Monday, 12 November 2007


That's cool I am Beautiful - makes me feel much better - have a horrible tummy ache and my hair needs a wash lol.

No worries about putting your input in you've been busy getting a job!

So yeah we both got jobs on exactly the same day! So mine is as Sales Support at Star Events Group Not exactly sure at the moment what it entails but I am sure I will enjoy it - when I had my interview I was doing like a trial run and the lady next to me was organising stage crew for the next few McFly gigs. It was so funny just hearing all these bands names being dropped in conversation every few minutes.

I miss Kewey very much too!!! - Such good english lol. Kewey's Mum and Dad are soooo cool! Probably sounds really geeky but they are! When I've been to Hannah's they always make me totally welcome like it's my own home - last time I went they were going on holiday the next day but they were still totally welcoming like they had all the time in the world - it's soooo cool!

Can't quite say the same about being home lol. Me and Chris have 3 rooms to call home - and it is home I'm not dissing it or anything but I feel the cold easily and Chris doesn't so a warm room to me is sweltering to him and so most nights I go to bed in my pjams, legwarmers and some nights a jumper just to stay warm lol. I guess I am getting used to it - I went to Mum's last week and boiled - I'd got extra layers on to keep me warm then got to Mum's and was baking because it was so warm!

Yes My dear you are blogging - Welcome to the Revolution!!!! Lol!!!! Now I just need to get you on Swap-Bot or selling your cards on Etsy and We'll be well away lol

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Kewey said...

This is a good idea yah!

I am into the swap bot and etsy thing but i forgot the names coz i'm a bit dizzy like that. Also, i have to sort stuffage out to do that.... we're going to be making wedding invites soon, not to be sent out but bec isnt quite sure what she wants yet.