Friday, 17 October 2008

Kewey is a wuss!

You would have thought that after the past 2 or 3 years i would have got used to this whole stuff that include hospitals!

I was fine til about 5 today... Packing my bag hit me hard! I became scared! i dont want anyone here to know that i am scared because when i spoke to twinny today i was about to say i was scared but then clogged up... like if i said it i would cry!

i'm not really in pain, just feel rather uncomfortable... does that make sense? Imagine havin a tummy rumble as if hungry then place that just above your left hip and then between there and tummy button a dull ache with the rumble almost constantly... thats what i feel.

mummie k is really cool i think she senses my nervous/scaredness but hasnt asked. She told me that i can drive her to work in the morning before i go to see dr coz then i have to go and pick her up... (i think this was her being positive - which helps - however, i dont want to let her down if i have to go in)!

I have to look for positives... Have been thinking while at work (i thought it would take my mind off it but now i am home i could have done with tidyin my befroom and gettin some more washing done)!

The positives are:-

1. A jolly good sleep (aided by general anasthetic)
2. Somewhere warm! (hospitals are always hot)!
3. The chance that this infection will go away!
4. errrrrrrm i cant really think of a number four.

See i cant think of 5 positives but i guess 3 is better than none! there will be someone somewhere going through much worse and my 3 positives will be more than some peoples.

Right well i had better rest my head... early start to get mummie to work before i go to the drs.

Wish me luck peoples! Hopefully there will be an update soon.

Kewey out for now. God bless you all.xxxxxx

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