Tuesday, 10 June 2008

The 6 letter word starting with C is BANNED


This was gonna be a happy post but I am worrying myself into a little knot.

Mum still isn't probably better from Christmas ish time and after that when they said she had pneumonia. She was on kick butt antibitoics and i think they worked a little bit.

Mum went to see a Doctor at the hospital who made her have a CT Scan (I think or an MRI) and now she's having a Broncoscopy (they're going to stick a camera down her windpipe into her lung and see whats going on in there).

I'm so scared that they might find something bad like a tumour. I have a self induced headache now from getting myself wound up, been crying and sniffling. It's 20 past 11 and I want to go and give my Mum a hug and tell her how much I love her (I sent her an email but I doubt she'll get it till like tomorrow morning/afternoon as they had a power cut and then she's got college tomorrow.

Are you coming down for Amy's Wedding? She's trying to get numbers at the moment for catering etc I guess

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