Saturday, 31 May 2008

Why are Boys so Awkward or Chris at least?!?!?

So today is Clare's and Ossie's Wedding. Chris has known this since we
got the invite if not before that. (possibly about January that's when
mum be Clare went looking at dresses.

I say to him he's got to do this one thing in the week rather than
during the weekend and when are we doing it - Saturday morning!!!!!!

So much for trying to help me out. Anyway so I'm sat outside no90
waiting for Chris to print off a back statement to go and try and sort
an exchange or refund. Hopefully one will work lol.

I made a decision what I was going to wear and so painted my nails so
they were blue like the top I was going to wear then decided that as
the jewellery mum lent me was pink to go with the other top I should
wear the pink - so I do look a little random lol. I'm also wearing
pinstripe trousers to make me look taller and I'm going to wear high
heels possibly.

Its 5 past 11 now and we're running out of time again. Why has
everything got to be last minute?


Melissa said...

Thanks for the comment! I didn't think I would be that into Gossip Girl when the show first came on, but I started reading the books, so I thought I would watch it this time around and compare the two. Your outfit for the wedding sounds cute, I love mixing random stuff and I love pinstripe!!!

I saw your twiter about Sex and the City yesterday, I saw it last fab!

Goofy Girl said...

I hope you had a fun time at the wedding :)