Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Musical Scavenger Hunt

Ok so there are 25 categories but you only need to complete 15 - I will post my responses in a few minutes I'm working on it at the moment.

1 A song under two minutes
2 A song with a form of transportation in the title
3 A song with some form of punctuation in the title
4 A song that mentions a country other than your own
5 A song that mentions time in some way
6 A song about wealth and/or privilege
7 A song about poverty/lower economic status
8 A song that contains bad grammar (whichever language you choose)
9 Any artist’s first hit
10 A song you like in a genre you don’t
11 A track from a comedic actor’s/singer’s CD
12 Song with one of the four elements in its title in some form
13 A song that tells a story
14 A song from your favourite movie
15 A dark song (your interpretation)
16 A song about a cause that’s special to you
17 A song written for one genre that is translated to another
18 An Irish drinking song
19 A song about work
20 A song that mentions some cosmic entity (moon, star, comet, etc)
21 A song over five minutes
22 Song that mentions one of the US states
23 Song that mentions a month
24 Song that mentions distance in some way, vaguely or specifically (near/far, etc)
25 Song mentioning royalty of some kind, real or not (eg. “Queen of Memphis”)

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