Tuesday, 20 November 2007

doesnt self pity suck???


Heya as much as i love looking on here it makes me miss you so so much more... I read your blogs twice coz i just want to take everything in. I felt so sad that you were all alone. It's making me feel pants here at the moment. I'm beginning to feel really lonely in everything i do. I go to work (where people are all talking about quiet nights in etc) i then come home and feel completely burnt out so i usually flop, have some tea and head off to bed at about 8.30 *yep in bed now* It's unlike me to be so tired so early! I tell everyone at work about band n they're all in awe of it but i dont really get to make proper friends with people as in the kind of friend that i could call or just hang out with locally because they are all scattered over and the majority have families! I go to pub work and with no disrespect to the peeps i work with, non are the kind to go out with... basically, how am i meant to meet and make friends with new people when the reality is is that i'm on my tod!

I love si and bec to bits but they are always together and it's actually getting to me! i am more on my own now than i ever have been and it's so upsetting. I've tried to talk to my dad about it (i get too emotional talkin to mum) and he just thinks that i need to get out with people my own age *hello dad, HOW?????????* i end up just coming home and sitting in my room or something. I'll tell you something though, i will make a fab housewife, i'm getting v good at ironing and washing... still work to be done on the cooking front though!

I hope things are better for you now chris is home. I can tell you missed him.

I'm playing my first charity concert on saturday. It's 2 - 4 and i'm working saturday night so i cant even go out to celebrate and thank the peeps that are helping me out. Hey Ho!

I will give a more upbeat blog when i am back to being semi cheerful *which is as cheerful as i can feel in mansfield* self.

Love you lots like pear drops! xx

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