Tuesday, 19 February 2008

Well Get YOU!

Car crash - OK so it's not good that you had to do first aid on someone but it's really cool that you could because if you hadn't have been there and it had been serious something worse could have happened - if that makes any sense!!!!

Little Girl in Your Class - I will send an email round the cell group to get the prayers going up. Mum had a chest infection (as you knew) if she hadn't gone to the doctors when she did, she would have had pneumonia.

(Chris installed Linux on my laptop so I could try it out - it just made a really funny noise lol - ooh it signed me into msn and you're online!)

Have you heard anything from any pen pals?

I have heard from a penpal her display name is rainbows something she's a christian and loves star trek - so right up my street lol.

I've had a few interesting conversations so far.

Right well i've just about filled you in with my day, how was yours?

I am still feeling like i shouldn't be at work - they've got the interviews for my replacement 2moro evening which is hard because its topic of conversation ALL DAY!!!!!!

Interview go ok? It was ok but i struggled on the random pop quiz - after all am i likely to know what a carbine insert is??????

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