Tuesday, 4 December 2007

since last time...


Heya u. Since last time i wrote i have done many many things. Too much to put everything in a blog (and also i cant quite remember it all lol)

On friday i went on a trip with the primary dept to Brackenhurst college and they set up a "real" nativity... ok the real bits were the stable, the donkey, 2 sheep if you get me... i mean it was real coz it happened but they used live stock in a live setting and selected chilren played the roles of mary, joseph etc etc.
--sidetrack-- the morning was sad because we found out that someone (a parent and ex member of staff) had been found dead but was a death of "natural causes". I spoke to his estranged wife as she is a family friend and she said it was surreal but she was ok... more bothered about her 2 children!
-- back to brackenhurst-- the nativity was so amazing and tear jerking in a way. All the christmas songs that the children sang and signed. was v funny having the real animals there though... there was a sheep that took a great liking to shoes and blankets (and the trip folder) hahahahaha and there, needless to say, were a few nervous giggles and panic from some kiddies.

Saturday: I went ikea shopping with the folks and i tried to set a new bank account up but there was a v v long line and the assistant said i probably wouldnt set one up that day... hmph! I played in a concert at Turner Hall, Mansfield Woodhouse in the evening which went well. It was nice to have a soul night off work but i will miss the money hehe. I had the giggles at my conductor coz he kept sneazing and then tryin to disguise it lol.... funny when ur sat in front of him and there's a whole audience in front of me and behind him not knowing what he was doing lol. Raised about £690 for a guide dog for a lady that is blind and her dog died.

Sunday: WORK!!!!!! stags were playing football (they won - get in!) and the pub was fairly busy... early bed sunday night!

Monday (yesterday): went to school as normal... in briefing meeting was informed that one of the students had died in the early morning in hospital (God bless his family). I was quite sad about it (as expected) but somehow managed to stay strong and professional. One of my work mates wasnt in school on fri so didnt know about the other person that had died and no one had informed her over the weekend. We were having a convo about how sad it is and i mentioned that it didnt matter what age (mentioned friday) and she didnt know.... she burst out crying and came to me for a hug... I felt so so bad that i had to be the one to tell her and the fact it was a double wammy for her that i cried too... was so sad to see her like that.
The tears didnt last long and we pulled together although the head of dept came and said that if we dont deal with it we stay at home which i was v v angry about... the day people in that school lose emotion is the day when people should stay at home.... as if i havent seen the other side of the job but hey ho!!! all over. BIGGER FISH TO FRY!!!!
Last night was works *pub* christmas dinner.. i had prawn cocktail, turkey dinner and profitteroles (smithy, just for u hehe) I had a fair bit to drink but was not drunk... i was respectable. I got a camera full of pics so i will post them when they're up :D
I got home at about 11:45pm and headed for bed straight away... i was just heading off to sleep wen i heard a loud bang outside my room. I literally jumped out of bed and bec was soooo violently sick in the bathroom next to my room. Because of her broken leg she didnt quite make the loo so it was not a nice sight. She said she couldnt move so i ran downstairs (mum had dropped off down there i noticed when i got in) and woke mum up coz i knew i couldnt manage safely on my own. Mum went upstairs while i sorted out a place for bec and a drink. She came downstairs and while mum sorted the bathroom i sat with bec coz she was really ill. i finally came up to bed at 3.30am (yawn) and fell asleep as soon as my head hit the pillow lol.

Today: i woke to the WONDERFUL (sarcasm there) sound of my alarm at 6.30am. Got ready for work and headed in.
The lady that i work with that was upset about the double wammy didnt come in today coz she's been having a hard time of late. So there was 3 staff and 4 children (only one child away today). We could normally manage but today has been one of those days where everything has gone wrong and at some point everyone of the children has been sick/ fitted or hurt themselves and theres a play to plan, 2 trips to finalise, a nativity set to make, bathrooming and feeding.... just not happenin lol.
mum took bec to drs and she's got a bug, me n mum hardly stopped since we got in from work. Dad was late home from work. we had tea, watched eastenders then i came up for a shower and bed!!!! lol

the week ahead:

Tomorrow: Pantomime (cinderella) at our local theatre. Stars Dave Benson-Philips and Gemma from cbbc amongst others (cant remember who).

Thurs: Trip to White Post Farm to see another nativity style thing *was planned before the brackenhurst trip*

Fri: "normal" day in school

Sat: Driving lesson am, Notts police officers dinner concert at Kellham Hall

Sun: work double shift Blugh!

Will fill more in when it happens.

Loads and loads of love. Kewey.xx.