Monday, 25 February 2008

Monday Monday

So it's now Monday lunchtime and I am sat keeping my keyboard warm in between bites of my sandwich (which is actually really nice!!!!!).

On Saturday after the training stuff Me and Chris went with David and Ally to the cinema to see National Treasure 2. It was very good even if it was a sequel. I think Chris enjoyed it - he kept turning to look down the row when David started laughing - My cousin has such a loud laugh when he finds something funny.

Yesterday was a bit more up and down, because we were both tired only the tiniest thing had to be said and it was a whole trauma. Church was good in the morning, Becky sat in one corner doing some painting during the worship which was cool - I went out into the main hall so that I could dance - there wasn't enough room and was slightly concerned that I might send Abi or Joel flying. Myles preached which was cool it was on our I.D. - it was the next part in the series. Kerry's Mum was at church again this week which was cool - I think Helen really likes Kids Work at RP - her and Suzy are like best buds or something now lol.

Anyway it was better this morning, I feel more awake and like I can take on the world. Work hasn't been too bad and I think I can survive the rest of the day. Had fun earlier - It's Charlottes Birthday 2moro so I made her birthday card this morning and it's working it's way round the office (actually I think it might still be on my desk oops!). Anyhoo going to check facebook now. TTFN

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