Sunday, 18 November 2007

I miss you too!

Hey u!!!!

I miss you huge amounts too!!!!!

Me and Kewey2 went into Nottingham shopping today. She is still on a crutches but can use her foot now. Anyways, we went into Notts and it was so nice just the 2 of us. We did more window shopping than anything else. I spent 40 on new music books (naughty naughty me... explained why towards the bottom)! The train conductor guy told everyone to get off the train at sutton parkway because there was a problem at mansfield train station which really annoyed people (i wasnt really annoyed, just a bit concerned because i had to work tonight). They said there would be a bus but we were out in the freezing cold for 30 mins and still nothing so kewey2 called daddy kewey and he picked us up. I then came home and listened to some music, got ready for work and tootled off. BY THE WAY - CRAZY IDEA SHOPPING IN NOTTINGHAM THIS CLOSE TO CHRISTMAS, TOO BUSY!!!

I'm always so so so tired at the moment! I've finised the TA band now so i've freed up my tuesday nights. I'm working in school monday to friday (often til gone 6 coz of meetings etc) and then the pub is on thursday night, the odd fri night, sat night and sunday dinner. I have police band rehearsal on monday nights. When i'm not workin a fri night i like to go out to just chill and break away from the week (like last night well fri night as it's now 1.15am on sunday) i went to see blues brothers tribute and it was amazing! got to talk to them and everything, they said they will do some charity stuff for a charity i'm involved in which is big coolies!

I'm not sleeping brilliantly at the moment, i dont know whether it's to do with not being able to relax/chill not sure but it's doin my head in.

To top things off, i have not been feeling too well, my stomach has swollen again and it's making me feel quite ill at times, i'm either really really starving or i have no appetite at all... no in between! However, i cant stop my jobs. I love working in the school because it's completely up my street and i keep being told how natural i am and i need the pub job too because i would like to save school money and use the pub money to run my new car (when i get it)!

All swings, rountabouts and seesaws at the moment but hey ho. Keep plodding on.

It's freezing here, really really bitterly cold, well it is outside. It's lovely and warm here with the heating on. Whats it like in good ol' bedford town?

I must head off now and try to sleep as i've got work later (grrrrr)

Big love as always. Kewey out.x

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