Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Amazingness in some people!

Hello smithy and bloggers that actually read this blog.

Today has been odd.

Parentage came back from lake district yesterday.

This morning i got up in good time, dressed etc. Came downstairs, looked after woof while mum took kewey2 to drs for check up - all ok.

They came home, we had breakfast, i took kewey2 to work, came home, did ironing, lunch, chilled, (mum n dad both fell asleep - all afternoon), i got bored, went on t'internet and (i dont exactly know what his code name on here is) tooth man (SM) came online on facebook, wrote a lovely message but as he did that i wrote hello in the chat feature... we chatted for ages before my wireless started to spazz! and then he went to the pictures... it was so lovely that he spent time to chat to me! I dont know how he would feel about it but i really needed to chat to someone and he gave his time to chat to me and that makes me smile! smile lots!

I also have chatted to your chef friend that shares the same surname. He wants a trip up here sometime apparently. That was before tooth man.

You have amazing friends smithy, you really do!

off for foodage now.

kewey out

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