Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Mum Does Know Best (or in my case My Boss)

So I was sent home from work today with my horrible cold. 

After chatting to you on MSN the second time I think. I went to the Supermarket and it was raining. Finding the Pharmacy in the supermarket near work is a pain in the butt anyway but it took me like three attempts just to remember where I was going and what for. 

I got capsules because I knew I'd OD or something if I had the liquid stuff. 

My Mum would tell me and my brother that if we were well enough to go out to play with our friends then we were well enough for school. When I was at middle school I hated school so used to try and skive lots. Upper School was a different story. I'd help loads with the school productions and stuff so that by the first night I'd more than likely have a sore throat or a cold - or it would hit be just after when I'd slowed down. 

So I knew that if I wanted to go to cell I needed to stay at work for the rest of the day. Well it got to lunchtime and having sat through a two hour meeting about personality types i really couldn't handle being at work anymore. 

It took me three attempts to remember why I was stood outside the pharmacy bit. 3 attempts!!!! Thats what my Grandma would be like (she had a stroke two years ago and had short term memory loss - which isn't as bad as it used to be but she does forget stuff)

I got back to work and because the americans were there everyone was having lunch together in the canteen (other than me because i'd just been out). I asked to speak to the manager in charge of my office explained that as much I really wanted to stay for the other bits of training I needed to go home because i feel really rough and needed to stop on work stuff and go home. 

He agreed and said thank you for staying this long, and that if I hadn't have asked he might have sent me home any way! (then he gave me a bar of chocolate to cheer me up! he's great, i've realised why we get on so well it's because our natural personality types are near enough exactly the same! HR Lady had put a picture up of this wheel thing and then where everyone was with their natural personality type.)

So now it's 10:12 and  I've slept like 4 hours this afternoon. I've watched The American President and My Big Fat Greek Wedding (with the commentary! because you can do that on DVD rather than video!) and now I am going to watch "Because I Said So". I might even sit here and write back to a Swap-Bot friend or start on a swap.

Now I am going to fill in a questionnaire for the lady at church - stick on the DVD, eat the rest of my Lemon Curd sandwiches and just sit here and chill.

P.S. I have two days left holiday wise I think between now and Christmas - these are your days I was planning to come up to hang out with if you were free. If that means people watching in the hospital then I will do that.

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