Monday, 20 October 2008

Monday Monday

Can I go home now?

It's 5:02 and I ache. My knees and shins are sore and I don't get why :( I've been on like megadoses of Vitamin C for the last few days to try and boost my immune system to fight off my cold. I have a lovely cough.

I have been trying to work but have just had Mondai-ititis for most of the day which isn't good. I have done lots of orders since 3pm though so the guy in the warehouse probably needs a lie down!

Everyone is clearing off it would seem. Logistics Lady went at 4:30pm, followed by Auntie at 5pm and The Big UK Cheese is leaving now it would seem. We're all getting ready to go for 5:30pm, well me and HT are at least. DR is staying. (I need different nicknames for people at work that are a bit different and more encoded - any ideas?!?!)

My cousin David is getting baptised on the 7th December which is like super cool! I'm in charge of the video camera so I'm going to video the whole service if the Preacher-Dude (David's Girlfriend's Dad) will let me - which I think he will - you only get baptised once in your life so it's like a big day! Mum and Dad have already put it in their diary even though I think David didn't want them to come hehe - I think he wants it to be a little do rather than the whole family arriving but hello again with the one day in your life-ness! Even one of the guys at church who has met David only twice asked me for the time and place to be there!

I am being all healthy-fied and have been drinking lots of water - which is awesome as I have shed a little weight. But I have also lost some of that weight from being ill - don't worry not significant amounts but there is a difference thats for sure. I am trying to just eat at meal times rather than eating junk in between - today I failed because my tummy started rumbling at like 10am but I had an Alpen Cereal bar so I was at least a little healthy.

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