Tuesday, 12 February 2008

You're here!!!!!!!!!!!!!


So unless you happen to check in when you borrow my laptop I guess you will be reading this from Mansfield.
I'm sorry about how I was earlier I think the whole work thing I'd getting me down and I don't know how to react to it. Do I freak out and cry or do I just keep telling myself that it's all oil that there is no problem.

I feel rubbish for shouting at you. You come down here and just get me shouting at you so I apologise again. I Didnt want the hassele of cooking and I couldn't ask you to do it because you are a visitor in our house. Well what of it is ours.

Having trouble the Internet is having the hiccups I think or the windbis blowing the wrong direction lol.

So anyhoo you arrive on Saturday and we went to Tesco then my Mum's so that you could say thank you for her helping me to tidy up on Saturday before you got here. We were then unhealthy and had macdonalds. We both had cicken sandwiches (ithink e both had large's - well if you are going to be unhealthy you need to do it right lol.

We then went to meet Laura and Andrew, from Laura's we went to he pub at Brampton called Brampton Hut.

Chris is now coming up to bed so I am going to go now. See u in the morning.

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