Wednesday, 1 April 2009

Rainbow without colour.

Sorry for lack of bloggage. Dead laptop and snail slow pc so using mobile. Recently so much has been happening. Got new job, applied for yet another new job, visited various places including seaside and countryside. Met up with girlies etc.the past week i have done too much to upset people closest to me but have also felt quite hurt. I'm crying all the time and just not really explaining why! At work I've been made to feel useless at my job with a certain difficult child, also not being told important informatio. At home i feel like i am upsetting my parents by not talking to them much and heading up to bed early because I'm shattered. Relationship wise i feel like such a bad girlfriend. I've not been entirely fair to my man and obviously this has had a bit of a knock on effect. I need to start adding colour to this rainbow. Hopefully the break from work over Easter and the start of a new job after Will cheer me up and i can spend the time mending to wrongs that i think I've done. Anyway. There's my confession done. Night night people.x

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