Thursday, 24 April 2008



How are you doing? Ok so it's a kinda random photo - I was bored and everyone had abandoned me hehe. Steve, Alison and Diptee were in a meeting (the other side of the door in the middle of the shot) and Hazel and Irina had nipped over to the warehouse to organise the deliveries - can't remember what I was doing on my computer.

This was just before I went to chat to Steve about taking up the offer of a permanent contract. I think I'm going to ask if I can have a proper computer should the opportunity arise - my computer runs from a laptop through a dock etc and theres a dodgy connection somewhere along the line because it takes ages to load and then has the hiccups when going from one program to the next. (Baring in mind that I probably run outlook, msn, word/excel and Exact (the program that we put orders in). Also sometimes I can be running IE as well.

Anyhoo I am going to go tidy up the kitchen as I have thrown a combination of flour and icing sugar across the room (I was dancing round to All That Jazz from Chicago - I think it can be excused hehe!)

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