Friday, 7 November 2008

Put some colour into someone elses day... it's a good feeling!

Following Smithys AOK blog I thought I would kinda devise something...

Recently one of my closest friends has been hit quite hard with the sad loss of her Grandma. As we all know death is the umpleasent certainty of life itself... does that make sense? It brings back memories of when a close person to me died and the sense of loss i felt... the loss that he had gone away and the sense of being lost in myself and not knowing where to turn without the fear of burdening someone.

Anyway, I dont live near my friend anymore and if I did, I know (and hope she does) that I would be there for her to just sit and be quiet with, talk with, sing with, dance with, laugh, cry, and just exist with. Thats what friends are for! However, I dont want to JUST exist. I have a heart and I want to have positivity in it. I have had lots of times of negativity, worrying what people think of me, feeling like I am worthless and used, like treatment was not going to work and that i was an inconvenience and expense. I do have a purpose, we all do! We can find a purpose for ourselves. Lots of people have hurt, upset and anguish in their everyday lives. Just one smile in a day can take some of that hurt and upset away. A smile costs nothing and how good does it feel to turn that frown upside down? For me it is one of the best feelings because not only am i appreciating something, I am showing it without words. You can sit in silence and just be happy for company. Thats fine!

The AOK bit comes into this because, for example, my friend is obviously grieving the loss of her Grandma at the moment and a simple action of kindness could put just a speck of colour back into her day. Give her a smile when you see her, open a door, say thank you if she does something for you. Just think, this girl is like me. She has a heart and she needs warmth today!

I have tried it... it's good. I work part time in a village pub. I have done the job for 5 years after starting for a bit of extra money while at school. I never had the guts to quit after i graduated from uni so still doing that as well as the profession. I dont like the job at all and will be leaving soon (hopefully) but it's not hard to give a little time to the old man that tells the same story every week, stamped in my head because i've heard it so much. He's gone home happy because he's shared his story.

Taking my sister to work bugs me (especially if she is stressing about being late) but I know that she has got to work in the warmth and comfort of the car, we have had out "to work" chat and she has got there safe for a days work. The same goes for taking my Grandma to the hairdressers. I dont get a thank you for doing it and sometimes she is rude yet I would never leave her to go by herself and the odd time I might suprise her and take her for a cuppa tea - She is so grateful for that and that makes me feel so happy inside.

I dont do any of these for brownie points... I am too old to be a brownie! No, seriously, I do it because people need to have some happiness in their day. I need happiness in my day and by making someone smile I can smile too!

*I know that on here it is quite obvious who my friend is but she could be anyone near you, all over the world, Girl, Boy, young or old.

When you get that happy feeling after doing something good today, please give my friend and her family a thought.



P.S that is genuinely from the heart and I guess it may sound cheesey and a bit prom queen speechish but hey, i just wanted to share in the idea of AOK.x

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