Sunday, 17 August 2008

Take Two

I miss you soooo much!!!!!

So here is a run down of this week and you will see why I might need Kleenex permantly on my person!


Molto-stress day! Chris as per usual left a lot of things to the last minute which meant that he got wound up about stuff and I wasn't helping matters because I was tired and excited all at the same time!

We got to church and packed the bus and the last bits in the car so we were ready to go. The Gibb (Associate Pastor with Pastor Mow Mow) prayed over us like a commissioning
prayer about how we would learn things and comes back knowing things that we didn't know and stuff like that. We then got on the bus and in the car and headed off - I had to follow the bus as I had instructions but couldn't actually read them at the same time as driving We stopped for lunch at a Sainsbury's somewhere before Swindon. I know that because it was just about 10 minutes before we ended up on one of the worst roundabouts in the UK. It's called The Magic Roundabout.

(Things had been tense up to this point as Chris kept putting the phone down on me or completely ignoring the calls - I was in the car on my own, Radio 1 was having like a dance day and played dance music - and because of Chris's most recent clear out of the car I had one CD in the front and the rest were in the back of the car somewhere I couldn't reach on my own.) I was ready to leave Sainsbury's and I followed the mini-bus out of the car park and to carry on the journey - we got to a normal roundabout and I knew which exit we needed however Caroline didn't as Chris wasn't navigating very well. So I took the right exit but Chris and Caroline went round an extra few times. However we then ended up at the Magic Roundabout.

It's nothing to do with Dougall thats for sure lol. I don't know if you've heard of it before but it has 5 mini roundabouts and because of it's design the middle "roundabout" actually has traffic going Anti-Clockwise rather than clockwise like a normal roundabout - it wasn't too hard to navigate once we knew where we were heading and which route to take across it. All I can say is good luck to anyone who ends up that on their driving test.

Just before the roundabout I had well and truly had enough of Chris being mean to me and putting the phone down on me so I decided that I wanted to go home. I wasn't going to spend all week having Chris be mean to me.

So I have taken to using my Mum's laptop to try and get some of this post done - my poor iphone is having a bit of a strop and can't keep up - it keeps crashing out on me and the battery is about to die for like the third time in about the same number of days - partly because of lack of charging facilities.

I would continue by each day by day but I am a little squiffy on what happened each day so I will have to come back to that at some point.

Does friendship really work???
I think it depends if both sides what the friendship to work. Also on what terms the relationship ends.

It won't be lonely I will sort something - whether I come up for a weekend and only see you for a couple of hours around work - I can go window shop in Mansfield and play on my Mac if its ok to use the connection - I can go take photos or something lol basically entertain myself.

Why can't you go back to uni what happened? Where were you going?

Love - it causes the most happiness and the most pain. One of the talks at Soul Survivor would have been good for you to hear - I know at the moment it might have hurt but in the end I think it would have been right for you to hear - It was broadcasted on God TV on Wednesday - Mum recorded it to Sky + So I will try and get it on a DVD and send it to you - Please try and watch it if you get chance.

I wish i could write something happy like the last post i wrote but to be honest i cant lie to you!

I'd rather than you vented and felt better than pretended to be okay. Caroline tells me off for saying that I am ok when I am really not at all.

Hehe I like the fact that you blogged about Rebecca as I must have been texting you about her! As soon as Mum heard that she was from Mansfield, she thought that you would have some kinda of link to her. Dad just walked past and made some silly comment about the fact that our blog is called the Adventures of Kewey and Smithey!!!! lol

Anyhoo I am going to have my Apple Pie while it's warm

Big hugs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

P.s. Do you know where Paula came in the Marathon - if she did run in the end!


Kewey said...

Yeah i know it hurts and it's going to but i just wish i had given other people a chance instead... someone that I at least had a chance with. Was going to do PGCE but my reference is probably still on someones desk! They appologised to me but i'm still peeved!
Paula came 23rd but she didnt push herself coz she's got an injured leg

Kewey said...

Love you by the way. forgot to write it before. sorry.xx