Tuesday, 12 February 2008



So this time I am sat along the sofa from you. We have just got back from the cinema and now we are watching Friends with Money.

We went to the cinema to see "Juno" with Caroline. I loved it! It was soooo funny - I liked the way that people in the cinema actually laughed out loud rather than just a little snigger to themselves. I liked it because it did cover the whole abortion option but then actually went for the pro-life option - which is tres cool!!!!!

I think Chris might get annoyed that I have borrowed his laptop but it's not like he's here and needing it - does that make sense?

So adding to the list of films I would like to watch - The Bucket List, The Accidental Husband, Be Kind Rewind, 27 Dresses and The Spiderwick Chronicles to mention a few.

Be Kind Rewind has got Jack Black in it and it's directed by Michel Gondry who directed Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and The Science of Sleep which I absolutely love both films.

I really liked what you said to me about being a great Mum one day - it's scary but nice lol. I think I am happy being a big sis to Alice, Em and Abi for now thats cool enough for me. I would like kids one day - I think it would be seriously cool to have a little Hannah or Chris but for now our money needs to be saved so that we can look at getting our own space.

I was thinking some more about the whole moving to Hull thing and thought - I know!!! Hannah could be our lodger of sorts then I was like woah random thinking hehe. So Bedford is cool and maybe 6-9 years down the line kids might be an option maybe. Either that of the housing market will pass out and we might be able to get a house.

I don't really know about the whole own business thing. I think it would be good and I might be able to do it but I need an idea something that I can do and that other people would like - if that makes sense. So the cards or the stationary would be good but I don't know if i've got the knack.

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