Monday, 18 February 2008

A "stay in bed" type of day

Hey u,

Today's been both really really bad and good...

Started off bad! I took milo out for a wee before setting off for work and i winessed a car crash right outside my house... was a v nasty one (not that any are nice) and i gave first aid to a 5 year old girl and her 27 year old mum before the ambulance came. Nothing serious although i dont know how because in my opinion the 4x4 that hit them was doing aprox 40mph!!! not in any way slow and the family car that they were travelling in was either at a stop or a rolling stop coz they were turning down the road that links onto our road.

The little girls dad was just shocked and had hit his head, the little girl hit her head and had glass in her hair from the shattered boot window (the boot literally ended up in the back seat and it was an estate car - just shows how hard it was hit). Her mum had whip lash and was quite shaken. The other driver wasn't injured and i honestly think he was asleep at the time of impact. He made no effort to brake although the estate car was obviously preparing to turn.

Anyhoo had to wait for ambulance and police etc (which when they arrived blocked both drives so me n mum were a tad stuck). The police man did move his car once i was no longer needed and me n mum were only a bit late for work.

I got to school to be told of more sad news, the only girl in our class (the one i was telling u about with the cute christmas gift) is in intensive care. She got admitted on thursday and is really poorly with pneaumonia and an infection which is life treatening if contracted after the age of 1!
Made me feel mega sad because this is the first case that has been direct in our class. Other children have been poorly in the school but she is the first one i have direct contact with every day.

I'm gonna be saying prayers for her and her family! (please will you and the others pray too? her name's danielle and her immediate family are Chris, Jim (mum n dad) and Ricky (bro)

I just hope that Danielle is as stubborn as she is in class and grips onto life! Still feel sad so will stop typing about that now... doesnt pay to get upset.

Inset day then started. It was really good. I did advanced safe handling. It makes me more qualified to work with children, especially those that have difficulties with moving etc.

I came home, took milo out for a wee (he was v reluctant coz it's freezing outside). I did some housework and then went to pick bex up from work. From there i took her to si's and went to pick mum up from the carvery where she was having a working lunch, from there i went to the chinese for me and dad and then came home. It was 7.30 by the time i actually stopped... was shattered but ok(ish) now.

Milo is currently chewing his nylabone and the folks are having a kip. I'm freezing cold and contemplating a hot shower followed by bed but then i'll feel lazy hehe.

Have you heard anything from any pen pals?

I've had a few interesting conversations so far.

Right well i've just about filled you in with my day, how was yours?
Interview go ok?

Speak soon and seriously need to see u soon (even though it's only been about 5 days since i last saw u!!!!!!!)

Much love

Kewey out

P.s Cool about the eva thing and thanks for the lyrics.x

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