Thursday, 13 November 2008

I've quit

No don't panic. I've not made some drastic decision to quit my job.

I've quit the youth work at church. Yes CJ is the main dude when it comes to youth work at our church but it does help if you're willing to be open to ideas, suggestions and most of all listen to your leaders

I've had major heart ache for the last week. Some mornings it takes me a lot of mental energy to put one foot in front of the other to remember what I'm doing and what I'm trying to achieve (which probably means I've made mistakes at work this week).

Next week is going to be mentally tough as well as it's the funeral on Wednesday. This weekend there is a retreat where we are going to the Scout Camp near Sandy. The young people are going to be sleeping on the floor of the hall (yes people in November!!!!)

Me and CJ live in a Victorian built house (converted into flats) and it's permantly cold (or at least rather cool!). I believe that it's that temperature which has been making me ill (we had the same problem at no 90 between the temperature and the penicillin that CJ was trying to grow)

So I am now free at the weekend for babysitting, putting up sheds and other flat pack furniture. I am however car less and my bike has no lights so you may need to be within walking distance or able to supply transport.

You are also not allowed to say you're sorry or to get over the pain and move on.


vannasmom said...

Hi this is dawn again !
I have to admit I love the other blog better , feels more homey feeling ya know !!
I enjoyed the reading though , sorry you quit your job , but it will all come out in the wash!!

Anonymous said...

Hi Dawn!

Thank you for the comment but I didn't quit my job!

Full Time I am a customer service rep for a local company.

Part time i used to be a volunteer youth worker at church.

marineko said...

Hope things will be better soon :)