Monday, 7 April 2008

I'm still on earth... JUST lol

Hey you,

Sorry for the lack of replyage for the past about a month lol. Laptop well and truely dead R.I.P good old toshiba laptop!

I have managed to get desktop up and running again after about a year out of service... just a hassle to not be able to pick it up and get comfy on my bed etc.

Anyhoo i'm back even though i'm not as comfy, i had to do something!

I've caught up on all the blogs now.

News from here:

Bex has the dress! how cool? BEAUTIFUL! the shop doesnt allow pic to be taken though which is a bit pants but i assure u it's lovely.

I've been in 2 concerts in the past 2 weeks. Getting pretty good again now and more confident which is cool. I will put up a list of events and what each one is for so if you and chris have a weekend free and fancy coming to listen to some stuff then ur welcome to.

Do you like the Zutons? They are performing about 10 mins away from my house (near rufford where we went for the walk). I would quite like to go and see them and i'm gonna ask the other girlies if they like them too... maybe we could make it into a camping weekend or something.

I'm really chuffed about baby esther. please send pics when you get some.

I'm feelin a tad lonely here again at the mo. Scott came to visit a couple of weeks ago which was really nice but i miss him when he goes. ah well something i gotta get used to i guess.

Anyway parentage of the dad variety just got home. i have to pic parantage of the mummie variety up at 7 but going to tesco first to collect some pics...

Oh yeah, on friday i picked up my new glasses... yep, i gotta wear glasses now... i got a pair of armani ones and a pair of guess ones, bogof!

Speak to you soon.

Kewey out.x

P.s love to the jelly babies

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