Friday, 29 February 2008

Feb 29th

Hello - i know seriously unoriginal title but I am bored and typing this very quickly. Today is the 29th February and it's a leap year so I thought I would include the Google Doodle. Another piece of random information I found out was that it is cheaper to drive the extra bit and go to Cardington Road Tesco for Petrol rather than going to Goldington Road Tesco. Which is a useless and random fact - well is kinda useful to me but I am probably going to go to Sainsbury on the way home from work. I had an interview yesterday at the company my Aunt works for. It's at a building called Saturn Facilities. It's one building with lots of different companies in it - Pell and Bales is on the ground floor whereas my Auntie's office is on the lower floor or something - I got slightly confused but she was directing me so I was ok!!!!

The interview went very well and it looks like I could be starting on the 10th March but that depends on what happens. Also my phone hadnt got any battery so it's been charging the other side of the office so that it has some life in it. Just got a message from Chris apparently one of the recruitment agencies I am signed up with have a temp position that I can start on Monday. However I can only do that for a week if I then accept with Sentry - where my Aunt works. ISSUES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me and Mum have been painting the set for Joseph this week so under one thumb nail I have green paint and all over the front of one of my other fingers is Terracotta paint from the tree and column. It is going to be so cool - one of the guys who went to preach at Cardington about two weeks ago called Brian (organises preachers and is playing Potiphar) and asked for 12 tickets!!!! I think we are going to be playing to two full houses!!!! AND my set designs/painting will be on show!!!!!

I've decided that I am going to make proper sketches rather than the rough ideas I came up with and take photos of the complete set so that it shows what I can do should I even need to wave it at someone important lol.

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