Sunday, 10 August 2008

GOODNESS! 3weeks!

Hello you!

3 weeks is far too long... sorry!

Well for the record, you dont have bad BO or anythin.... i just had a busy last week followed by a no signal holiday!

I'm back from Cornwall now which i had v mixed feelings about... I loved being away and sarge was exceptionally good company which i found strange as theres still nothing going on between us!

Day 1 was strange. we set off from stoke on trent at 5am and didnt arrive at the place until 1pm..... there was a v v nasty accident which left us stopped on the motorway... it took us about 7 hours if you dont count the services stops. Bex n si set off an hour after us and it took them 11 hours to get there. Sarge and I got there before mum n dad (and before we could book in) so we got the map out and looked for the nearest beach! Praa Sands was about 10mins from where we were staying so we went and had fish n chips there. It was sooooooo hot and i got a slight tan just driving down... We met mum n dad at 3 back at the holiday place. Scott and I reserved our room and unpacked before going to check out the swimming pool.

After the first day we didnt get too much sunshine... i think it was 5 days in total of sunshine. It was still hot though and we only had one day of cold despite the rain which filled every other day lol.

I'm not going to bore you with the details of the whole 2 weeks but i think we all really really enjoyed it. I wish i was still there to be honest. I felt different to how i feel when i'm here and just a lot more free!

Highlights were: RNAS Culdrose air day, Lands End air day, days on the beach, star gazing with scott (which was so so so beautiful)! Newquay Rip Curl Board Masters. Radio one live from Newquay (scott and i didnt actually get to go into the radio one bit but we did see it from the road and then went and listened to it on the beach).

Anyways, you'll have to fill me in on your S.S trip when you get back

Muchly love.


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