Wednesday, 19 November 2008


I'm glad that you like it! (I think your Mum would like it to)

My Dad started his Tribute with this story about a rose and that made me go! I cried like 6 tears and pulled myself back together and then a bit towards the end it started me off again!!!

Mike and David ended up holding each others hand in the service cos Mike was in pieces I was sat between Chris and Nadia (Mike's long term girlfriend) and Nadia had tears streaming down her face as well. 

The service at the church was hard because we didn't know any of the songs (but in true me style i tried to make it up as i went along!). Our row (which was all family) followed the coffin and Grandad, Mum Dad and Richard out of the church - it was a bit cloudy and the weather looked like it could turn nasty. Dave and Joy C and Mrs Gibb came to the service at Putnoe which was good - just to know that they were giving up an hour of their time to be there was really nice. 

We had the service at the crematorium which was hard as well because I knew what was coming but it wasn't so bad as they pull a curtain round so I stared at the hymn book on the chair in front of me. 

CJ kept over analysing everything and it was really quite hard and I don't think he realised how much it was hurting. We came out the church and he was rather harsh towards me. On the way out of the church and onto Putnoe Lane the pallbearer walked in front of the hearse so that he could stop the traffic and let the convoy of cars through. When we got to the Crematorium he kept talking about the car park and what the building looks like and stuff like that and I just wanted to scream at him - I didn't want to be talking about what was happening I wanted to talk about the weather or Star Trek that we were watching last night - just anything that what was happening at the present (does that make sense at all?)

Anyhoo! The wake lunch thing went well minus me backing into Uncle S's coffee cup and knocking it down him - He got in a right one at me and didn't really accept my apology. Me Kirsty Rich Mum and Dad ended up hanging out in the hall way and on the stairs as there was a lack of space. CJ and David rabbeted on about computers and climbing for most of the afternoon. 

Later in the afternoon me, Auntie B, Mike, Nadia and Rich ended up stood in the kitchen talking about drunk experiences and going to the pub. Maybe we all fancied it or something! Auntie B lives about 6 doors from their village pub! 

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