Saturday, 10 January 2009

I've not quite vamooshed

Hiya :)

Ok, so i did a bit of a vanishing act over the crimbo/new year break. sorry for that but i was probably not the best company. I didnt spend much time at home over the festive period due to one thing and another. Had a lot of lovely gifts for crimbo which cheered me up but like all material things the cheer was short lived! I spent new year driving around because i didnt want to be where i was planning to be and was in bed by 5 to 12. Not a very happy new year.

I'm looking forward though.... i have got some christmas pressies to give out soon! i'm going to LB's house warming/everything else party on the 24th of this month. Then fancy my chances dressing up as a ballerina or rock star for shopaholics birthday do. both of which seem to be residential which will be cool. Wish i could go back to the shire more regularly but what with working in the week and not really being able to afford such trips often makes it a little difficult to make regular visits.

Righty o. I'm tootling off now. Big

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