Thursday, 10 April 2008

Over The Rainbow

It's driving me ever so slightly mad!!!
I have the same few lines stuck in my head and it keeps going round and round and round and round and.....well you get the idea!
My phone battery has just died so I can't sneak off and check Facebook. Work is ok but we are short on orders so theres not much to do (some days I am genuinely confused to why they needed another person - There's not really enough work to go round all the time - if that makes sense. When I was at Wickes there was straighening up stock and cleaning to do all the time but after filing and reorganising my desk a few times theres isn't much else to do.)
I finished the bits for a swap last night. It was one I am hosting called "Hands Up If You're an April Baby". So it's a birthday swap. The person I am sending to lives in USA - I can't remember off the top of my head which state shes in though - I could probably look but cant be bothered lol. I am receiving from a girl and it's her first proper swap rather than a forum swap - so was a little worried that I might not get anything - however she has surprised me and emailed me yesterday saying that she didn't know who her partner was and she didnt know how to find out. So I sorted out some instructions for her and they made sense because she emailed me back saying - I'm your partner - I live in the USA is there anything that you like that you can only get over here. Well I love Oreo's but you can get them in Sainsbury's now so I decided that I'd really like to try some Hershey's chocolate - Chris really likes it but I don't know if you can get it over here so I asked if I could have a bar of that, and I then send I'd go away and think about other bits.
Just been and checked the order I had in front of me and it was already on the system. Erm ok so what do I do till Lunchtime - I could probably go now but Alison needs my help to sort her voicemail on her new phone. (She left 3 as well - Had had enough of all the problems - her David and Michael have all had problems with their phones and contracts (and the service they recieved).
I spoke to a customer earlier and he was really funny. He was amazed that he'd literally just got off the phone and I was calling back  (actually I was calling back from the Fax he had sent earlier in the morning) anyway he was very chuffed by the service he had recieved and the fact I spent like 5 minutes on the phone with him while he tried to open his safe. When I explained how to do it and it worked he was super chuffed lol.
I think I might go for lunch now - Hows your day going? Theres is a conversation on Facebook regarding my birthday. I mentioned to Laura about my Wishlist - I have the link I just need to post it to the conversation.
h over and out

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