Saturday, 16 February 2008

Defininately Maybe

Hey how you doing today? I got your text earlier about you being back in Mansfield - I texted you but didn't get a reply I guessed that you were catching up with Mum and Dad K so didn't get chance to text back.

Me and Chris went to see Definitely, Maybe - I think Chris was a little annoyed that we were going to see something of my choice again but then he really enjoyed it because it was deep and philosophical. So much so he would like it on DVD. I worked this morning and then went to sign up at one of the recruitment agencies in Bedford (i ended up contacting two others as well). I got home and felt a little rough but was ok. I then went to Mum's and in the two hours I was there my head ache got really bad and I had to come home. I got home and slept for three hours - I felt so much better for it. I would sit and write more but it's 10 to 1 and I think it would be best for me to get some actual sleep.

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