Saturday, 16 February 2008

I'm still here!

Hey you,

I've been home for approx 21 hours and it seriously sucks that i'm back here really. I miss you lot already!

I'm still here for you han, nothing will stop that! i really enjoyed the time at yours and chris's place. You both make me so welcome. I hope chris didnt think that i got in the way coz i kinda feel bad that he seemed a bit pushed away. (COMPLETELY NOT INTENTIONAL) something we could think about in future????

So, i left yours on thurs, went to visit marc who was really sweet to me and v nearly made me cry. we had a really long chat about what we've been up2 in the nearly year since we last saw each other. We went to this really cute village not far from where his mum n dad live and then went back to his parents for a drink. I was messin about taking the mick out of him and he just said "dont go". It made me feel bad coz i said i wanted to leave at about 12 but this was at 1 and i said i had to! He then shut the door before i got to it and sat on me hehehehehe he said i missed my opportunity and it made me giggle so much that he actually sat on me! HEHE at about 20 past 1 i finally left to go to stoke.

I got to scotts and he was so so happy. He was lovely to me and obvious questions went through my mind although i didnt let them come out of my mind in an obvious way!
Although i am seriously chuffed we can be friends part of me still loves him and i think i always will (although i am not in love with him anymore... i cant be for the sake of my sanity).
We went out to the pub on thursday night to visit one of his friends who i've met before and his girlfriend (who is THE eddie stobarts grand daughter). We stayed for a bit and then went to this club where we met Amanda (one of the drippy blonde twins from Big Brother). I felt quite uncomfortable and was hinting to scott that i didnt want to stay much longer. We went back to Glynn and Jemmas for an hour and then headed back to his.

It was really strange being at his house again because i havent been there since ages before we split up. His mum was ok with me and his dad cool too. I miss being properly with scott but i guess these things are there to try us. I just wish he really knew what i felt. I dont want to drive him away though. He did say that there was a slim chance we could get back together but i dunno...

Anyhoo... i went to see Jumper yesterday with him. The film was OK but the camera work at times made me feel really dizzy!

I got back yesterday evening and then after chatting to mum n dad k for a bit i took bex out for the evening. Got home quite late and then hit the sack.

I'm sorry i didnt text back but there was no signal where me n bex was and by the time i got home i forgot to text you :( me = poo friend for that one! Mum n dad k are fine, just starting to wind up ready for being back at work. I wish i didnt have to and that i could come back down there but i know the score!

Righty o i'd better get myself ready for being back at work myself... need to quick wash uniform and iron it before 7!

I found u on interpals too... coolies u got any new pals yet?

Muchos love
Kewey out!

P.S you are welcome here anytime.x

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