Wednesday, 22 October 2008

The Boredom of Smithey

So I've been thinking while I was bored. Do you reckon there is an optimum way to blow your nose?

So like short sharp blows or one long prolonged blow?

See I am wierd - the wanderings of a Hannah-Mind.

What else have I been thinking about erm... I have a swap on Swap-Bot which is called 75 Questions. And I am 5 questions short at present - the letter is supposed to be mailed by tomorrow and I am running out of time.

I have two partners and I was going to direct you to their blogs but only one of them has a blog. Her nickname is PenguinBurger and her blog is here. Take a look cos it's interesting!

I have been blogging lots on my blog and been writing lots of bits and pieces.

I watched Nim's Island yesterday and I love it! I would really like it on DVD either for Christmas or my birthday is good. (If you go on my blog - there is the trailer for it!)

(And the phone rings again!)

I'm going to go and be productive now that I have tried to shake off my procrastination!

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