Saturday, 31 May 2008

Why are Boys so Awkward or Chris at least?!?!?

So today is Clare's and Ossie's Wedding. Chris has known this since we
got the invite if not before that. (possibly about January that's when
mum be Clare went looking at dresses.

I say to him he's got to do this one thing in the week rather than
during the weekend and when are we doing it - Saturday morning!!!!!!

So much for trying to help me out. Anyway so I'm sat outside no90
waiting for Chris to print off a back statement to go and try and sort
an exchange or refund. Hopefully one will work lol.

I made a decision what I was going to wear and so painted my nails so
they were blue like the top I was going to wear then decided that as
the jewellery mum lent me was pink to go with the other top I should
wear the pink - so I do look a little random lol. I'm also wearing
pinstripe trousers to make me look taller and I'm going to wear high
heels possibly.

Its 5 past 11 now and we're running out of time again. Why has
everything got to be last minute?

Friday, 30 May 2008

I was bored

I was bored in my lunch break so decided I would take a random photo
as part of 101 things in 1001 days.

So by the 24th February 2011 I will have taken (not neccesarily
blogged) a photo a day.

I've just been to sainsburys and bought the autobiography of the
indestructible Richard hamster Hammond (yes borrowage is allowed after)

Still in two mindsabout Amy's wedding decided that I'll come and keep
you company.


Ps I think yesterday was like a little downer day - I think I'm ok

Thursday, 29 May 2008


So I don't mind being a geek but I'm beginning to seriously dislike
that side of me.

People will discuss something at work and I'll come out with some
piece of information which answers the question but either makes me
look like a brown-noser or a big brain.

Will write more later.

Love ya!

Just in case

On the american website for work they have a blog and post random videos and adverts and stuff that are relevant. This one was sent round today.

At the end its like - so just in case you want to keep your hard drive in your fish tank! The hard drives also make an appearance in an episode of NCIS.


Sorry that it's taken me so long to write here. I've just read up on the latest happenings... congratulations on being a godmummie!

I'm currently sitting in bed after having a big tidy up in my bedroom.... it was well overdue!

I really miss you lot (uni lot)... i actually really really miss being at uni, the nights out, the nights in, the random trips, my old house mates (and honourary house mates), dave singing before going to karaoke. hehe, happy days!

so, what can i say... quite a bit has been happenin here. I've seen more of Tim (got to think of a nickname for him)we went out the other week for a picnic (when it was scorching hot), i think i may have blogged about that though. He's being so so nice to me that i'm feeling almost bad. He's really really funny and has such a kind heart. very caring. I dont think i am particularly attracted to him physically which hasnt bothered me that much in the past but maybe thats why past relationships havent worked! i dunno... i need someone to shake something into me so i know what to do lol. I stayed at his house 2 weeks ago (not planned - i was driving and by the time we got back from having a meal i was feeling really rough and just needed to sleep so i called home and dad said that i was being sensible staying) he fetched me a beechams first thing in the morning so i would feel ok for driving home. Last tuesday he came and took me to the pics. we saw what happens in vegas... v funny! Actually, he payed for dinner so i insisted on paying for cinema. On sunday, after work, i went to his. We met up with some of his friends for foodage and then went home to watch st trinians on dvd. We were both really poorly that night (think it was the chicken we had eated out)... thought we would have to cancel twycross on monday but we both took the family supply of imodium plus between us... needed to get rid of the stomach cramps coz i was in so so much pain. We went to teycross and the rain held off! i got loads of photos. Tim did something really sweet when we were there (just to get you in the know before i carry on, Tim used to be stationed at the zoo when he did his ambulance stuff... he was kinda like resident medic... he used to walk round and obviously knew ppl that worked there including molly and nathalie who owned it... anyway, he became really really fond of a gorrilla called Joe, he used to spend hours and hours with Joe when he wasnt looking after poorly peeps) we went round and eventually got to Joe, i was croutching on the floor and Joe was right up next to me against the glass... Tim was stood up behind me and was doing like a kiss action (i didnt know), the next thing Joe kissed at me... I went all girlie and was well chuffed, turned round to tell tim, he put his thumb up and smiled at me... i was like "you just did that didnt you" and he was like "nooooooo what makes u think that" laughing! I just thought it was so sweet. There were other little communication things that he did throughout the trip that the keepers apparently do. I had such a good time that i stayed at his house on monday night too... came home early tuesday morning coz he had work and i had already made plans to take grandma out.... Something i also learned about tim was that he is a christian from a very christian background!!!!! his mum and dad go to church every sunday (his dad twice).

Bex n Si have a new house! it's an absolute bargain and really made me think that if i was with someone i would get myself on the property ladder!
Bruv has moved into his new place so is now free from trixibelle! Just me to flee the nest now!

My uncle came round today and was chatting to mum n dad... i went downstairs just as he came off the phone to his son. He had tears in his eyes so i asked if he was ok. He said he was fine, he's gonna be a grandad! matt had phoned him on the way home from hospital and matts wife, kat is having a baby. She'd gone in coz she hadnt been feeling too well and is usually very well... a happy suprise for them both.

OK, now i want you to brace yourself..

I'M COMING TO BEDFORD ON SUNDAY!!!!!!!! i was going to suprise you and come on saturday but i have been called to work on saturday coz i booked sunday off (it's bedford games). Sarge is driving us down on sunday morning and then bringing me home, stayig here sunday night and then taking me to work on monday coz mum's going away on monday. Hopefully we will be able to meet up at some point on sunday. I will be at the athletics stadium. I dont know what the plans are yet coz i have to rely on sarge. If you already have plans, dont worry because it is last minute. I have a couple of gifts for you and i will bring them.

I'd better get me some sleep now though, have a long day ahead of me tomorrow.

Night night godbless.xxxxxxxxxx

kewey out.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Last thing before bed

If you love the picture please visit Marineko's blog here

Tuesday, 27 May 2008

What on Earth?!?!?!

How many requests do I need?!?!?!?

Hello this was after I'd cleared about 20!!!! I've been invited to groups about people I don't know, to events that I can't get to (am I going to go to an RnB concert in Leicester?!?! ERM no!)


I am going for tea today at Hazel B's so I get to meet my Goddaughter to be. I've decided for the dedication I need a t-shirt with fairy wings printed on the back so I am the fairy godmother lol

Saturday, 24 May 2008

Living room

Its a pile of stuff rather than the living room. This is my view when
I look towards Mum.

Moving Day


So today is moving day and it's already going pair shape. I'm not sure where I'm supposed to be at this point. Mum did her bit where she writes a plan except it was written down by chris so didn't really make all that much sense to me lol.

So now I am on my way back to No 90 to collect a car full of stuff to move.

Today is going to be a long day. I already want to go back to bed. Lol

Thursday, 22 May 2008

More Packing

Hello!!! So I'm still packing. Moved onto the bedroom now - I think once we've
moved and I've calmed down I'll sleep for a week - thank goodness for bank Holiday Monday. My swap is now at no 7 which is awesome. I have 47 people signed up for it. How cool is that???

I have no idea what the black blur was unless my foot was moving more than I thought it was.

How are you doing? You still having a flap or have you made a decision?

Han x

Wednesday, 21 May 2008

My Swap

It's go around here at the moment!

1. We might get the keys to our flat today.
2. Hazel would like me to be Godmother to her little girl.
3. The swap I am hosting is Number 8 in the Top 10 on Swap-Bot!!!!

A Meme

1. Last movie you saw in a theater?
I don't actually remember! lol. Erm I think it would have been something girlie that I dragged Chris to. Actually I found my ticket!!! It was to go see Son of Rambow. It was so good. Jessica Stevenson as a Brethren Wife is very very funny.

2. What book are you reading?
I tend to start books and then move on to another and come back to it. I'm half way through one of the Kathy Reichs books and half way through Chris Moyles Second Book.

3. Favorite board game?
Trivial Pursuit. We have the board game of University Challenge but we haven't played it once since we bought it.

4. Favorite magazine?
Total Film or Empire - depends what mood I'm in. (also free gifts can sway which magazine I buy!) Nearly bought Empire today but it still has the incredible hulk on the front and would probably get lost in the packing.

5. Favorite smells?
Fresh baking and wet just cut grass. Either that or that funny smell you get before a thunder storm - can't really describe it

6. Favorite sounds?
Thunder!! I'm random I can't help it. Either that or the Abster laugh - it's infectious!
7. Worst feeling in the world?
When my best friend goes back home again - Bedford and Mansfield should be closer!

8. What is the first thing you think of when you wake up?
What...? Who turned the lights on early? It's morning that means work

9. Favorite fast food place?
The Stirfry place we went to in Amsterdam it was lovely

10. Future child's name?
Possibly Daesae then again just Daisy.

11. Finish this statement. "If I had lot of money I'd….?
Give some to charity, buy a new computer, buy a house and a Smart Car or a Toyota Prius

12. Do you sleep with a stuffed animal?
No, unless you count Chris as one.

13. Storms - cool or scary?

14. Favorite drink?
JD and Coke or the blueberry j2o

15. Finish this statement, "If I had the time I would…."?
Go to Manfield and spend a whole week with Han K

16. Do you eat the stems on broccoli?
Like a little bit

17. If you could dye your hair any color, what would be your choice?

18. Name all the different cities/towns you've lived in?
Bedford erm Bedford and Bedford

19. Favorite sports to watch?
Tranpolining or figure skating

20. One nice thing about the person who sent this to you?
I wasn't sent it I found it on alex's blog (link to follow)

21. What's under your bed?
Rubbish -I've gotta clear out

22. Would you like to be born as yourself again?
I don't believe in reincarnation

23. Morning person, or night owl?
Night owl

24. Over easy, or sunny side up?
Sunny side up

25. Favorite place to relax?
Sofa or bed

26. Favorite pie?

27. Favorite ice cream flavor?
Cookie dough

28. Of all the people you tagged this to, who's most likely to respond first?
Erm not tagging


When I was at school in the Sixth form I had this friend called Hazel. We'd met at Woodside in the 18-30's group. She was a drama student as well and was completely potty so we got on really well. We even went and sat though troy because it was slightly related to the play we has to so (secretly it was to drool over Brad Pitt in a skirt - thankfully my tastes changed although he does do a good Vampire in Interview with The Vampire) She was one of my best friends - her and Cat didn't get on - funny how that happens lol. We both went off to uni I stayed in Bedford and she moved to Nottingham. We kept in touch but only kinda once in a while, We'd go to the cinema during the holidays and meet for pizza but it wasn't the same as seeing her at church every week. (less than when I see Kerry).

In one of our sporadic conversations, she tells me that she has this boyfriend called Jaz and although he wasn't a Christian he supported her beliefs. Well I've heard that a few times and knew that if anything he was going to pull her away from being a Christian rather than making her faith stronger

Back in about January before uni finished, she told me that she was pregnant with his baby. I was happy for her but I was also really worried – she was going to try and finish university while being 5-7 months pregnant.

Well I did what I could to keep in contact with her after all she was one of my closest friends at one point. I emailed her and kept her up to date with what was happening to me even if I didn't hear from her. About two weeks ago we started talking properly again over msn. Her baby was born in September 08 even though she was due in November. Her name is Isabelle and she is beautiful she is a lovely little baby.

We had this whole chat about Isabelle being born early and how Jaz ended up becoming really mean and horrible to her so much so that her and Isabelle moved back to Bedford about a week before Christmas. Then she asked if I'd like to go round for tea and a catch up as I'm one of the few people that she thought about and wanted to make contact with when she moved back to Bedford. I was so chuffed. I texted her to check it was ok to go round for tea but I didn't get a reply. I then spoke to her this afternoon – Jaz had made things difficult and so me going round for tea was the last thing on her mind. She asked if I would like to go round and we've set a date for me to properly go round for tea, she also asked me if I would be Isabelle's Godmother!!!!! EEEKkkk!!!!! How scary is that?!?!?!

I mean I don't mind the whole being a Godmother thing I think it would be seriously cool but I have no idea what it entails other than kinda being there to help when needed and lending a listening ear if she needs someone as she grows up. I know that my Aunt and Uncle were kinda appointed as my Godparents but they weren't if that makes sense. I was dedicated rather than Christened so rather than having people who are appointed as Godparents you have 2 or 3 people who stand up in front of the church and accept that they will help to guide the baby (in this case me) in their Christian walk. So when I was in a litttle bit of trouble at school Paul was the one who sat me down to talk about it.

Tuesday, 20 May 2008


We're very very close to collecting the keys.
We've got to wait for the landlady to look at the references.
I was so excited. I was all like shaking and girlie! Hehe! This is just a little post as I am still at work will write more later hopefully.

Monday, 19 May 2008

My Bomb Site....

I hate packing can someone do it for me?


So i've been packing today during my lunch break. The house looks like a bomb site and in away I want to pay someone to sort it for me because it's so annoying. With Chris at college today and tomorrow and then 3 days till we might move I'm packing by the handful. Mum came and help me start on the Kitchen on Saturday which was good because that would probably be my worse room as quite alot of it is church stuff.
I've moved onto the little living room and have cleared some of the big bookcase and most of the little one. I have a little cardboard box which is about 10cm wide and the size of an A4 piece of paper and it's got all the VW's that I have had out on display. I will have plenty of photos of boxes and piles of dust and the vaccuum in the doorway because later I will get bored and just take photos rather than pack.
I have to get back to work now or I will probably get shot! lol

Sunday, 18 May 2008

Should I be worried???

I answered the phone to my Mum earlier and said "Hi Mom!".

She then asked was I ok hehe! Not surprising.

Saturday, 17 May 2008

Moving Part Two

So we finish viewing the flats and me and Chris made the decision about where we were going to move to.

Kimbolton Avenue won lol. We didn't have the money to put the reference fee down but we needed to do it asap. So Mum and Dad paid the reference fee. The agents just need to get the references sorted and we should be able to move in next weekend fingers, toes and hairs crossed lol

Scary or what?! I heard from Laura today. She's offered her and Andrews assistance with moving should we require it which is cool they went to see another Mortgage Advisor and it looks like they can go for a bigger place.

Moving Moving Moving

Well today has been a mad day it kinds started Monday tbh!

So Monday we went to look at River Street and was supposed to see Denmark street and Honeysuckle Way (Denmark had been rented and Honeysuckle didn't get back to the Agency in time)

River St is a new build (there was a building there but they knocked it down and rebuilt it which is good because the insulation would be thicker and so the house would be greener and warmer. It was lovely.

Chris, Mum and Dad went to view two more places on Tuesday (I couldhave probably got the time off to go but given the fact that I was about to have three days off I thought it would be rude to ask to finish early. The first was in Appledore Road (opposite Castle Lower School on Goldington road) and the second was on the Embankment (we would have a view of the River over out front wall.)

Me and Chris went away and thought about it we prefered River Street as it was new build and was quite a lot of space. Mum and Dad prefered the Embankment. Chris had made the decision that he liked River Street and that he'd like that one. On what Chris, Mum and Dad told me I
decided that I prefered River Street.

On Tuesday evening it was raised at the Elders meeting about "our situation".

We got a positive response which meant that we could go ahead and organise our references. We put down the fee and decided we'd organise the forms and paperwork today.

We went to London and didn't really think any more about it. We were going to enjoy the holiday and deal with stuff when we got back.

Friday pm
We got home and Mum and Dad had written us a letter. They were concerned that River Street wasn't suitable and that The Embankment flat would be better plus various other bits. I came to Mum's so that I could talk to them without feeling like I needed to guard my words (Chris seems to be a bit touchy at the moment an often gets offended when I come out with stuff too direct - something I come out with to you would just bounce or would be a joke or something whereas Chris gets grr!)

Me and Mum chatted about stuff and I called the Agent to see if I could get an appoinment to view The Embankment. I called and they said that it had already been taken while we were away. Me and Mum decided even if we stayed with the River Street flat we needed something to compare against.

We looked on rightmove and found the flat in Kimbolton Avenue. It's £25 more than our budget but we thought we'd have a look we didn't have to go with it. The guy I spoke to then suggested that we look at this other property up in Brickhill. Its further away than we really wanted to move but it was worth a look - you know see what we could get for our money.

Saturday 12pm

We went to the flat in Kimbolton Avenue. It was lovely!!!! The living room is huge!!!! There is a second bedroom and although there isn't a bath to soak in there is a nice shower. The kitchen has black wood doors on the kitchen units which I'm not keen on but there is a dishwasher!!! Woohoo clean plates!!!!

On the other hand the house in Brickhill was nasty. The lino in the kitchen was peeling up the cooker was probably older than me. The bath was dated and the shower head was old and ran off the taps. I would have a field day doing over the house but then the landlord would up the rent probably lol.

Chris wanted to go with River Street but Kimbolton Avenue ticked so many more boxes. Ok its an older building and so might cost more to heat but it has the space we could do with. When you come to stay you'd have your own room (for now you'd still be on the sofabed but at least you'd have the privacy.

I will be back with the next section in a few minutes. I'm worried I might lose this so I want to save it (well post it)


Me and Chris are sat at the letting agents filling in our reference
forms to rent a flat!!!!!!!!
We could be moving!!!!!

Friday, 16 May 2008

Here is the end

It's almost the end - we've got about an hour then we're catching the train home. (if we leave now Mum can't collect us from the station as she'll be having her hair done)

The picture is my Strawberries and Cream Frappuccino from Starbucks (in true me style I'm sat cross legged perched on a chair. There was only one comfy chair left and if i'd sat in it then chris wouldn't have had a chair so we're perched at a bar thing watching people run backwards and forwards to the train station which is just over the junction from where we are sat.

There's a scrolling banner on the building next to Starbucks but I can't work out what it means.

North 51 degrees 31 minutes 54 seconds west 51 degrees 31 minutes 58 seconds n513158 w0717 tq305833 I think its latitude and longitude but I don't know what the numbers are at the end.

Thursday, 15 May 2008

Power Nap Time!!!

OK so I wasn't really napping - I tried at least. Chris kept talking to me about the route we were taking to get to Camden even though I was still trying to sleep (grrr!!!!!) So apparently it's the Yellow line to Leicester Sq and then black to Camden.

Wednesday, 14 May 2008

One Foot West and One Foot East


All I can saw is ouch my feet!!!!! They ache so much! We walked up
this massive hill to get to the observatory and the meridian line - if
I wanted to take the picture I needed the line lol.

We're now at Nando's and its 10 to 6. (yeah I know its not my fave but
we've had pizza hut pizza this week and I know chris ain't keen on
pizza hut pizza so I'm scarificing for tea. (not that he'll notice lol)

I'm gonna go now as I'm being unsocialble.

Han x

Canary Wharf

Hello another random post from
my travels. So Chris wanted to go to the time museum at Greenwich
and stand with a foot in each time zone. So here is my arty photo from
Canary Wharf station. We're now on the DLR heading for what used to be
the stop for the Cutty Sark. We've just been past the Hilton at South

Over and out Smithey!



So we are on the train heading for London. Ok so its not as glamourous
as some places but its gonna be cool.

We've paid a reference fee on a flat -eeek! Scary grown upness. That
means they've taken the flat off the market. We can move at the end of
the month possibly! I'll let you know when it comes to change of
address and when we're moving. (and the all important house warming!)

Anyhoo back to holiday. Our hotel is somewhere near Earls Court/
Olympia. So we're in the centre but not too close.

Hopefully we'll get to go to the Muji store (Japanese bits and pieces)
will blog later. Luv ya!! Would like more info on mr tim

Tuesday, 13 May 2008


I didn't actually post David and Henning's film there was just a link (sorry!) I can't post a box thing until he uploads to youtube and I don't know when that will be.

The plan when squiffy and now me and Chris aren't going to Alton Towers. We're doing like every free museum in London (maybe we're going to do a different capital each anniversary)
i'm going to try and send you a London postcard (I sent you an Amsterdam one didnt I?)

Anyhoo iPhone posting is ok by email but by browser its off putting - I should be able to post lots of photos but there will probably be lots of posts with only one picture and some randomness on each post. This time last year I was in Harwich having had a headache ad felt rotten all evening. Lovely! Hehe. I was shattered today I'm just a little brain mushed. I had to check the customer service email and answer the phone like as soon as it rang - I think I messed up a few times which is a little worrying but its also a learning opportunity.

crackin films!

Love the MJ one... busted were ok but would have been better to be around the atmosphere me thinks. I couldnt see ur cousins :( would like to though.x

Monday, 12 May 2008

David's Film

Should you wish to you can find my cousins finished film here......David and Henning's Film

Saturday, 10 May 2008

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

This guy rocks!!!

Hey you!!!

How is Mummie K? As I spoke to you earlier you were off to get her
from school.

This blog is written by Dave who goes to Woodside - the first holiday
club I did we had to do this dance to a song called Frantik by The
World Wide Message Tribe. (that was before Jumping in The house of God
was adopted)

He taught me the routine so that I could get up in front and do the
actions on the first day of holiday club. I don't know how long ago
but he was diagnosed with throat cancer, he was given less than 6
months to live which meant he wouldn't live to his Daughters Wedding. :(

Lots of people have been praying for him both at Woodside and over in
Australia (his daughter has been working/studying at Hillsongs in

Paul just told me that he went back to the consultant early last week
and the consultant couldn't find the lump, he was sent for an MRI (or
CAT - I'm not sure) and the docs still couldn't find it. He's had
another lot of Chemo to be on the safe side.

He's healed how awesome is that!!!!

Saturday, 3 May 2008


I know I am going to be negative about it cos that's the way things go. It went kinda bad I got all nervous and panicked I had a blank spot and could remember where the chords came in my first song - I then lost my capo. Also I don't think everyone got the quirkiness of one of the other songs. Caroline was her encouraging self and grabbed me for a hug shortly after I came off - I think I would be ok if there were other people on stage because I'm fine when I lead worship and play in the band with Mum. Mrs C took some photos so will post them asap.

Love ya miss ya. Wish you could have been here - was soul night good?

A Blog at 1am

Heya beautiful

There are a couple of reasons for my blog tonight.

1. i think it's about time i updated from my world

2. i cant sleep... bit like something on my mind although i think there is a lot of stuff so it's in my mind like spaghetti that needs untangling.


ISSUES! the socks were slightly mad in the pic!

Wii is up and running. I played 3 hours of tennis, bowling and baseball which has made my right arm v v sore lol all fun fun fun though... I hadnt plugged the sensor bar in properly DUUUUR!

I got a bit of a rude text off scott on monday night. I kinda put it to the back of my mind but it has been creeping forward every so often so tonight i decided to do something about it and i phoned him. He was really sorry for the way it came across but wasnt meant to be hurtful and it kinda put my mind at ease. I still wish we could sort things out, bang our heads together and go back to happier times together. It's strange that after nearly a year i still love him loads. I guess he just thinks it in a friendship kinda way which is better than a kick in the teeth but is still a bit like a stamp that wont stick!

I know that i should be grateful for what i have, I am but i guess its the human way of always wanting more that gets me down. I'll keep putting up a front for now and maybe one day have the guts to say what i really feel. (at least i know that there's always one person that will be all ears).

I looked at my WWJD wrist band today and i felt a sense of understanding. i know that was psychological but it worked for me.

Anyway, to back track from sunday (which for other readers is when i left bedford for notts... again!)

Sunday night i was shattered and went to bed, monday i went to work and then went out with ashleigh for a meal. We spent 3 hours in the pub just chatting and being all chilled.

Tuesday was an average day at school, didnt do anything on the eve which was really welcomed lol

Wed i went to work... again. Wed eve i went to buy the wii, went to band rehearsal and then came back to set wii up... didnt work so phoned u in a sulk lol. Went to bed sulkin

Thurs woke up and had a brain wave to check everythin was plugged in. I read that if you turn a digital camera on, u can see the ir lights on the sensor bar for the wii... I did it and no lights so i checked it was plugged in and it wasnt all the way in!!! duuuur! I then set a mii before i went to work. work was ok and then had pub work at night.

Today was inset day at school but i still had to go it. We had autism training which i found v useful but a lot of it was stuff i've already done either in psychology or when we were preparing for grange stuff. Still, always good to revise!
We went to sainsburys for tea... i then had to dash for work in the pub. Was kids disco and me n phil were in the main bar by ourselves. I went to school with phil, he's 2 years younger than me but we get on ok. I was really bored coz there was no1 comin to the bar so i started to dance around. The dj (also called phil) started to say things through the mic about me gettin on the dancefloor and me n phil bein sandy n danny from grease so we were goin along it was hillarious... At one point we were doin ballroom dancing *v badly* behind the bar n dj phil shouts out, they're on the next series of strictly lol. All these lil girls ran up to me and wanted me to dance with them... DJ phil shouted out that i was gonna come and dance with the kids so for a laugh i said i would. The bar was really really empty! Bar phil didnt think i would coz it's really not like me in the pub to do this but i went and got up on the stage infront of all the kids and danced (holiday rep stylee) to cha cha slide, the superman song thing and a few other similar ones like makareana and oops upside ya head. Bar phil was creased over laughin and even some of the regulars (and my boss's wife) came over to watch. I was slightly embarrassed but couldnt just stop lol. Noreen loved it (boss's wife)... said it got everyone up lol. A lil girl came up to me cryin. I asked her what was wrong and she said her mummy had said it was time to go and that she wouldnt see me again so to say bye bye. lol. i just told her i would be back next time lol. Bless.

Since i've been home i have phoned scott coz i'm missin him and wanted to get to the bottom of the text. Then i decided to come on here.

I'm about to go now but a few last things...

Thank you and chris for letting me stay for your birthday,
Thank your mum n dad for the lovely beefeater meal

I hope you've had a good time since i left and that my departure hasnt jolted u too badly.

Cant wait to get on the wii to play against u online

And finally, other than i love ya lots i will leave u with this pic of milo taken 2 days ago after getting his summer do!

Love hannah.xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Friday, 2 May 2008

Hmm interesting.......

My combination today!


So the boredom struck me again so I took a photo of my desk and my
smoothie. What do you think? Heh did you get the wii sorted? Han