Tuesday, 14 October 2008


About 20 minutes ago I went to the loo. (yeah ok not great for an opening line but listen to the rest)

There was a girl in the cubicle next to me and I could hear her crying. It tugged at me. I flushed the loo and headed for the sink then thought "What if she really needs someone at this moment in time". So I reverse and tap on the door "I know it's none of my business, but are you ok?". A choked up voice replies "Yeah I'll be ok". Now I know how many times I've said that rather than face it so I hover by the sinks and take extra time to wash my hands.

I hear the loo flush and to look less like I was hovering and more like I was actually washing my hands. She appears and I say to her, "I know it's a little wierd but a hug sometimes makes it a little better, would you like a hug?" and she says "Yes" so I give her a hug (in a true Hannah way!). She turns to me with more tears in her eyes and tells me that I'm really thoughtful and she really needed a hug.

I asked her "Was she having a bad day?" - vague enough that I'm not being notice but give opportunity to talk and she says "Yeah you could say that". I made some comment about chocolate also making problems seem smaller.

I think I rambled and faffed lol

So Toilet Girl (because I didn't ask your name and I should have!) should in some random coincidence you be reading this now that I've typed it. I'm Hannah and I work in the office next door to the canteen. If you wanna chat about your day or whatever had you in tears (I won't tell anyone), come grab me tomorrow at 12:30, come knock on the door and ask for me (I promise people in my office aren't scary) we can sit in the canteen and chat while I eat my lunch if thats ok or if you see me in the corridor we can sort another time.

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