Monday, 25 February 2008

Whats wrong with me?

Sorry for not being on on fri night. i went out with a friend for her birthday that i forgot all about!

Ok, so since the phone call...

I went to work as "normal" on fri, took gran shoppin and hair dressers, went out for a meal... the waitress lady worked on the cruise ship that mum n dad last went on and they recognised each other so they had a good chat... she gave me some tips if i was interested in the job. went out with dawn

Sat, was annoyed coz i needed the car and dad had taken it (which is a 1st) then when they came back i went out... sat night i had a concert... not many people turned up because it was wrongly advertised... we're used to sell out concerts!

Sun i worked the "normal" dinner shift, then went to a sports discount shop. Got some cool airwalk trainers, got home and found out they gave me 1 size 4 and one size 7 both for the right foot... serious lack of funniness there!!!!!!! espesh as it takes ages to get to the place! so i gotta take em back grrrrrrrrrrr

Today has been a day!!!!!!!!! i got hit by a child which was not nice, i feel really bogged down and frustrated here.... dont know why, just trapped! On a good note, danielle has come off the ventilator today and they are hoping to bring her out of icu in the next couple of weeks!

Serena called to say she needs holiday dates by end of this week... ok i know i've had ages but it's kinda escaped my mind of late... will have to sort something.

Pub called just after i got in wanting me to work tonight to cover so i went at 8pm leaving only 2 hours at home all day!!!!!!!! it really sucks but i need the stability of the money. Is it too late to apply for pgce i wonder?! need the uni life again!

Anyhoo, i think i'm just generally grouchy today poor dad got it in the neck from me earlier for no reason. i just suck at the mo... feelin pants and no it aint pmt! hehe

Righty o well glad things are looking more smiley for u my lovely.

Loads of love.

Kewey out.x

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