Friday, 13 June 2008

I've got it!

So Sarge is Sarge so other can be Miu - used to be paramedic makes him a Man in Uniform hehe!

Ok so I have like serious issues at the moment. Having had another migraine on Sunday I decided something had to be done - I was at the end of a pack anyway so I stopped taking them - so i've been over the place the last few days - I felt miles happier on Wednesday - both because me and Mum had a chat about her hospital stuff and she said that the Doctor has already confirmed that it won't be the C word as it would have shown up on her X-Ray. (Something would have also shown in her blood test)

Then yesterday I was completely the opposite - one little thing happened that shouldn't have bothered me but it did and it sent me off the high board almost - I cried for like an hour and poor Mrs Mow Mow took the brunt of it!

Today I feel more happier but half asleep. I am struggling to concentrate so hopefully post lunch my brain will kick in.


Melissa said...

I hope you get to feeling much better soon!

God's Rock Angel said...

Thank you Melissa!

I'm off to the Docs this afternoon - I was meant to go give blood today - I'm just wondering if I can fit them both in....