as on the 4th January whether I go on my own or with other people I am going to see the film version of P.S. I love You. The book rocks so if you would like me to post it to you I will just let me know. 

I am off now. I miss you. Don't forget to write. I would post your present but I am worried it might get damaged - I might send Serena's and Laura's and if they arrive safely then brave it lol or just hang on and we can have a Hannah-mas mid-February time or something so it's half way between Christmas and my birthday lol. 

Sunday, 23 December 2007

I think I have Post-Uni Depression

Or something similar.

Having spent 3 years being passed between yours, Serena's and Laura's coat pockets. I am now missing the warmth like crazy.

Me and Chris got in from church and he kept complaining about stuff I had done or hadn't done and so I said I was going to Mum and Dads. Chris started shouting back (and I don't blame him). Once the tears started streaming down my face and I started ranting. It wasnt rants specifically at him it was general things about not having people to talk to, how the closest I had to a best friend who I got to see in person was Mum and stuff like that.

I texted you, Serena and Laura to see what you girlies what were upto over the post christmas weekend so that I could meet up with you if any one was free. Laura has Thursday off but back to work on Friday and Serena gets Tuesday and Wednesday off and then is working two weeks straight. Then between work and seeing Scott it's a nope from you too (I'm not angry I'm just upset mainly because of earlier as one of my rants was about feeling lonely - it even crossed my mind to offer to pay part of your train ticket so that you could come down for New Years or something).

Having faith is the best thing ever.

Things have finally hit me!

End of term means time to think/reflect and i think i've hit some sort of mental brick wall.... i feel that i should come to terms with being lonely and sad... many reasons for this.

The deaths in the past 3 weeks (especially carl) i think it really hit me last night for the first time coz i have been out with him n his family for the past couple of months at least and they werent there last night. Then today i've been down because of that. Sarge text me in the week and he is coming here for new year. He's turned his friends down to come here (big mix up in rota meant i get 2 nights off..... 31st and 1st so i didnt think anything of it). Made me smile and i started to make plans. Tonight my boss's wife had a dig at me saying i shouldnt go out in the pub i am meant to be working in coz of salt in wounds *hello... not my fault!* But i dont want to upset my friends at work. I dont have that many friends here anymore so the last thing i want to do is upset the ones i have!! So, I'm thinkin of tellin boss that if it causes upset i will hand my notice in early and just not work the notice... I was thinkin of leavin anyway coz its too much with school too.

So i came home on an all time low. Was sayin to myself that i want a sign that i will be happy and have some sort of love here coz i just feel isolated... what with working etc. I've turned the telly on and the keane concert is on channel 4.... I burst into tears coz its a sign to me... i was so so happy when i saw them and just the words in some of their songs... ok, people reading this will think i'm a wierdo but i just wanted any sign to say i'm thought of and i think god is thinking of me *and the directors of channel 4!* I know its petty me thinking about how new year will affect how i am treated at work but its seriously the icing on the cake... i dont want to not go in coz i know scott really wants to go in and i want to see him too... i just want to enjoy myself and be a 23 year old coz right now i feel like i should be about 50 with the not having a life buisness... sometimes a girl just wants to come home to a hug and not a mummy hug... maybe i just want too much!

I went to york for a few hours today to see my uncle and aunty. Did a bit of shopping too... was good.

Hope you're ok.

Kewey (and keane) out for tonight...

Dear Lord, thank you for gifting me with a conscience. Thank you for your love and guidence. Thank you for holding my hand when i am lost and for cheering me up when i am sad. Thank you for the greatest gift of friendship. God, bless the friendship i have with Smithy and i pray that we stay best of friends through every circumstance that the future holds. God bless those we love, our friends, families and distant families.
In your holy name. Amen.

I'm crying again. Bedshaped is now playing on telly... if you can get the backtrack thing on sky, please could you dvd the concert? keane, live at the o2 arena is what its called on channel 4.. Loads of love. xxxx

Wednesday, 19 December 2007

Shreddies are yummy!

They'd be even better if I didn't feel like I was in the wrong for eating them.

Abby was off sick today so I had to cover some of her jobs at the same time as doing my own which was a little mad all day!
I was meant to finish work at 5 but I ended up working till 5:25 - as I was supposed to be meeting Kerry at the cinema at 6:15pm I was a little paniced.

I came home and at hi speed tried to check my emails - I managed to check them at work but the internet was so slow I gave up and decided to check them when I got home. So I got home at about 5:45 and sat down at my laptop - this was ok except that the battery was running low so I had to try and find my charger while try and disable and enable my internet reciever as it was playing up.

I nipped to Mum's to drop of Rich's Christmas Present then went to the cinema to meet Kerry I was a couple minutes late. I got there started explaining about why I was later then realised I'd talked for ten minutes without stopping! I felt soo rude! I apologised to Kerry for not asking how she was. She said thats cool you were stressed. Me and Kerry went to see Enchanted.

So anyway I got back from the cinema and ended up going to the pub with Chris, Steve, Myles, Nick and Brian. The pub was so busy! All the tables were full and we were squished in the corner. Steve gave us his top 5 and bottom 5 films of 2007. The top 5 were (not in this order!) Sunshine, Last King of Scotland, Blood Diamond, Atonement, (I can't remember the other one!!! That sucks lol). The bottom 5 were 1408, Mr Bean's Holiday and three more.

I then came home - about 11ish - I'd not had anything proper for tea so I decide to have a bowl of Shreddies and Chris got all moody at me for eating so late! Hello! I came to the pub with you guys because I needed to get out!

Me and Kerry have decided we are going to see this! Wanna come if you're around?

Monday, 17 December 2007

Hey u! I'm getting good at this reporting malarky! it's amazing how i find time to do this but i know for a FACT that i wouldnt stop for the world... this makes me feel so refreshed at the end when i read it all back hehe.

Today (sunday) was my grans 94th birthday party... well, she's going to be 94 on crimbo eve but she's had 60 birthday parties in her life coz her family never celebrated it until one year when my aunties were little and my uncle had just been born they held her first party and she's had one every year since.

I always dread the day because 1) dads family are all so different to me. 2) my younger cousins are all badly behaved and 3) it's always my folks that get dumped on but... This year i LOVED IT! my cousins were so grown up and i really really got on with the one that i usually avoid coz of his behaviour... he's 16 now and he's so so grown up. He's a real lil gentleman. So, we all had a really good time. Dinner was (for me) this wine and cheese soup thing which was scrummy!, main was turkey dinner and trimmings and pud was hot choc cake with ice cream. BEAUTIFUL! lol.
They all came back here for after party and i've just got into bed at 12.28am!
Jack, the cousin i was on about was so easy to talk to. we were joking at the dinner table about random stuff and i bought him a pint with his dinner (hush hush)! They put his dinner on his plate before mine and we had the same thing so he passed his to me... bless him... he was really makin an effort and i've even added him to facebook coz he asked me to! now i can be the annoying cousin! hehehe.

I got asked a few times where sarge was but thats ok... didnt feel too bad about tellin peeps but jack was sweet.. said he really liked him. ah well. Sarge text me today, said he would have loved to come but bit inapropriate... i feel the same.

what we callin twin and fella??? need to think summat up for them. anyways twins fella met family today.... **SHOCK MOMENT** he doesnt really do things by half... presented twin with cribo present today... new addition to family a 10 week old pup, a bro for tikaani and new pups name is milo (at the mo) coz he's a "handbag dog" and twin was puttin on silly voice and said (as if she was pup) "look at milo legs" hehehehe and he looked at her so he became milo and i think his middle name will be noel coz of crimbo. twin said jesus coz of the symbol of life and crimbo and the fact that he is makin her life even more complete but she was worried about the response. I said it wasnt right coz if he was bad she'd be shouting at jesus! hehe. Milo suits him. pics up when i get them done. (v v jealous coz i have met milo now and i really really really want 1)

wuv woo heaps and loads.

kewey out.x

Saturday, 15 December 2007

Nope they're not my feet and thats not the view out of the window!

Fat Orange Cat is the blog of Karyn - she runs a very cool shop on (makes lots of handbags so you can imagine why I like it! lol).

Anyhoo was trying to find pictures that I liked from the different blogs I've been reading this morning. I like including lots of pictures breaks up the text and looks interesting lol. (Grrr in the other window I just wiped the items I was watching on eBay! - All sorted I'm back!). This is one of the bags that I particularly like - it looks really big in the photo but actually it's quite small - so it would probably be appreciated but not used very often as I always have so much in my bag as you know! Chris is about to go insane he's decided he needs to go to tesco - two weeks before Christmas - is her nuts or is it just me?

Anyhoo so Matt sounds nice and VERY gentlemanly - Chris would have probably made me stand up even if I felt rough - just like now still recovering from my chest infection and made me lug TV's down from the loft for the games night tonight - thankfully I am going to curl up in the middle of the floor and sleep through the films I think lol.

Pain of different varieties and being touched by an angel... gentlemen do exist!

Heya u,

Tonight i have been to a gig...... my word it was FANTASTIC. I got heart burn tho which mega sucks.

END TO A DARK TWO WEEKS! to add to peoples deaths that i know, someone i went to school with was found hanging in a wood near to where i work.... heart breaking!!!!!!! Absolutely guttered about it. so many people have called him a coward and selfish but in a way that i think only i understand, i think he is so so so so brave! Please dont get me wrong, i dont think the choice of life is yours to make when it comes to death. God has the ultimate judgement in my oppinion but i know that carl had underlying issues. His twin brother hung himself last year in the same woods and i dont think he's ever recieved the sort of help he needed. (probs the twin thing that has made me feel even sadder about it).

Was a mega pants day yesterday. I just wished i was a squirrel for the evening... curl up warm in dark place where no-one could get me... cant really go into too much detail about the day bein on the net and all that jazz.

Today has been better. Was still upset this morning but was school play day so muchos fun.... cant be morbid infront of the lil lovelies... they always put a smile on my face and makes me v v aware of how lucky i am!

Tonight i went to a gig... band called brotherhood and they are fantabidozi!!! Lynn (my "other mum") knows them and so she booked them as she books bands.... they do all mcr, greenday, snow patrol, kaiser cheifs, kean, oasis, verve and nirvana covers amongst others... truely brilliant. I got to meet the boys *2 brothers called ant and matt... matt was lovely he asked me if i was single and we chatted a bit. i felt like a real groupie though and was really embarrassed lol... i have witnesses to all of this!!!!!! lol (one of the regulars called me a sl that ends in ut which was so out of line and matt had a go at him followed by 2 other people.... he left in his drunken stuper. I had really really bad heart burn at the end of the night. i think it had something to do with me madly jumping around like a numpty! lol I was in loads of pain and didnt really want to stand chattin to matt but he wanted to chat so i stayed... he asked if i was ok about the drunken idiot which i said i was fine about.. he's just an idiot that cant look in a straight line never mind walk in one!!!!! Lynn told matt that i had heart burn and he sat me down and talked to me for a bit more and gave me a tip to get rid of it... it didnt work but it made me giggle... he also kissed me before i went back to chris and lynns. what a gentleman?! anyways, i was gonna be stayin at c and l's house tonight but unbeknown to me, dad forgot to tell mum, she was worried coz she couldnt get hold of me on my mob (no signal at theirs) and she came to pick me up... bless... i didnt mind though. had heart burn chalk thing and feel loads better.

I wouldnt say cutting own hair is a brill idea coz of the job.... probs would have been a better thing to do at uni or something.... if your boss is relaxed then go for it... all colour ideas are good but i think i'd steer clear of the pink... ginger not really a good look if u aint a natural ginger.

Hope your feelin bit better. I am, eye back to good now and cold near enough gone! :D grans 94th birthday partay on sunday although not her birthday til 24th dec.


Friday, 14 December 2007

Hair Cut

A while back on my own blog I posted about getting a new hair cut. Yeah I know both you and Chris love it long but it's driving me nuts - if I forget to brusgh it then it gets really really tangly. 
I tried cutting in my own emo fringe - it looked cool to start with but I am too lazy to straighten it every day. Now I really do need/want a hair cut. I went all emo and tried to cut in a emo fringe - which works when I can be bothered to straighten my hair. As soon as you google Emo Hair - it talks about cutting your own hair etcetc which I don't mind because I'm up for anything when it comes to my hair - after all I can wear a woolie hat and grow it out if it goes wrong. Also about the cutting my own hair - it shouldn't be that much of a big deal Chris cuts his own (or gets me or Nick to cut it for him!)Emo Hair 1I like the blonde bits in this one....Emo Hair 2Then again the blue in this one is quite cool. As much as cutting my own hair seems like a cool idea but I think my Mum would go nuts - ever since we were little my brother and me have been going to the same hairdressers. Do you reckon I can just use normal scissors or will I need to go to the hairdressing shop and buy some?If I didn't seriously risk getting told of at work I would have my hair done like this...Emo Hair 3 Then again I work in an office, in the middle of nowhere and the small amount of contact we do have with the outside world is quite small. Or something like thisEmo Hair 4 I have had pink hair before. It was like the bottom layer between my ears at the back - I liked it but when the pink began to wash out it started going ginger then blonde completely - The blonde was ok because it worked against the brown/black of the rest of my hair.

Really I am a Geek!

I am a geek! 

Well ok I am apparetnly 35% of a geek according to this test.

However on this one I have Advanced Geekdom.

While I've had my chest infection I've been watching Star Trek: Deep Space Nine and really proved that I am really a geek! 

Monday, 10 December 2007

When sick - mental internet shopping rules!!!!

How cool is this T-shirt?!?

Even better it's made of a 100% organically grown Cotton - which means usually if it's organic it's also Fair Trade.

I found it at WeComeOne. Their website says that it's Ethical, Organic and Fair Trade - three of my favourite phrases you can't argue with that lol.

I'm even going to order a catalogue so that I can mentally spend lots of money.

So if you are wondering why I am managing to blog when I should be at work - it's because I am still in bed. Yesterday it went from bad to worse - I came to bed at 11pm thinking thats an early night for me I can sleep and be up ready for work. Little did I know - 4am I was still awake no chance of sleeping. I got up to go to the loo at about 4.48 (hehe! - don't worry no suicidal tendencies.....yet!) and came back I reckon that I must have had maybe 4 hours of sleep because I don't remember the clock lighting up at 5am to recieve the signal from Rugby - we have a clock that each hour recieves signal from the Time place in rugby - that way our clock is always running correctly. I got up phoned work then phoned the doctors when back to sleep woke up at 12 by Chris telling me he was going to his tutorial in Cambridge and he'd be back in time for me to go to the doctors.

Sunday, 9 December 2007

Tears and Snot


Yeah not very nice lol.

So I have this bug that I'm not sure what it is. I had a headache two days in a row followed by a sore throat and now I keep coughing and sounding really husky (now when I cough my throat is making the normal kinda cough noise but chest makes a funny like soggy sound lol).

Anyhoo the tears were then because Chris laughed at me (i know not a lot but it was the straw and camel situation) and make me look really stupid in front of the whole of youth group and I burst into tears and left the room - Steve's renovations have finished so I sat under the stairs right in the corner (considering I was sat on a wooden floor it was actually really warm squished in a corner). Caroline came and sat next to me to find out what was wrong and I didn't know I just couldn't spit the words out to explain I was upset and wanted to cry. Caroline went and got Chris who came and sat next to me but I wouldn't accept his apology because he keeps laughing at me when i dance round the kitchen or sing at the top of my lungs.

Yesterday was Nick's birthday party so I've decided I need a theme for my party - I decided that I would have a party and try and get uni peeps in one place hopefully - you know enough notice for getting the time off work lol. I was thinking the 26th April but Karen would miss out as Bobby (the nickname of the bump) is due on the 9th (maybe I need it a month early and then prop Karen in the corner on a really comfy chair so that she's there to enjoy the party).

Friday, 7 December 2007

Youtube .....My friend lol

I found this on youtube I think its a good suggest for Bex and Si!

Or then again this one maybe this should be for whoever out of you, Serena or Laura gets married next.

Tuesday, 4 December 2007

since last time...


Heya u. Since last time i wrote i have done many many things. Too much to put everything in a blog (and also i cant quite remember it all lol)

On friday i went on a trip with the primary dept to Brackenhurst college and they set up a "real" nativity... ok the real bits were the stable, the donkey, 2 sheep if you get me... i mean it was real coz it happened but they used live stock in a live setting and selected chilren played the roles of mary, joseph etc etc.
--sidetrack-- the morning was sad because we found out that someone (a parent and ex member of staff) had been found dead but was a death of "natural causes". I spoke to his estranged wife as she is a family friend and she said it was surreal but she was ok... more bothered about her 2 children!
-- back to brackenhurst-- the nativity was so amazing and tear jerking in a way. All the christmas songs that the children sang and signed. was v funny having the real animals there though... there was a sheep that took a great liking to shoes and blankets (and the trip folder) hahahahaha and there, needless to say, were a few nervous giggles and panic from some kiddies.

Saturday: I went ikea shopping with the folks and i tried to set a new bank account up but there was a v v long line and the assistant said i probably wouldnt set one up that day... hmph! I played in a concert at Turner Hall, Mansfield Woodhouse in the evening which went well. It was nice to have a soul night off work but i will miss the money hehe. I had the giggles at my conductor coz he kept sneazing and then tryin to disguise it lol.... funny when ur sat in front of him and there's a whole audience in front of me and behind him not knowing what he was doing lol. Raised about £690 for a guide dog for a lady that is blind and her dog died.

Sunday: WORK!!!!!! stags were playing football (they won - get in!) and the pub was fairly busy... early bed sunday night!

Monday (yesterday): went to school as normal... in briefing meeting was informed that one of the students had died in the early morning in hospital (God bless his family). I was quite sad about it (as expected) but somehow managed to stay strong and professional. One of my work mates wasnt in school on fri so didnt know about the other person that had died and no one had informed her over the weekend. We were having a convo about how sad it is and i mentioned that it didnt matter what age (mentioned friday) and she didnt know.... she burst out crying and came to me for a hug... I felt so so bad that i had to be the one to tell her and the fact it was a double wammy for her that i cried too... was so sad to see her like that.
The tears didnt last long and we pulled together although the head of dept came and said that if we dont deal with it we stay at home which i was v v angry about... the day people in that school lose emotion is the day when people should stay at home.... as if i havent seen the other side of the job but hey ho!!! all over. BIGGER FISH TO FRY!!!!
Last night was works *pub* christmas dinner.. i had prawn cocktail, turkey dinner and profitteroles (smithy, just for u hehe) I had a fair bit to drink but was not drunk... i was respectable. I got a camera full of pics so i will post them when they're up :D
I got home at about 11:45pm and headed for bed straight away... i was just heading off to sleep wen i heard a loud bang outside my room. I literally jumped out of bed and bec was soooo violently sick in the bathroom next to my room. Because of her broken leg she didnt quite make the loo so it was not a nice sight. She said she couldnt move so i ran downstairs (mum had dropped off down there i noticed when i got in) and woke mum up coz i knew i couldnt manage safely on my own. Mum went upstairs while i sorted out a place for bec and a drink. She came downstairs and while mum sorted the bathroom i sat with bec coz she was really ill. i finally came up to bed at 3.30am (yawn) and fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow lol.

Today: i woke to the WONDERFUL (sarcasm there) sound of my alarm at 6.30am. Got ready for work and headed in.
The lady that i work with that was upset about the double wammy didnt come in today coz she's been having a hard time of late. So there was 3 staff and 4 children (only one child away today). We could normally manage but today has been one of those days where everything has gone wrong and at some point everyone of the children has been sick/ fitted or hurt themselves and theres a play to plan, 2 trips to finalise, a nativity set to make, bathrooming and feeding.... just not happenin lol.
mum took bec to drs and she's got a bug, me n mum hardly stopped since we got in from work. Dad was late home from work. we had tea, watched eastenders then i came up for a shower and bed!!!! lol

the week ahead:

Tomorrow: Pantomime (cinderella) at our local theatre. Stars Dave Benson-Philips and Gemma from cbbc amongst others (cant remember who).

Thurs: Trip to White Post Farm to see another nativity style thing *was planned before the brackenhurst trip*

Fri: "normal" day in school

Sat: Driving lesson am, Notts police officers dinner concert at Kellham Hall

Sun: work double shift Blugh!

Will fill more in when it happens.

Loads and loads of love. Kewey.xx.

Sunday, 25 November 2007

Hello lovely one!

how are you doing?

I'm ok - my fingers on my left hand and my right wrist are hurting but I'm not really all that sure why tbh.

Anyhoo I am much more happier today - I slept all morning (yes I know I missed church but sometimes I need the me/sleep time! lol). We had lunch at Jenny and Andy's which was cool. I got the guided tour as I am babysitting Suzy who is actually 9 so it's not really babysitting next week end as Jenny is at a course and Andy is working. Kinda scared about it but it will be all good I have nowt to stress about I am sure.

I had Million Leaders Mandate this evening which is a leadership course - It's great fun - today we had to talk about things that are giants in our lives - so things that get to us or cause us trouble. we then sat in small groups as talked about what each of us is good at. Caroline said that I am good with kids especially little ones like Abi and Joel - which I thought was really cool. Jenny then said how she didn't exactly know me that well as a person but she knew I could handle the responsibility of looking after Suzy as I do such a good job with Joel and Abi which is cool.

I'm just thinking what me and Suzy can do next weekend - any ideas lol. Suzy loves crafty stuff so it would be cool if we make Christmas cards or something. I thought about seeing what was on the Kids Club at the cinema then maybe me and her could go - if it was a film she might like. What do you think?

Thats Love for you

Chris fell asleep while I was finishing up :(

Saturday, 24 November 2007

It does....but I need to self pity for a moment


I almost need you here to tell me that I don't suck and put the smile back on my face. I want the uni days back, when I had no job I couldn't handle it because the four walls were driving me nuts and now I have a job and it's draining every spare moment of time out of my life - ok not quite every spare moment as I leave at 5 and I'm home by 6 so I still have my evenings but this last week I have got home and Chris has then been in meetings or been essay writing. Thursday I went to Mum's after work - she's been feeling really tired and on Thursday had gone down with a cough thing (she's only got to breathe slightly too heavy and it makes her cough up her lungs at this rate there will be no lungs left in the woman!) Anyhoo so I go on Thursday to see her end up staying for tea so that she didn't have to cook etc (the only cooking that it took was phoning the Chinese for a takeaway).

Chris then had Rock Solid on Friday so I spent that on my own in No90 as it was my evening off (I do every other week). Chris then packed the car and dashed off to the Youth Sleepover thing at St Johns (Can't really complain I had the bed to myself!!!! WAHHOOOOO more room lol but actually it was really cold - the heating in our room sucks and the fan heater blows! It's so noisy you have turn it off to sleep and so the temperature drops shortly after - No good for insominacs they'd have icebergs hanging from their noses!).

This morning there was banging and crashing around in the house and I woke up (Chris has gone to get me a tissue because my nose is running and I have been crying and there's a really cold draught running across my fingers!) thought aah thats ok probably just someone here to use the photocopier etc something like that. Then there was footsteps heading for the door - so I'm like who on earth is that - start panicing as I am the only person in the house other than this person outside the door (like how am i going to defend myself?!?! Throw Chris's cheesey socks at them and hope it gases them????). The door swings open - It was Chris!!!!!! Says about how he brought the car back and I could have it but I needed to take him back to St Johns and it needed to be before 10am (Baring in mind I have just woken up at 9:25am, got the fright of my life thinking I may be attacked by and intruder and Chris wants me to be dressed and ready to drive him in less than half an hour!!!!!!)

So I get up and get dressed - I look in the mirror and I look as white as a sheet. (If I make no sense it is because Chris is chatting at me and I am trying to be a woman and multi-task!)

I rush round and get my bits sorted for the day and I was expecting to kind of daudle around and get myself sorted before lunch not before 10am! So I get sorted and take Chris to St Johns. I head for the car park that is over Iceland and near the bus station. I decide not to park there and head for Lurke Street car park (near Lidl) as it's about 20p cheaper - and I would like to save all I can until pay day.

So I park there and do some quick bits in town - after that I head for Mum and Dad's I had an angel costume to make (and it wasn't for me!). It was easier said than done - with all the dashing around I hadn't got to measure Chris and so had to draw round Richard (he'd been at work and stunk to heaven!) so I draw Rich who as a joke pretends to kick me - except actually really does kick me (He was laying on the floor and I was lent over his legs drawing round him to get the rough size for the angel - theoretically Rich is bulkier than Chris and so if it fitted Rich it should fit Chris - easily!)

So I hung out at Mum and Dads - that was the good bit of my evening - me and Mum had had a Bones fest and watched most of season 2 (i think!) with bits of Casualty, Strictly Come Dancing and Robin Hood in the middle. At the end of the Dancing they are getting more and more sillier about how their introduce what is next - last week Len (the judge) got hit with a prank arrow (you know the ones with the bend in to put round your head). This week they played the flying arrow noise six times and "killed" off the male dancers! lol There was a close shot on Bruce and Tess while they played the noises then the camera shot went to a wider one and the guys were all laying on the floor. Me and mum had to rewind it on the Sky plus because we missed what had happened the first time round!!!!

So then it got to 10 to 10 (Chris keeps looking over to see what I am typing about and now had rolled over in a slight strop). Chris had asked me to pick him up between 9 and 10 but hadn't told me exactly so I sent him two text messages to find out what time he wanted me to get him - this is where the 'Enders stylee drums come in because although I would like to finish posting Chris is about to doze off so I will write more possibly/hopefully tomorrow - Do you still want to come Christmas shopping? If yes let me know and I will tidy the living room so you have somewhere to sleep!!!!!!!! I can't do next weekend but I am free the following if you want to go then - any closer to Christmas and it's just gonna be mad. Smithey over and out!

Tuesday, 20 November 2007

doesnt self pity suck???


Heya as much as i love looking on here it makes me miss you so so much more... I read your blogs twice coz i just want to take everything in. I felt so sad that you were all alone. It's making me feel pants here at the moment. I'm beginning to feel really lonely in everything i do. I go to work (where people are all talking about quiet nights in etc) i then come home and feel completely burnt out so i usually flop, have some tea and head off to bed at about 8.30 *yep in bed now* It's unlike me to be so tired so early! I tell everyone at work about band n they're all in awe of it but i dont really get to make proper friends with people as in the kind of friend that i could call or just hang out with locally because they are all scattered over and the majority have families! I go to pub work and with no disrespect to the peeps i work with, non are the kind to go out with... basically, how am i meant to meet and make friends with new people when the reality is is that i'm on my tod!

I love si and bec to bits but they are always together and it's actually getting to me! i am more on my own now than i ever have been and it's so upsetting. I've tried to talk to my dad about it (i get too emotional talkin to mum) and he just thinks that i need to get out with people my own age *hello dad, HOW?????????* i end up just coming home and sitting in my room or something. I'll tell you something though, i will make a fab housewife, i'm getting v good at ironing and washing... still work to be done on the cooking front though!

I hope things are better for you now chris is home. I can tell you missed him.

I'm playing my first charity concert on saturday. It's 2 - 4 and i'm working saturday night so i cant even go out to celebrate and thank the peeps that are helping me out. Hey Ho!

I will give a more upbeat blog when i am back to being semi cheerful *which is as cheerful as i can feel in mansfield* self.

Love you lots like pear drops! xx

Sunday, 18 November 2007

I feel lonely :(

So this weekend was going to be cool, I texted Karen on Friday to see what she was upto and see if I could go hang out with her on Saturday as Nick, and half the male population are at a Men's Conference in Bradford, and Chris is away at a youth conference in Eastbourne.

Turn's out (which I did already know but had put it to the back of mind and forgotten about), that Caroline Joel Abi and Karen (possibly Kristin, Alice and Millie) have gone to Bournemouth for the weekend. I wasn't invited - before it didn't really bother me, then yesterday when I pointed out to Chris about texting Karen and not getting a reply he reminded me and I couldn't help it I just started crying. I had ran Rock Solid on Friday - which was ok, we only had two girlies but it was good we still had fun. Then having watched Children in Need till about 10 minutes to the end (I needed the loo and I was soooo tired). I slept all the way through till midday - I had set my alarm to get up at 10 but I turned it off and went back to sleep. I got up and finished some crafty bits - didn't have any lunch as it didn't cross my mind to eat until about 3:30 by which point there was no point in eating.

At about 4 ish I went to hang out with Dad because I couldn't handle the four walls any more, I even discussed with my brother about the Star Wars game he was playing. Dad was doing some stuff on the computer so I went and worked my way through the shows Mum had recorded for me on Sky Plus (She's so lovely lol) then me and Dad watched Holby from Tuesday. Mum got in from her craft workshop and we watched Children in Need at hi-speed - you fast forward the boring bits at about 30 times the normal play speed and it cuts the 7 hours into about 3! and you miss the News half hour as well lol. Well actually we only watched upto the news then the second half we started it about 15 mintues from the end - Me and Mum then sang along to "Seasons of Love" from Rent. I found the video on youtube to show you in case you were like HUH I don't know that one. (ok so it's at the bottom because for some reason it keeps moving it!)

Anyway after that we watched Strictly Come Dancing and Casualty and ate tea - We had fish fingers chips and beans - it was soooooo nice even thought the fish fingers were slightly burned. I came home and put on The Holiday DVD - see is it random my favourite actor is Jack Black? lol I think he's really funny even in serious roles there is that little random moment. While I was putting the DVD on some dropped down the back of the TV unit so I reached under the unit to get them out and caught my hand on a pin that was stuck in the carpet - I grazed down the side of my hand - it did bleed a little but not too much which was good. I phoned Chris to find out where the first aid kit was as I swear it has legs - I put a plaster on my hand so that it didn't get dirty or so that I didn't get glue in it as I was doing crafty bits.

I went to bed and got up this morning at 9:20ish got dressed and went to set up the sound desk - the last time I set up a sound desk was when I did Music Tech at upper school I think!

I stayed for church but as much as I wanted to be with people so I wasn't lonely I wanted to be on my own - how random is that.

Chris is going to be home this afternoon which I am really glad about because ok it's only two days but I haven't really seen him for the last 5 as I started my new job on Wednesday.

I also want to show you this:

The lady who made it her blog is called Fat Orange Cat, which is also the name of her fantastic Etsy shop.

I miss you too!

Hey u!!!!

I miss you huge amounts too!!!!!

Me and Kewey2 went into Nottingham shopping today. She is still on a crutches but can use her foot now. Anyways, we went into Notts and it was so nice just the 2 of us. We did more window shopping than anything else. I spent 40 on new music books (naughty naughty me... explained why towards the bottom)! The train conductor guy told everyone to get off the train at sutton parkway because there was a problem at mansfield train station which really annoyed people (i wasnt really annoyed, just a bit concerned because i had to work tonight). They said there would be a bus but we were out in the freezing cold for 30 mins and still nothing so kewey2 called daddy kewey and he picked us up. I then came home and listened to some music, got ready for work and tootled off. BY THE WAY - CRAZY IDEA SHOPPING IN NOTTINGHAM THIS CLOSE TO CHRISTMAS, TOO BUSY!!!

I'm always so so so tired at the moment! I've finised the TA band now so i've freed up my tuesday nights. I'm working in school monday to friday (often til gone 6 coz of meetings etc) and then the pub is on thursday night, the odd fri night, sat night and sunday dinner. I have police band rehearsal on monday nights. When i'm not workin a fri night i like to go out to just chill and break away from the week (like last night well fri night as it's now 1.15am on sunday) i went to see blues brothers tribute and it was amazing! got to talk to them and everything, they said they will do some charity stuff for a charity i'm involved in which is big coolies!

I'm not sleeping brilliantly at the moment, i dont know whether it's to do with not being able to relax/chill not sure but it's doin my head in.

To top things off, i have not been feeling too well, my stomach has swollen again and it's making me feel quite ill at times, i'm either really really starving or i have no appetite at all... no in between! However, i cant stop my jobs. I love working in the school because it's completely up my street and i keep being told how natural i am and i need the pub job too because i would like to save school money and use the pub money to run my new car (when i get it)!

All swings, rountabouts and seesaws at the moment but hey ho. Keep plodding on.

It's freezing here, really really bitterly cold, well it is outside. It's lovely and warm here with the heating on. Whats it like in good ol' bedford town?

I must head off now and try to sleep as i've got work later (grrrrr)

Big love as always. Kewey out.x

Monday, 12 November 2007

I miss you

Did I tell you I missed you?

I don't think I did - well I do Lots and lots not just like Jelly Tots but like I miss a bit of me - like someone chopped off my arm and told me to play Fur Elise - you see if you play both parts with one hand it doesn't work so well. So you only play the top half or the bottom half and then it doesn't work because there are bit where you should be playing. I miss you. I picked this picture because I think it's cute lol.


That's cool I am Beautiful - makes me feel much better - have a horrible tummy ache and my hair needs a wash lol.

No worries about putting your input in you've been busy getting a job!

So yeah we both got jobs on exactly the same day! So mine is as Sales Support at Star Events Group Not exactly sure at the moment what it entails but I am sure I will enjoy it - when I had my interview I was doing like a trial run and the lady next to me was organising stage crew for the next few McFly gigs. It was so funny just hearing all these bands names being dropped in conversation every few minutes.

I miss Kewey very much too!!! - Such good english lol. Kewey's Mum and Dad are soooo cool! Probably sounds really geeky but they are! When I've been to Hannah's they always make me totally welcome like it's my own home - last time I went they were going on holiday the next day but they were still totally welcoming like they had all the time in the world - it's soooo cool!

Can't quite say the same about being home lol. Me and Chris have 3 rooms to call home - and it is home I'm not dissing it or anything but I feel the cold easily and Chris doesn't so a warm room to me is sweltering to him and so most nights I go to bed in my pjams, legwarmers and some nights a jumper just to stay warm lol. I guess I am getting used to it - I went to Mum's last week and boiled - I'd got extra layers on to keep me warm then got to Mum's and was baking because it was so warm!

Yes My dear you are blogging - Welcome to the Revolution!!!! Lol!!!! Now I just need to get you on Swap-Bot or selling your cards on Etsy and We'll be well away lol

Saturday, 10 November 2007

I'VE ARRIVED!!!!!!!!!!

Hiya everyone (especially my beautiful friend Hannah)

Sorry that it has taken me so long to give any input to this site but here i am now.

How wierd is this..... me and smithey got jobs on exactly the same day! how cool is that? Ok, we may be miles apart now but still v v much together! I miss bedford and all things uni. I miss the responsibility that havin my own place entailed. I miss going for drinks n lunches with my bestest buds.

On the flip side, i am home with my family now. I have mummy and daddy cooked dinners. i earn money and i dont have to pay rent or the such. I have a huge luxury in WARMTH!

So, since i've been back in mansfield, i have joined 2 bands, quit one, started workin in pub, got supply work in school, got full time post in school and basically lost a lot of time that i used to spend socialising. (not that i mind).

Anyway. I'm heading off now. sitting with the family to watch the rest of the rememberance night on the beeb.

Love to all.x (han am i blogging right?)

kewey out.x

Saturday, 6 October 2007

Danish Camp and our Adventures

So it's like a computerised version of my notebook that I write to you in. I could ask Chris to put another blog on his hosting but he already put me a blog on there and I don't really want to ask again.

So everyone arrived all in one go kinda, you arrived and we chatted for a few minutes then Laura and Andrew arrived a few minutes later.

We stood and chatted for a little while then went to Danish Camp together for lunch. I had my normal order of a Hot Sausage Wedge - I did feel a little let down as I had little sausages but it was good anyway. We had cake for pudding which was sooooo nice!!!

Andrew drove us back to my house, where we said goodbye to Laura and Andrew. We then went to Tesco to get a magazine for you to read on the train and some other bits.

I was a bit disappointed by the results and it didn't really hit me until the way Chris reacted to them. I sat out on the landing because I needed just to breathe and have some space. I had a phenomenal cry and then didnt sleep till like 2am just because I couldn't sleep because I was still really pent up.

I slept straight through and didn't wake up until after church. Kristin said she understood and that i'd been on a bit of a rollercoaster ride - and she said she thought I had a reasonable excuse to get out of church - I spoke to David this evening (He's one of the deacons at church - and one of my friends) about yesterday and how emotional I got about it and he was really sympathetic about it and really understanding.