Wednesday, 20 May 2009


So I feel like I haven't spoken to you in ages - however I spoke to you on Friday!

We have some better news about house stuff. We had a couple of viewings over the weekend and found one we liked but by the time CJ went for a viewing yesterday it had already been let :(

CJ and Mummie S went to look at some other ones but nothing was quite the same lol. CJ had a call from the current agents we are letting with and they said that they have a property in castle road area – we’d be next to the park on the same road as The Murf which is cool.

We have a viewing there tomorrow straight after work so hopefully if we like it, we can verbally put a deposit down and get the money to them Friday. So exciting!!! It wasn’t the end of the world after all!!!

How is your hand doing? Have you taken some time off now? I’d be stuffed if I broke my hand because typing and computer work is pretty much my job, then again I could just type one handed – it would mean that I’d only be able to do half as many orders as I do normally lol.

I’ve posted a couple more videos on YouTube if you get bored enough to watch them lol. I keep meaning to post some to Facebook as well.

My favourite videos on YouTube at the moment are on these channels

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Rochelle said...

I like your Youtube picks. Charlies song about acne is pretty good. My son will love it. (swapbot stampkrl)