Saturday, 2 February 2008

Big hugs


Sorry i haven't replied to the texts. I lent bex my phone yesterday because hers broke and she wanted to get in touch with si and she accidentally forgot to tell me that you text. I think there were delays coz my message box was full. I'm all good thank you. went out with bec last night which was v v nice. I took her shopping today which was also nice. No pennies on phone at the mo coz used all mins and texts. Will top up though.

The pic message u sent is lovely i will put the pic on my computer when i upload everything from my phone.

Sorry this blog is brief but i have to go to pic si up from work and take him, bex and milo home before heading off to work myself (poo night tonight at work.... soul night = stupidly busy and way too crowded)

Anyways, here's to a brand new, fresh week with good things to come. I MISS YOU!

Trying to sort out the service on the car to allow me to come to the ford of beds at some point during 1/2 term.

Big hugs my lovely..... you can share them if you want but just remember to save one for yourself! Hehe

Kewey out.

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