Friday, 25 April 2008

The Prep

I was doing various bits so that I could tidy the living room prior to
your arrival - I was doing some other bits like sticking letters and
stuff into my note book so that you could catch up on the swaps etc.

Well that was till chris kept having a go at me. Ttfn

What a bummer

This is a house I go past every day. I think it is lived in but it
looks so run down I just wished they'd do something about it.


I feel soooo tired! It's 1:30 and I've just got back from being taken out to lunch for my birthday by Auntie Alison.
I got to work this morning and I had a present on my desk from Alison and two recipes for different types of Carrot Cake (Chris has asked me if I will make a cake for his college cell group on Tuesday - I went something along the lines of ok are you trying to poison your group?!?!). So anyway then I sat down and worked hard - apart from when I left the room to check the voicemail I had from you (well it came up with a blocked number - it doesnt put it as Witheld just that it's blocked - so it confused me a bit hehe.)
Anyhoo I need to and carry on doing orders but I plan to take some silly photos in a little while will the Jelly Babies that I have in my bag. ttfn

Thursday, 24 April 2008



How are you doing? Ok so it's a kinda random photo - I was bored and everyone had abandoned me hehe. Steve, Alison and Diptee were in a meeting (the other side of the door in the middle of the shot) and Hazel and Irina had nipped over to the warehouse to organise the deliveries - can't remember what I was doing on my computer.

This was just before I went to chat to Steve about taking up the offer of a permanent contract. I think I'm going to ask if I can have a proper computer should the opportunity arise - my computer runs from a laptop through a dock etc and theres a dodgy connection somewhere along the line because it takes ages to load and then has the hiccups when going from one program to the next. (Baring in mind that I probably run outlook, msn, word/excel and Exact (the program that we put orders in). Also sometimes I can be running IE as well.

Anyhoo I am going to go tidy up the kitchen as I have thrown a combination of flour and icing sugar across the room (I was dancing round to All That Jazz from Chicago - I think it can be excused hehe!)

Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Earth Day

Apparently according to Google today is Earth Day. I thought that was back in March when we sat by candlelight for an hour (I sat in the middle of the living room floor and made one card decided it was too dark and so just sat there and texted Caroline (she said she would join in then did but was running late). I am in the process of filling in my GTTR application. I have decided that I am going to go and train as a primary school teacher - and hopefully as they have spaces I might be starting in September hopefully. It's with the Pilgrim Partnership - which I think is something to do with the Pilgrim School but I'm not entirely sure - their website got me all confused. It's got a mad patterned background and so it's really hard to focus on the letters. Anyhoo so today is Earth and Day and the picture is the funky doodle from Google.

I sent a text out yesterday (which you received) regarding my birthday. I heard back from Laura she says thats cool and Chris thinks it's cool as well. I am currently waiting for the other responses but I get the feeling one will be along the lines of "can you come to me?"

Monday, 21 April 2008

Like O-M-Goodness!!!!


I got home from lunch and found a parcelforce card in the middle of
the floor. I popped round to my next door neighbours (Mine and Chris's
neighbours are so lovely! They think its great when we have young
people round became its better than them being out on the street.)
thinking that the parcel might have been for Pastor Mow Mow or someone
in the office. I got home and turned over the package - it was for me!!!

I'm in a swap for people with April birthdays - I mailed mine about
two weeks ago and it was about 20cmx10cmx10cm maybe a little bigger.
Anyhoo this arrived for me today. I am seriously spoiled!!!! This is
an amazing package!!!!

Saturday, 19 April 2008

This was me this morning except my rock was the steps outside the church. So now I am at Mum's sorting out some pictures to put in a quote journal for one of the swaps I am doing at the moment. I don't really know what to write at the moment but i do need to give you a debrief so I will write more later. Love u x

Thursday, 17 April 2008

Fred found Nemo!!!!

Fred is on tour at the moment in the USA and he found Nemo!!!!! Fred was my 6th Form Drama Teacher who saved my bacon!!! Without him, Sharon and Clare I wouldn't have got to uni.

10 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!

As you can tell I am slightly excited as it is my birthday in 10 days lol.

I've decided that each day I am going to try and post a random cake of some description. So today we have a fairy cake courtesy of Photobucket. Enjoy the funky cake!

Also I think I might enter The Times Young Photographer competition - I just need to decide what to take photos of now hehe.

Tuesday, 15 April 2008

Well It's not the same

I don't have the 4.48 suicide urges I just have the 3.38pm bordem.

I sit with a purchase order in front of me and I look at it but can't focus. I know I should get on with it but I can't concentrate today - I've got like ADHD or something.

I almost need a silly challenge like take a photo fo something round the office - I keep taking ones of my own desk because I get bored.

90 Minutes in Heaven


I've been reading this book that my Auntie lent me it's really cool
and I think you'd like it and find interesting bits in it.

Han x


Me - before you get all down-ness I've been having a bit of one of
them days and so I really feel like staying in bed and not going to
work in the morning.

I feel lost.
I feel silenced.
I feel lonely.
I feel abandoned.
I feel rejected.
I feel uncared for.
I feel criticised for my actions. .
I feel repressed.
I feel like I can't be myself.
I feel like I don't belong.

Sunday, 13 April 2008

Burn Baby Burn

So as I let you know early I'm my text message - I am playing at the Open Mic/Battle of the Bands night on the 3rd May.

As part of 24/7 this evening, we shared bread and fish which was cool but I dont really like fish so I was a little hungry. At Aftershock we had lovely fairy cakes made by Caroline.

Saturday, 12 April 2008

Ukelele Madness!!!!

Like Holiday in 4 minutes

Thursday, 10 April 2008

Over The Rainbow

It's driving me ever so slightly mad!!!
I have the same few lines stuck in my head and it keeps going round and round and round and round and.....well you get the idea!
My phone battery has just died so I can't sneak off and check Facebook. Work is ok but we are short on orders so theres not much to do (some days I am genuinely confused to why they needed another person - There's not really enough work to go round all the time - if that makes sense. When I was at Wickes there was straighening up stock and cleaning to do all the time but after filing and reorganising my desk a few times theres isn't much else to do.)
I finished the bits for a swap last night. It was one I am hosting called "Hands Up If You're an April Baby". So it's a birthday swap. The person I am sending to lives in USA - I can't remember off the top of my head which state shes in though - I could probably look but cant be bothered lol. I am receiving from a girl and it's her first proper swap rather than a forum swap - so was a little worried that I might not get anything - however she has surprised me and emailed me yesterday saying that she didn't know who her partner was and she didnt know how to find out. So I sorted out some instructions for her and they made sense because she emailed me back saying - I'm your partner - I live in the USA is there anything that you like that you can only get over here. Well I love Oreo's but you can get them in Sainsbury's now so I decided that I'd really like to try some Hershey's chocolate - Chris really likes it but I don't know if you can get it over here so I asked if I could have a bar of that, and I then send I'd go away and think about other bits.
Just been and checked the order I had in front of me and it was already on the system. Erm ok so what do I do till Lunchtime - I could probably go now but Alison needs my help to sort her voicemail on her new phone. (She left 3 as well - Had had enough of all the problems - her David and Michael have all had problems with their phones and contracts (and the service they recieved).
I spoke to a customer earlier and he was really funny. He was amazed that he'd literally just got off the phone and I was calling back  (actually I was calling back from the Fax he had sent earlier in the morning) anyway he was very chuffed by the service he had recieved and the fact I spent like 5 minutes on the phone with him while he tried to open his safe. When I explained how to do it and it worked he was super chuffed lol.
I think I might go for lunch now - Hows your day going? Theres is a conversation on Facebook regarding my birthday. I mentioned to Laura about my Wishlist - I have the link I just need to post it to the conversation.
h over and out

Wednesday, 9 April 2008

Do I Have To Be Here???

So this evening is Church Members AGM. Tried to explain to Chris why I didn't want to come but he wouldn't listen though I was being really boring and going on other peoples opinions - I used to avoid members meetings at Woodside for the same reasons - I think I only went to one
meeting at woodside because me and rich went to Paul and Paulines on the way so I walked with them - it started with the person leading talking about something and then an argument breaking out between people who thought they knee better. I know that this evening's meeting could shake up a storm.

Anyhoo its starting now.

Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Replies to you my friend

No worries - Your laptop was passing out and on life support I think I would survive.

I'm sat watching How To Look Good Naked (this link should take you to my Consultation thing - so like what jeans i should wear and things like that)- I tell you something I don't think I could do the posing at the end - how scary!!! However I do have a positive angle on my body. I had a weight in at the gym to see how much weight I'd lost - well I hadn't lost any weight but I have lost 10% of my body fat - I'm now 23.7% instead of 33.3%. My target was 20% to 25% so I'm right in the middle - I can keep losing to 20% if I want - not sure what happens after that hehe. (OK so one story I just found on Google was that periods would stop - well that could be interesting!!).

Anyhoo so I feel slightly skinnier and am working hard to lose the weight now rather than more fat. (My size 14 are huge on me and my size 12's are getting baggy lol)

Bex has the dress! That's AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! Yeh we were only allowed to take the photo of my dress because Kathy was making the handbag and we'd paid for over half of it or something like that.

Do you like the Zutons? I do like The Zutons - My favourite song is theirs is Valerie. When's the concert?

Baby Esther - No photos as of yet but I'm not even sure if Karen is home from hospital yet - I think they hold new Mum's for 36 hours or something like that so she should be home soon.

Loneliness - I know what you mean. Yesterday Chris said something and I replied - whatever I said came out wrong and we had a barney. I stomped off upstairs got to the top of the stairs - nearly exactly where you hugged me and it just hit me why was I taking it out Chris. I went back downstairs again and nearly dropped Chris's tea on the floor when I picked it up from his lap so I could give him a hug.

Glasses - I thought you already wore glasses but I guess I was mistaken. I just have my normal glasses hehe.

Monday, 7 April 2008

I'm still on earth... JUST lol

Hey you,

Sorry for the lack of replyage for the past about a month lol. Laptop well and truely dead R.I.P good old toshiba laptop!

I have managed to get desktop up and running again after about a year out of service... just a hassle to not be able to pick it up and get comfy on my bed etc.

Anyhoo i'm back even though i'm not as comfy, i had to do something!

I've caught up on all the blogs now.

News from here:

Bex has the dress! how cool? BEAUTIFUL! the shop doesnt allow pic to be taken though which is a bit pants but i assure u it's lovely.

I've been in 2 concerts in the past 2 weeks. Getting pretty good again now and more confident which is cool. I will put up a list of events and what each one is for so if you and chris have a weekend free and fancy coming to listen to some stuff then ur welcome to.

Do you like the Zutons? They are performing about 10 mins away from my house (near rufford where we went for the walk). I would quite like to go and see them and i'm gonna ask the other girlies if they like them too... maybe we could make it into a camping weekend or something.

I'm really chuffed about baby esther. please send pics when you get some.

I'm feelin a tad lonely here again at the mo. Scott came to visit a couple of weeks ago which was really nice but i miss him when he goes. ah well something i gotta get used to i guess.

Anyway parentage of the dad variety just got home. i have to pic parantage of the mummie variety up at 7 but going to tesco first to collect some pics...

Oh yeah, on friday i picked up my new glasses... yep, i gotta wear glasses now... i got a pair of armani ones and a pair of guess ones, bogof!

Speak to you soon.

Kewey out.x

P.s love to the jelly babies

Saturday, 5 April 2008


Karen is in labour and my fingers are killing me!!!!

Thursday, 3 April 2008

I'll make a mosher of chris yet

The white blob is chris moshing.

Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Saw these and thought of your Mummie

I was looking for some flowers for my Grandma cos it's her birthday today and spotted these amazing Sunflowers - and I know how much your Mummie loves them.

Tuesday, 1 April 2008

G-ma and G-dad are moving

Grandma and Granddad are on the move - well eventually lol. They have
someone going to look round tomorrow.