Tuesday, 8 April 2008

Replies to you my friend

No worries - Your laptop was passing out and on life support I think I would survive.

I'm sat watching How To Look Good Naked (this link should take you to my Consultation thing - so like what jeans i should wear and things like that)- I tell you something I don't think I could do the posing at the end - how scary!!! However I do have a positive angle on my body. I had a weight in at the gym to see how much weight I'd lost - well I hadn't lost any weight but I have lost 10% of my body fat - I'm now 23.7% instead of 33.3%. My target was 20% to 25% so I'm right in the middle - I can keep losing to 20% if I want - not sure what happens after that hehe. (OK so one story I just found on Google was that periods would stop - well that could be interesting!!).

Anyhoo so I feel slightly skinnier and am working hard to lose the weight now rather than more fat. (My size 14 are huge on me and my size 12's are getting baggy lol)

Bex has the dress! That's AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! Yeh we were only allowed to take the photo of my dress because Kathy was making the handbag and we'd paid for over half of it or something like that.

Do you like the Zutons? I do like The Zutons - My favourite song is theirs is Valerie. When's the concert?

Baby Esther - No photos as of yet but I'm not even sure if Karen is home from hospital yet - I think they hold new Mum's for 36 hours or something like that so she should be home soon.

Loneliness - I know what you mean. Yesterday Chris said something and I replied - whatever I said came out wrong and we had a barney. I stomped off upstairs got to the top of the stairs - nearly exactly where you hugged me and it just hit me why was I taking it out Chris. I went back downstairs again and nearly dropped Chris's tea on the floor when I picked it up from his lap so I could give him a hug.

Glasses - I thought you already wore glasses but I guess I was mistaken. I just have my normal glasses hehe.

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