Sunday, 25 November 2007

Hello lovely one!

how are you doing?

I'm ok - my fingers on my left hand and my right wrist are hurting but I'm not really all that sure why tbh.

Anyhoo I am much more happier today - I slept all morning (yes I know I missed church but sometimes I need the me/sleep time! lol). We had lunch at Jenny and Andy's which was cool. I got the guided tour as I am babysitting Suzy who is actually 9 so it's not really babysitting next week end as Jenny is at a course and Andy is working. Kinda scared about it but it will be all good I have nowt to stress about I am sure.

I had Million Leaders Mandate this evening which is a leadership course - It's great fun - today we had to talk about things that are giants in our lives - so things that get to us or cause us trouble. we then sat in small groups as talked about what each of us is good at. Caroline said that I am good with kids especially little ones like Abi and Joel - which I thought was really cool. Jenny then said how she didn't exactly know me that well as a person but she knew I could handle the responsibility of looking after Suzy as I do such a good job with Joel and Abi which is cool.

I'm just thinking what me and Suzy can do next weekend - any ideas lol. Suzy loves crafty stuff so it would be cool if we make Christmas cards or something. I thought about seeing what was on the Kids Club at the cinema then maybe me and her could go - if it was a film she might like. What do you think?

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