Saturday, 6 October 2007

Danish Camp and our Adventures

So it's like a computerised version of my notebook that I write to you in. I could ask Chris to put another blog on his hosting but he already put me a blog on there and I don't really want to ask again.

So everyone arrived all in one go kinda, you arrived and we chatted for a few minutes then Laura and Andrew arrived a few minutes later.

We stood and chatted for a little while then went to Danish Camp together for lunch. I had my normal order of a Hot Sausage Wedge - I did feel a little let down as I had little sausages but it was good anyway. We had cake for pudding which was sooooo nice!!!

Andrew drove us back to my house, where we said goodbye to Laura and Andrew. We then went to Tesco to get a magazine for you to read on the train and some other bits.

I was a bit disappointed by the results and it didn't really hit me until the way Chris reacted to them. I sat out on the landing because I needed just to breathe and have some space. I had a phenomenal cry and then didnt sleep till like 2am just because I couldn't sleep because I was still really pent up.

I slept straight through and didn't wake up until after church. Kristin said she understood and that i'd been on a bit of a rollercoaster ride - and she said she thought I had a reasonable excuse to get out of church - I spoke to David this evening (He's one of the deacons at church - and one of my friends) about yesterday and how emotional I got about it and he was really sympathetic about it and really understanding.

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Sophie Honeysuckle said...

Hi Hannah! Thanks for visiting me! All of Florence was lovely-hope you get to go there one day!x