Saturday, 10 November 2007

I'VE ARRIVED!!!!!!!!!!

Hiya everyone (especially my beautiful friend Hannah)

Sorry that it has taken me so long to give any input to this site but here i am now.

How wierd is this..... me and smithey got jobs on exactly the same day! how cool is that? Ok, we may be miles apart now but still v v much together! I miss bedford and all things uni. I miss the responsibility that havin my own place entailed. I miss going for drinks n lunches with my bestest buds.

On the flip side, i am home with my family now. I have mummy and daddy cooked dinners. i earn money and i dont have to pay rent or the such. I have a huge luxury in WARMTH!

So, since i've been back in mansfield, i have joined 2 bands, quit one, started workin in pub, got supply work in school, got full time post in school and basically lost a lot of time that i used to spend socialising. (not that i mind).

Anyway. I'm heading off now. sitting with the family to watch the rest of the rememberance night on the beeb.

Love to all.x (han am i blogging right?)

kewey out.x

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