Thursday, 5 June 2008


What about just being friends? I know people who have been friends longer than they've been an item. Me and Chris were friends for like 5 years before we started going out. That was for the second time buts that because it didn't work the first time round, we were 14 and 15 i think and getting the bus to Godmanchester on my own seemed really daunting. (Especially as it wasn't a direct bus you had to go to Huntingdon or St Neots and then get another bus to Godmanchester.)

I don't mind being the geek of the office but I think Steve has been singing my praises to the guys in the States about how good I am at computers. I'm not really - if Chris came in I'd be rubbish compared to him lol. ARGH! Oh well my "expertise" covers most of the stuff that happens - if it doesn't I call Dan who is in Rochester.

I have to go but i will write again later when my computer stops being slow.

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